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Wastes In Farming

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Farmers generally waste their forts upon too much land running over ( large areas, when their labor and i tal woiĆ¼d bc f ar more remunerativo i f ] jonfined to smaller iields. In keeping unprofitable stock, wiien by systematic - ealculation the poorest could be weeded ' out, is a frequent, wasto. Sometimes 1 in a herd of twenty cows, if the fact i were known, but half of them are a ( source of proht to the owner. Poor tools, inefficiĆ«nt, clumsy machinery, illy constructed implements are a source of great waste upon many farms. Unnecessary f enees, undrained bogs, weeds allowed to go to seed, poor roads, leaky buildings, insuilicient shelter for cattle are all important wastes upon the farm. N o manufacturing, mechanical or mercantile business could exist for a single year onder the hazard, wasteful practices wliich prevail upon many farms. The proflts of farming are necessarily sosmall, that the difference between caie'c.T waste and prudent saving is likelyij constitute the margin of proflt and loss. Those who farm under intelligent system and with caref ui attention to details will prosper, even in hard times ; while those who fail in these particuj lars will have occasion to regret their lost opportunities, and flnally recognize the innumerable and consuming


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