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Fodder Ricks

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The prospecta now are that hay will bear a fair price in the market this winter, and every shock of f odder put up now will be so much hay saved, and money made. But fodder, to be good, must be cut while the stalks and most of the blades are yet green. Heavy eorn will show the fading in the husk while the blades are yet green. At this stage the grain has passed beyond the milk and is safe f rom shrinkage if carefully shocked. As soon as the ears are sutnciently dry to crib, every damp day should be devoted to husking corn from the shocks. Af ter husking, the fodder is best sayed by stacking it in long licks, making your p 'e by altérnate layers, ehanging the i p i with each layer till your stack is about flve feet high, then finish your riek with the tops all one way, keeping the buts even or a little overhanging. The tops being smallest will lirectly give the riek the proper slope to shed the water, and the fodder will keep in good condition even tor years.- indiana Farmer. M


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