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The Management Of Little Folks

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It is useless to endeavor to make a child control his temper if you give way to j our own, to teil him to be trutliful while you are not strictly so, to incĂșlcate neatness while careless of your own dress ; the little folk are keen to observers, and will not respect you unless you are worthy. Be caref ui not to impose unnecessary instructions - to forbid nothing without reason. It is well to infuse into every child'a mind the wholesome principie of self"respect, to teach him that certain things are to be avoided and others cultivated. not because you say so, but because of his own dignity and social position. So should they be taught in their earliest years that certain things are for their good, that gentleness, unselflshness, and neatness are not only admirable in themselves and pleasant in their family circle, but that they make their possessor welcome in the outer world, and are excellent capital to begin life upon.


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