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- Ir. (Jone is working m tne ornee o Professor Folch. - Tho peninsular club court had thei íiist meeting this week. - A nuuiber of Ohio boys will g home to vote Tuasday next. - D. M. McClung has been appointec tomportiry f'oot-ball captain. - Toe medical department liaa a Vas sar Collogo gradúate this year. - The regents will meet in sessiou on Tuesday morning, October 21. - Professor Maclean lent efficiënt aic to the sufferers in the Adrián disaster. - Prof. Harrington, snecessor to Proi Watson.has moved into the observatory ■ - There is a falling off of studente ii the Senior law class and a gain in th Junior class. -The Alpha Nu and Adelphi, literary departmont, literary societies, will met this evoning. - There is a material incienso of students in all departments over tho cor responding timo last yoar. - The Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York club courts have commenced their winter's work. -Prof. Steere gave a description of his visit to the Amazon, to a meeting of the scientiüü assooiation on Sa-turday evening. - Professor S. A. Jones and Dr. V. B. lióse attended a meeting, in Detroit, last week for the organizatiou. oí' a mi- It seems now that the arrangements for a match game of foot-ball between a team f root Toronto and the ITniversity team will be completed. - Prof. Peloh will assist in the hearing of moot court cases this year and all the senior laws will havo to try their cases before the holidays. - Prof. Walker of Detroit, who is to lectura -in the place of Prof. Wells in the law depirtment for a short time, delivers his first lectura to-day. -Mr. Frank Reed of the Alpha Delta Phi and John Breñar of the Zeta Psi fratprnities have been added to the editorial board of the Chroniele: --Resolutions of respect havo been adopted by the Psi Tjpsilon fraternity, to the memory of E. E. Hubbard, '78, who was drowned iu August last. - The first match game of foot-ball by thu professional school students will be played to-moirow, if the weather permits. between the senior and junior laws. - Judge Cooley will lecture on Eeal Estáte law, Professor Wells on eontracts, Professor Kent on pleadings, and Judge CamplDell on Criminal law, the present term. - A society of freo thinkers is being founded in the law department among the students, having for its object the establishing religious x)r'nc'ples on a scientific basis. - At a meeting of the Ohio Codecourt Monday evening last the following ofïic.ra were elected : Ch. Justico, C. E. Monroe, lst Associate Justice S. Johnson, Clark of court, O. 11. Wood, Sheriff, Mr. Knapp. - ïhe students are going to prosecute the gymnasium subject with renewed ■vigor tbia year and uiako a couibiued effort to increase largely the five hundred dollars now in the treasury. There will be a meeting to-morrow. -The first regular athletic contest of the year took place last Saturday between the Sophamores and Freshmen classes of the Literary Department which resulted in a complete victory for the Sophomores in foot-ball and boxing ; in the rough and tunible wrestling match the Freshmen carne out best. - A young lady just entering the University is reported to have said that in her opinión it is not honorable for gentlemen to stand idly by and watch a yuung lady pass out of her teens into the twenties and on into the ibrties and fifties still bearing her inaiden name. - Exchange. - Ex-Govenor Felch commenced his instructions to the Junior law class last Monday afteriioon. Ilis plan of instruction will be by lectures and test book study with frequent examinations both oral and written. His instruction for the present wiü be on the elements of law as found in Blaokstone and Kent. - Tho lecture association have secured for the winters entertainment, James K. Applebee, Abby Sage Riehardson, the Temple Quartette, Mendolssohn Quintetto club, Mina Gr. Slayton and the Chinago Male Quartette, the Remengi Concert Co., Hou. Win. Parsons, Prof. Richard A. Proctor, Mrs. Soott-Siddons. - The following gentlemen have been eleeted fditors for the Palladivmoi 1880: Phi Kappa Psi, D. A. Garwood, Cassopolis. Alpha Delta Phi, F. F. Roed, Ann Aibor. C'ii Psi, W. W. Harman, Dowagiac. Phi Delta Phi, A. J. Babcock, fSagiuaw. Psi Upsilon, C. C. Whitacre, Chicago, 111. Sigma Phi, F. G. Allen, Aurora, 111! Delta Kappa Epsilon, C. H. Campbell, Detroit. Zeta Phi, C. S. Mitchell, St. Cloud, Minn. -The operating looms, for thetreatment of diseases of tho teeth and mouth in connection with the Dental Department, aro now open, and ready for thoso who wish to avail themselves of the service. AU operations pertaiuing to the teeth perforined in a thorougti manuor extracting, cleauing and treatment without chirge. For all operations involving expense a charge will be made to defray the cost of matorials. Open from 1 1-2 to 4 o'clock P. M., daily, Saturday aud Sunday excepted.


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