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The Adrian Disaster

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During the progreBS of the Lenawee county fair at Adrián on Thursday, the grand stand gave way while about 2,Ü00 people were seated npon it and a large orowd in the spaces benath. lt gave way first in the center, then the front feil ontward to the track and the back feil in the oppoaite direction into the river. Six persons wcre killed and their bodies covered with debris. Their names were: M., M. Merck, a Germán; Mr. John Hubbard of Jas per; a boy named Hyde, about 12 years oíd; a boy named Mosher, about the same age; Darid Plumadore of Petersburg, Monroe county, aged 18 ; Wm. Mulzer aged about 12. About 150 others were found to be more or less injured, some of them fatally. The calamity was followed by a scène of indescribable excitement and confusión. Prof. Maclean of the University, Prof. Wyman of the Detroit medical college and sundry other eminent surgeona were telegraphed for. Supt. Curtís of the Lake Shore road telegraphed at once proffering aid. Tbe loss oL life by the Adrián calamity on Thursday was greater than nrst reported. The f ollowing were added to the list Frlday ; Matthew Johnson, a Dañe, whose home is at Attioa, Ohio, and who worked for a Dover farmer named Olemerson, died Thursday night. Acüiel Henderson, 70 years of age, Plumb Kiver, Jo Davis county, 111., died during Fridy night. Henrv Hart died at 5 o'clock Friday rcorning. A boy uamed Willie Hall is reported dead Friday. R. K. Hume of Medina died Friday night at the Central House. Irving Power& of Madison, died Friday. Reuben Ferguson of Rome, aged 45, also died Friday. The list of wounded is also greater than first repurted and other deaths are expected. The followine jury was impaneled by Coroner R. B. Hause: Samuel Tingley, John G. Mason, Martin P. Stockwell, Zachariah Cook, W. H. Walby, Brackley Shaw - all highly intelligent and fair-minded men. Charles R. Alüler, Esq., appeared for Mr. Lawrence, owner of the grounds, who is too ill to attend, and who is reported to have become insane in consequence of the calamity. Pros. At'y. W. A. Underwood appeared to assist the coroner; he said the responsibility of the disaster was one of the things to be determined, and that must be done by the jury. Seth Iiean Esq., appeared for the architect who made the designs and specitications for the building, C. F. öizer. The ïnvestigation will last several days. No additional deaths were reported Saturday, but the list of wounded was swelled by f ulier reportB to nearly 300. The coroner's inquest was continued and witnesses examined as to the plans and manner in which the grand stand was constructed. Mr. Ephraim Armstrong testifled that he tnok the contract f rom W. T. Lawrence; it was in writing, The plans and specifications were produced. The stand was to be 28 by 100 f eet in size, the lower floo to be divided by one partition, to make th dining room 80x28, pool rooms 20x28. Ther were to be five Bills running lengthwise buik ing, 8x8, and six running croBswise, sam oize, all well framed and pinned togethe Joiats 2x8, 16 incoes from centers, coverei with No. 2 flooring,well nailcd with 18 p. nails. Posta on back side to run from sill to plate 6x8, 10 feet from centers. Center of post 8x8, running up to girder 12 feet high, girdle 8x8 running the length of building to support oarriage for seats; lower story posts tokcenter sec tion 10 feet from centers; altérnate posts 6x6 from girdle to purline plate, post to be 20 feet from centers. Mr. Armstrong testified that in constrncting the graud stand he followed the specincations except that in some cases he used larger timbers and more nails than the contract called for. Mr. Isaac Mosier, a carriage maker of Adnan, testified that he and others examined the stand on the Sunday before the accident and noticed that there was neither mortise nor tenon, no bracing to amount to auything in the construotion of the stand ; the large timbers were toe nailed together; there was one tiruber, a joiBt that seemed to have been made for somethingelse, it wns sliccd; tbere were no collar beama in the roof. One more death occurred Saturday. Mr. Chas. Winans, formerly a weü-known commercial traveler for Toledo and Chicago houses, but who for some months past has resided with his father in Adrián. His neck was dislocated by the accident, but he lingered'until Saturday morning The funeral of Mr. Henry Hart which occurred at Adrián Saturday, was one of the largest attended affairs of the kind which haa ever taken place in that city. Special trains were run from Toledo and Hillsdale bringing hundreds of people to attend the obsequies and view the scène of the catastrophe. The deceased wa widely known through the state and much respected wherever known. Prominent citizens from every portion of Michigan were present. One of the victims was Lum Lay. a Cbinaman, who had a leg broken. It was amputatd Monday but the patiënt soon after died. The inquest at Adrián contmned on Mondry. Mr. E. K. Armstrong testified that M, Sizer styed about 15 minute on the ground when he "inspected" th e building. C. F. Sizer testified that after Consulting Mr. Lawrence he left out certain bracea which were in the Toledo grand stand, to make more room. These plans are mine and Mr. Lawrence'; he expressed himself well satisfied with cheap and safe building. W. T. Lawrence testified that he told Mr. Sizer he could not have the job of building unless he was the lowest bidHer.


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