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Relative Age Of Animals

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The average age of cats is 15 years; of squirrels and nares, 7 or 8 years; rabbits 7; a bear rarely exceeds 2) years ; a dog lives 20 years ; a wolf 2t, a fox 15 to 16; lions are long-lived, tle one known by the name of Pompty living to the age of 70. Elephants hav? been known to live to the age of 4(D years. "When Alexander the Greft ïiad conquered Porus, King of Indii, he took a great elephant which hal fought valiantly for the king, anl named him Ajax, dedicated him to tlie sim, and let him go wiih this inscription: "Alexander, the son of Jupite:, dedicated Ajax to the sun."' The ele phant was found with this inscriptioi 350 years after. Pigs have been known to live to the age of 20, and the rhinoceros to 29 ; a horse has been known to live to the age of 02, but averag&25 í 30 ; camels sometimes live to tlie age of 100; stags are very long-lived ; ship seldom exceed the age of ten; cows live about 15 years. Cuvier consjdee it probable that whales sometims live 1,000 years. Thedolphin and poipoise attain the age of 30 ; an eaglt died at Vienna at the age of 104 ; ra vens have frequently reached che agí of 100 ; swans have been known to live to the age of 300. Mr. Malerton has the skeleton of a swan that attained the age of 200 years. Pelicans are longlived. A tortoise has been known to live to the age of 107 years.


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