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Communications: Lenawee Liberty Convention

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A meeting of (he Liberty party of Lenawe County was held at the Court House in the vil lage of Adrián Scpt. Jl) 1846, for the purpose o nominatinj; suitnble persons to represent saic county at tlio coming cloction, to delibérate o the prospecta and procreas oi the ofterf dceate( aiiiislnvery canse. ;md to hcar remarka froi Messrs. Trcudwell and Jïibb and other inent; in the eniife. Stephrn Allen wns nppointed Chairman, an G. Li. Crane Secretnry, and the moeiing procceded to business by nominating viva voco th followtng persons : For Senator - William E. Wnrner of Medina For Representatives - George L. Crane, Jul ius Kies, flenrick Willey, Benjamin C. Durfee and Paul Goddes. For County Clerk- Anson Rackos. " Register - Pcnjiminfl. Losvis. ♦' Treasurer - J. L. Poters. " Surveyor - Joseph Esterbrooks. " Coroners - C. Bradish, John McCoe. L. P. Pcrkins, wta nominatcd First Judge of the Couiny Court, and Thomas Tabor Second Judge.After recemngseveral Resolutions, the meei ingadjourned to meet again at oneo'cloek P. iM At I o'clock, the meeting was called to orde by the Chairman, and the Ibilowing resolutiun were taken up and spoken to by tlie following Gentlemen : Traadwell, Bibb, Perkin, Carpenter, Jennings, Petora, Btrrows, Thomas and Do!bie. Resolved, Tliat with the grunt and goo'l VVes ley. we believe American Slavery to bo the sim of all villaniea. Resolved, Tlint slnvery ia a high-handed nstir pation of more thsn ilio prerognt i ves of Heaven, u well as a violatiora of all the figtilt v man. Resolved, That we regnid the liberty cause n one, whether viewed in ue moral or politicu bearing, so that the onlightenod mind thai lift up rts voice for tho dumb, or prays for the oppressed, can nerer vote for a laveholder or hi apologist. Resolved, That the tone of proslavery partió on the subject of Slavery giveg ihe strongest encouragement for peraeverance in on distinct or ganization. Resolved, That the District of Columbia i one of ihe greatest slavo markets i the Un:te States, ond ia entiroly under tlio coivirol of Gov ernment. Rcmlved, That the lordinj of the 2&9.000 slavcbolders over the North, is the legitímate re8ult of our helping them to cruslt threoiniilions of sl.ives. and is a jut retribution for ur sin. Resolved, That the only way to ree ourselves ia to free th Slaves. Resolved, That the power of the ballot was never more maníully exhibited iban by presen aspects of the Liberty party. Resolved, That the recent dovelopement o theslnve powar of this Nation in iis annexation of Tesas - ha sentiment of the Oregon question and iis prosecmion of tha Mexican war - shouh alarm the fieemen of this nation to eee that ït ron sceptre has I ing been swaycd over them b) etraiagem and doublé dealing. Resolved, Thai in view of the trtily nlarming condition ol crur country in ita feaiful pirideö fo the universal eaiertsion of alarery. and the con sequent subversión of all ourhlood boucht right - every freeman oughl at once lo act uniiedly for iiberty, as slaveholders alwaya do for slavery sinking ior the tlnie being ercry other considcr ation into comparativo nsignificance. Resolved, That the late doublé dealing of the slaveholders to hold om to our northwestern membera of Congress- that if they woold aid them to model the Tariffto suit them, they would aid them in return to pass our Harbor Bilf and then wink at Polks veto of the sanie, on the ground that all the money we couhi spare was wanted to carry on the Mexican War for Slavery is only in perfect keeping with all the doublé dealing of slaveholders to extend and build up ölaveryat the expense of all our liberties. Whereas the lawa of Congrcsa by wlnch thr District of Columbia is governed, are nationa statutcs, and, whereas. Art. 233 of eaid laws provides for licensing tbetrade or traflic in men women, and children. Therefore, Resolved, That this Convention inatruct the Executive Commitloe of tho County Society to draw up and cause to be circulatcd for signature, memoróla to tho next Cong ess praying for tho speedy repeal of this wicked enactment which so jusily sulj-cts usas a ntion to the contempt of tho world, no les iliun the wrath of a just God.Resolved, That the comae of the Whig nd Democratie pnrtie in procwring the Annexation ol Texas- and the diomemberment of Oregon, ia in perfect keeping with lbo conree of the ame parti for ihe last 40 year n whicn, in every contest between Liberiy and Slavery, the interest of the north h.ive beun boscly betrayed by their own Representative, humbly bowing to the dietntion of ihe will of their Southern mabtera. Resolved, That the proceedings of tlns meeting be publiehid in the Signal of Liberty. The meeting then adpurned to meet at the Methodist Church, nt half-past ix in tho evening to hear nn addres from. Mr. Bibb, who oppcarcd at the appointed time, and in a mauner every way gentleman-like, and witb ability, done honor (o himself, and gave a lively ímpetus to the cause in which hc is engsged.