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IVcw Ilampshirc- The Hutchinson Family cleared $30,000 by their trip to EnglancT. A Mr. C. H. Cole died at Exctcr, laat week, from the eflects of asixpence, which l)c had accidentally swallowed eight years before. After dcath a post mortem examination of the body took place, when the coin waa found lodged in the right bronchin, th&-,lung being in a state of complete gangrene. Mr. French, the new Governor of Illinois, Mr. Wells, the new Lieut. Governor, and John Wentworth, the Chicago M, C, are all natïves of New Hampshiro. - TriLïinc, 80 is John P. líale. So are Daniel Webster and Lewis Cass. The Govetïïor has appointed the 29th of November next, as a day of Public Thanfesgiving. Worcester Cbunty was visiíed on' Sffnday last by u violen storroy acc'oropwnied with thunder and wind and rain ; in some of the towns haü feil in considerable quantities, Some' fifteen or twenty Magnetic Teiegraph were stmck by lightning. at Westboro, and shivered to atoms, and also a barn in Natick. Business i brisk irt Bosfon1 tis it wan ever known lo be at ihis season of the year. The crops wrÏÏ' be abundant, both of the necessaries and luxuries of life. A Mrs. Quitman, wife to one of the southern nobility called Slaveholders, has sustained a grcat loss in Boston. A N. York paper gives tho particulars of tho melancholy aftair, as follows : 1 Mrs. Quitman, the wife of the formcr Governor of Mississippi,and nowa brigadier general in the army of the United States, on service in Mexico, accompainied by her son, not yet fifteen years of age, and four daughters still younger, and attended by a servant in whom General Quitman had unbounded confidence, whom he entmstcd with uncounted moneys, and who was strongly nttached to. lis master's family, proceeded from New York, by way of the Long Island Railiroad br Newport, and spent Saturdhy ond Sunday night at the Tremotnfc liouse Boston.'Un leaving for Ncwport on Mondny evening, she discovered that this servant, os she thinksby direct forcé and" coerción, ut possibly by artífice and persuasión, accompanied by gross misrepresentations, was detached1 and detained' from her ser-' ;ice. And this is the requital which New ingland' men render a gallant officer and iccoraplished gentleman for periíing his ife in the service of his country. A young fellow in Boston, becoming ntoxicated, as he was returning bomO magined hámsclf in hischamber, pulled ofF his clothes, laid them with a gold wateh n the side walk, and went to sleep The xjlice were so unreasonable as to disturb lis slumbers and give him a bertb in the vatch-house. A stout, good-looking, young Irishman, vas seen standing with his back against ie Merchants' Exchange, in State st., 3oston, andbearingupon hismanly chest he placard, " Employment Wantcd." Westfield Whips. - We are informed