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State Agency Appointments

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MESSRS. BIBB AND TREADWELL, Will attond COUNTY MA8S MEETINGS t llie folldwing limes nnd places. Kalamazoo, Kalámazoo County on Friday the 21 of Oc ober. O This meeting viílalso bo oitended by the tato lecturer, Messrs. Plumb and Houch from 'ew York. Paw Paw. Van Buren County on Monday th 5tli o( ictober. O" Attended aiao by Messrs. Plünib and [ough. Jacksonj Ön Friday the 9th. Charlotte; Eaton County. on Tuesday, October í'J'.h. MasüX, iugham County, ori Fridáy, October IGth. De Wítt, " Clinton County, on Monday Octubar iDth. CJ Aítended also by Messrs. Pjlvhb aud [oi'gd. BK.fÑINGTO.V, ShiawasMe Coanty, on Wcdnesday, Octoer2l8t. ín Genesee (íounty, placo to be fixod and nnounced by Dr. Kinjj, of Grand Blarrc, on Friay,- October 3d. IIowelt., Livingston County.ön Tuesday, Ottobcr 27th. Oakland Countt, Place to be fixed by Pontiac friendeí, on Fnday October 30th. "Wamitknaw Cotari, On KÍonday," Novembftr Ist. Each m'eoting will meet at JO o'clock in the brenoon, and hold on afternoon nnd evèninc ession' Friends ín the places' deeignated will píense alce immedia te p.-eparations Tor the meotings. nnipie nMiCe be given nd at once. Lét othr epeakers be' invitcef, ond evíry preparation ade to mnke the moit of ourpteient efibrf. We are doin'g ovrr parf Our speakers ore dog cheirs. lf friehd througli the State fl aUo o theiTs, tho November balfot box will send a íuníer ihout of Liberiy oter oür Tand. To it íen, friends : to it one and all. Let tlier bo o lnggnrds: to fiint licartcdness: no holding ack: but in thcir pbice, bnoyarit hop"e, and the ern deierminntion of fréemen to war t'o tho death wfth slaverj. C. II. STEVVART, Chá'n. St. Cen. Com. Detroit, Sept. 21:y ]84éi j