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Jackson County Liberty Convention

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A County Mass Meeting of the fríends o Liberty in Jackson County, wil.l be held in th viiiage of Jackson on Friday the 9th day of Oc tober, commencing at 10 o'clock, A. M. Georgk W. Cí.aiik, the unrivalled Liberty einger, IchxbodCodiiinc, the Liberiy orator o Illinois, Heiíry Bi bb, and C. H. Stkwart Esq of DetroJt, will be present, and in worda tha thrill, and thouglns that ennoble, plead the caus of the iavè, and advocate the great principies o Liberty. lt is desi-ed that thcre may be a lull Convention of tbe Liberty men of the County, and a unión of rr.casurcs entered into, to roll on the cnrofFreedom; It is hopea that ëvery Liberty man who can be present, will rfdt fail {o altend on this occasion. In the afternoon ihe Liberty parfy nominations for County ofllctrs vill üe made. By orJer of the