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Ngoma with Haruna Walusimbi and Mark Stone


Sunday April 26, 2015: 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room

For Whom

All Ages


World-renowned, Grammy Award winning artist Haruna Walusimbi is one of Uganda’s most celebrated artists. In his work as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, dancer, actor, and educator, he embodies the holistic nature of Uganda’s Ngoma repertoire.

As in other African countries, the music, dance, and theatre of Uganda are not viewed separately, but rather as a single art form. This holistic approach to the performing arts is embodied in Bantu languages by the term Ngoma.

For this musical performance, Haruna will share his deep knowledge of East African culture, leaving the audience with a heightened understanding and appreciation of the art form known as Ngoma.

Joining him will be his close friend and former classmate at Makerere University, Mark Stone, Associate Professor of World Music, Percussion, and International Studies at Oakland University.