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Things Aren’t Always What It Seems



Last night…

Mr. Powell sighed and looked at the piles of paper he had to correct in 3 hours.

This is impossible, Mr.Powell thought. Before, he pitied the students that were in Harvard. But now, he pitied himself. So much work and students. So loud.

Suddenly, glass crashed and something broke into the house. Mr.Powell realized the ruckus came from his wife’s bedroom.

Mr.Powell stood up as fast as he could, knocking over his chair. He didn’t care and raced up the stairs as fast as he could.

He stared in disbelief when he saw his windows all broken, his antique desk broken.

Suddenly a figure came from behind him, with this sweet sickly smell that made him feel all dizzy and….

Mr Powell fell to the floor, his head making such a loud thump that he was sure to wake up with a bump the size of an egg.

He didn’t feel the glass stab his back, neck and a rather big area of the head.

The shadowy figure poured a bit of poison down Mr.Powell’s throat…..

The shadowy figure suddenly heard police sirens and carefully but efficiently dragged the figure down a somewhat secret corridor and placed him on the cold stone floor. Then the figure ran out the secret exit…..


“Aiko! Merci!” I cried, “Mr Powell was murdered! He’s nowhere to be found”

“No way!” Aiko said, she felt the loss as badly. “When was that?”

“Last night” I replied. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Go to his house?” Merci suggested. “And maybe ask to investigate? You know you’re getting a Phd in crime scene investigation soon.”

Merci, Merci” I said,

“You’re welcome, dear Ivy,” Merci said.

“But wait, “Aiko paused, pondering something, “How does anyone know that he was murdered? “

“Someone said there was a vial with arsenic in it.” I replied.

“Hmm” Aiko still didn’t look convinced.

“Come on” I said, “I just remembered there was no classes today.”

Merci and Aiko followed me to Mr.Powell’s house.

It was total and complete chaos.

Policemen were all scattered around the house, there was Mrs.Powell crying, yellow CAUTION tape all over the place. There was even helicopters flying around, looking up above.

“Whoa” Merci muttered, “This must be bad.”

“All murders are bad” I mumbled.

“Stop right there” A policemen said.  “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to investigate my godfather’s murder.

Oooh, um. I should’ve told you that first.

Turns out, Mr.Powell is a really good friend to the family. I discovered that when I first got into college.

“You don’t have a license.” The policemen protested.

“I’m getting a Phd in Crime Scene Investigating soon”

“Where?” The policemen cocked his head.


The policeman seemed to consider this, stepped aside, and let us in. “My name’s Jerry, if you need me”

I walked in the house and immediately ran up the stairs. You might be wondering, OMG how does she know how to get to her godfather’s room?

Well duh, he’s my godfather, so I go to his house like, 24/7.

As I cautiously walked into Mr.Powell’s room (I can still call him that), I muffled a gasp.

There was glass everywhere, drenched in blood.  Along with a napkin.


I walked over and picked up the napkin. I smelled it. Almost immediately, I fell.

That’s when my friends found myself on the floor.

“Ivy! Ivy, wake up!” Aiko was slapping my face.

“Ow, that hurt” I opened my eyes, I saw Aiko and Merci’s worried face, “Yes, i’m awake, i’m awake.”I muttered. “What was that?”

“I believe it was chloroform.” Merci said.

“You mean that sweet sickly smell everyone faints at?” Aiko asked.

“Yes” I replied, heaving myself up.

I noticed something on the floor, it was a piece of paper.

“Wait a minute, it says something” I said

Twinkle twinkle little diamond.

In the pretty palace.

Covered in roses

Digging corpses,

That's where you need to go


“Aiko, c’mere” Aiko was an expert on riddle or just about anything that had to do with logic. Which is why she’s going to be a lawyer.

“Hmm,” Aiko said, ” We should go outside”

She led us outside, and I suddenly thought of something.

“Lets go to the jewelry shop!” I said. “It’s said little diamond in the pretty place, and diamonds are pretty and so is the shop.”

“That makes sense” Aiko began slowly. “Okay,” She said excitedly, “Lets go.”

As we ran down the street, I began to wonder if we were actually going to figure out who murdered Mr.Powell.

“There!” I said, Lesters Diamond Shop it was were my dad got my mom an engagement ring.

While we entered the store, I noticed that there was a creepy elderly person staring at us.

What is he doing?

“C’mon” Merci said. Pulling me inside the shop.

“What do we do now?”

“Lets look again” Merci said.

“Covered in roses, digging corpses?” I said, confused. “I think,” I said slowly, “We’re in the wrong place.”

“Isn’t roses in the the garden. Where the dirt is?” Merci offered.

“And they bury corpses in the dirt” Aiko said, “Oh my gosh, we are in the wrong place!”

“Then what do they mean by the diamond thing? In the pretty palace?” I asked more confused than ever.

“OMFG” Merci shouted.

“Shushhh” I said. “What?”

“Mr.Powell’s shed!” Merci said, “ It has a real diamond there, and it’s almost as big as, well, a palace!”

“Merci, you are a genius!”

“Lets go back to Mr.Powell’s house!” I exclaimed.

 As we ran out the diamond shop, I couldn’t help but feel the creepy elderly person had listened to every single thing we had just said and discovered.

I quietly observed her as she took out a phone, and surprisingly, her voice sounded young and smooth.

“Yes, they’re here, they’re way off. Mmm,hmm, nope, they’ll never find it.

“Come,” Aiko muttered, “She’s probably not talking about us.”

But what if she was?

When we got to the shed, we looked up. Sure enough, there was a real big diamond there. But who would be dumb enough to put it there? I really hope no one.

“Okay lets go inside” Aiko said.

“Question.”  I said. “You know what the note meant by digging right?”

“Uh, no.”

“How do you dig?” Merci joked.

How do you dig? More like what did you use to dig.

“That’s it!” I said, “Everyone, look for something that you can use to dig!” I ordered.

“Awesome idea.”

“What about a shovel?” Merci suggested.

“Sure.” I agreed.

“Already found it!” Aiko said, holding up the shovel.

I had already noticed the white piece of paper stuck on the shovel.  

      You got me B******s

Look in the ditch,

You’ll never find me,

Unless you look me in the eye.

“What?”  I said.

“Where’s the nearest ditch?” Merci wondered aloud.

“And what about unless you look me in the eye?” Aiko said.

“Maybe the next person, except for us, who looks us in the eye is our culprit?” I suggested.

“Hmm, but that would be like randomly guessing without even enough evidence.” Aiko whined.

Yes, she whines.

“Okay guys,” I said, lowering my voice to a whisper, “Whoever looks all of us in the eyes, we will stalk and spy on them.”

“That’s creepy, bro” Merci said, giving me a look that said, i-am-french-we-can’t-do-this.

Well, deal with it.

Just then, Mrs Powell came in and looked at me, Aiko and Merci. Her piercing brown eyes intimidating us.

She just made eye contact with all of us! I managed to muffle a gasp.

But this is too easy, I thought, should we be following her?

“We are so following her” Aiko muttered.

Oh, well… okay….

“What are you three doing here?” Mrs.Powell said.

“We were given permission to investigate-” Merci started, but she was interrupted.

“By who?” Mrs.Powell said suspiciously.

“Officer Jerry?” I offered weakly.

“Hmmm” She considered this, turned around, and walked away.

Now why is my godmother, yes, my godmother, acting so suspicious?

“Now,” Aiko said, “We’re going to follow her?”

“Ugh, fine.” I said.  ‘But what if-”

“No what if’s” Merci interrupted, put a hand in front of my face as if saying talk to the hand.

Well, I shoved her hand away and tried to protest.

“But she’s my godmother, she would never murder her husband”

“You have a point, it could be just a coincidence that she looked at all of us in the eye.” Aiko said thoughtfully.

“What a minute.” Merci said, looking puzzled, “Why are we making such a big deal on ‘looking each other in the eyes’ ?”  

“Because that’s what it says in the note!” Aiko said.

“You really think she’s going to a ditch in the middle of the night or something?” I said.

“Pfff” Merci said, “She can’t go in that.”

“What? Her clothes?” I countered

“They’re what, Vera Wang?” I said

Merci shrugged “Dunno”

“Hey, you’re the fashion expert, not me.” I said.

“Guys!” Aiko said.

“We’re not guys, we’re gir-”

“We’re getting distracted here!” Aiko cut Merci off.

“Okay, okay, you’re right” Merci huffed. “So what do we do?”

“We follow her, geniuses!” Aiko hissed, looking frustrated.

“Fine!” Merci said.

“Come on!” I said, already out of the shed, “lets go to the ditch, and stay there till Mrs.Powell comes!”

“Good enough” Aiko said, her tone agreeable.

“Okay” Merci said, nodding.  

    “Ow, Merci, MOVE!” I said, accidentally making my voice louder than I intended.

“Shhhhhhh!” Aiko hushed me, looking like she was going to turn into an ax murderer. Well, she was going to if I screwed up our plan.

Well, wouldn’t you yell if a boot drenched in water mixed with dirt and poo was in your mouth?

Of course you would. Don’t deny it. I know you would.

“Shhh” Aiko shushed me again, this time she had a reason.

We were hiding in a bush, a real scratchy one, and all of us had heard branches moving and swishing.

We all hushed down, not one of us daring to breath. Even Merci, who breathes like a truck.

“Stupid filthy branches,” A muffled voice said, cursing under (her/his?) it’s breath.

I think it was a women.


But why would a women/lady, be here in the middle on the night?

I realized I just said that out loud.

Aiko was giving me this scary i-will-kill-you look.

I cowered under her gaze.

I had just blown our cover.

“Crap” I mumbled.

“SHHHHHH”Aiko and Merci shushed me so loud, I wasn’t surprised to hear the (so called) criminal yell out.

“WHO’S THERE?” The… woman? yelled.

“OHMIGOSH IT’S MISS---!” Merci shrieked.

Yeah, she had that tendency to yell out whenever she wants.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

But we muffled her face….

“Oh, so it’s you three…” Mrs.Powell stepped out of the shadows, wearing this evil cheshire cat smile.

It was creepy.

Oh, but I just had a shoe stuffed in my mouth, so no biggie.

Suddenly, Mrs.Powell whipped out two guns and pointed it at Aiko and Merci.

“You two, step back, Ivy, you stay right there.” Her eyes glinted with something i’ve never seen before.

Aiko and Merci had no choice but to step back and just wait. Standing there with those worried looks upon their faces.  

But Merci, Merci looked calm, her eyes glinted with the same

“Soo, Ivy” Mrs.Powell drawled, circling me with the two guns. One trained on my heart, and the other trained to my neck. “You finally figured it out, huh?”

“It was you?” I gasped, “you nasty filthy bi-!”

“Yes, it was me” She grinned, and I warily tried to step away, but she swiftly stepped up and put the gun to my temple.

“Don’t move and you might just survive” She said coldly.

This women is crazy. She needs help. RIGHT NOW!

“Why.” I said.

“Why what?” Mrs Powell said, cleaning and shining her gun.

“Why would you kill your own husband?”

“Because of money” Her answer came sharp and swift, teeth bared in anger, she continued, “I need the money, and your lazy good for nothing godfather got hardly got a good job.”

I could practically see steam coming from her ears.

“So, i’ve heard, if you’re husband dies, 4 insurances will pay $10,000 so I can survive.”

“That’s Bull!” Merci hissed.

“Shut up!” Mrs.Powell barked.

Merci obeyed.

Well, you would too, if she pointed both guns at your eyes.  

Mrs.Powell continued to “complain”, “He didn’t do anything, and he still pretended to live as if life is so perfect.”

“At least he loved you” Merci pointed out.

She had to, the french are all about love (and food).

“Shut up!” Mrs.Powell growled, “You didn’t know this, but I’ve seen him with another person.”

“What, who?” Aiko said.“The black-haired lady that goes to Harvard”



“That’s the president of Harvard, his BOSS.” Aiko said.

This lady was so stupid. She just killed her husband for almost nothing.

And out of greed.

I felt so angry, but what was I supposed to do? Turn into the great big scary She-Hulk?

Suddenly, Aiko broke free from her grasp and She immediately tried to punch Mrs.Powell’s face, she wrist blocked that and went to head-butt Aiko’s stomach but she blocked it with her knee, but Mrs.Powell predicted that and grabbed her knee to twist it and she flipped over. Mrs.Powell pinned her down.

She punched AIko in the face and blood started gushing down her nose, and she rolled Aiko over and started slapping her. Her head went so close to Aiko’s forehead, Aiko took the chance to head butt her forehead, Mrs.Powell lost balance and tried to stand up. Aiko pushed her over and they wrestled in the ground for a minute before Aiko pinned her to the ground.

In all that commotion, I had just realized Aiko had been taking martial arts classes ever since she was 6.

“Oooh” Merci winced, Mrs.Powell was lying on the ground, knocked out.

I guess Aiko’s head is harder than expected.

“Here! Hold her down, I got some rope, we can tie her hands”

Aiko held Mrs.Powell’s hands firmly as I tied the rope around her hands and wrists.

It worked perfectly, like handcuffs.

Merci whipped out her phone and immediately called 9-1-1.

“Hello? Yeah, we’re here at the ditch, mm-hmmm, okay, okay see-ya”

Merci turned to us and said happily, “They’ll be here in two minutes.”

“Yay” We cheered, we had just caught our first criminal, and we actually kind of enjoyed it.

Not counting the dirt and poo covered boot in my mouth. Ew.


I had to cover my ears because of the police siren before my brain dribbled out of my ears.

God, I hate that siren.

“Girls, clear out of the way. We’ll escort you home” This police dude said to us.

Well excuhusee me, we just caught a bad girl? But we kind of had no choice to follow them home.

The Very Next Day………………..

“Hey! Aiko! Heard you caught a criminal”

“Merci! You actually caught a criminal!”

“Ivy! That’s so cool”

And blah blah blah, I thought inwardly.

There were random strangers (that surprisingly knew our name) calling us out, and giving us fame.


“Ouch!” Aiko said, something hitting her head. She crumpled and fell to the floor.

It didn’t take me long to notice the blood coming from her head.

I checked her pulse, it was weak, but it was there.

“Hey Ivy! Come her-Oh no! What happened? OMG OMG” Merci ran over to Aiko, her face deathly pale.

Merci looked at the back of Aiko’s head, she paled even more.

Horrified. she pointed to Aiko’s head, what? There was writing……

When I read it, chills went down my back:



You will never live again.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious who sent that” Merci said.

“And it’s pretty obvious we won’t live again…” I muttered.

“Aiko, what about her?”

“Didn’t you call 911?”

“Oh, uh, whoops.” Merci said. She, once again, whipped out her phone.

Bleep-bleep Hello?, Yea, we need help, Aiko, our friend got knocked out by something, Uh, huh, yea, we’re right here, okay, see ya”

“Hey, Merci, what’s in your hand?”

I saw her holding up a bloody object.

“Um, nothing”

Okay, now she was acting weird.

“Show me” I demanded, Merci never hid anything, she would be the first to tell us everything.

Her eyes hardened, “Fine”

I didn’t expect it to be thrown…

“OW” I cried, the thingy, no wait, brick?

It had literally made most of the blood in my arm, like, gone.

And the brick had lodged itself in part of my bone.

“Oooh” The pain was horrible.

I’m going to faint, it hurts so much…………….

But thats when Merci decided to kneel down and pretend she didn’t know what she did.

She gave me a cruel smile and asked sweetly, “ Is your arm okay?”

“Nah, dip Einstein” I spat in her face.

“AGH!” Merci said, she wiped the spit off her space.

I smirked faintly.

“Why would you do this?” I asked. I wasn’t really shocked, even though I should be.

“Oh, you see, I teamed up with Mrs.Powell and the Creepy Old Lady, or should I say? Mr.Powell’s mother, we planned to split up the money. But you, you bi-”

“Merci, enough” A voice said, “We’ve gotta go”    


“But first, this” Mrs.Powell, whoop no surprise there, threw a cloth a Merci and she firmly put it on my face.

My last thought was how did Mrs.Powell escape?

“NO!” I cried, “Ow” I winced,  I had cried because I knew what the cloth had.



Take that, Ivy.

I looked at her pale, unconscious face.

I kicked her viciously.

She deserved it.

You don’t know what she did.

“Come on” A old, cranky voice snapped.

“Okay, Okay” I said.

Mrs.Allen, Mr.Powell’s mother, was being quite annoying.

“Hmph, never liked her anyway, all up in my business, like Eugene.”

Eugene Powell.


“Come on, we’re taking her” Mrs.Powell said

“Where to?” I asked

“Why should we tell you?” Mrs.Powell said mysteriously,

“Listen” I sighed, “My family is in a bit of financial trouble, I only helped to get the money. You know that.”

“Yes yes, we know that” Mrs.Powell said, waving as if she didn’t care.

Suddenly, I began to feel very dizzy, and my eyes rolled up into my head.

I have no idea what happened next.


Oh crap, the drug was wearing off. Hmm, maybe if I knocked her out and she woke up in her house or whatever, she would have no memory of what happened.

You see dear reader, no one else knows, but there is a special plant drug that controls people.

Herbs can be very useful.

Oh, why i’m telling you?

You’re just the reader.

I’m just the villain.

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