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Honor To Gerrit Smith!

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- A Uticacorrespondent of the Heraki, Sopt. 5th, snys : "I have just seen n copy of a deed of some forty ncres of lnnd in Hamilton Connty, New York, given hy lhe celebrntcd lanrlholder, Gerrit Smith, Esq. to n colored man residing in that county. lie has made out two thousand deeds of a similar character o the one I saw, conveying londs, from forty to fifty acres to each, as gifts to industrious colored men in this State, and designs, I am informed, to make out one thousand more. The considerations in the deods are as followa : " For and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to mp, in hand, pnid, nnd being desirous to have nll share in the subsistanceand hnppiness which n bountiiul God hns provided for all, hns granted, sold, &c.' ♦ What the value of thpse lands may be per acre, and whellier sufïiciont to makè all these two or three thousand men voters or not, I mn unable to state. Thai it wil! mnke some of them such, there can be no doubt. " You are awnre that, during the past season, Mr. Smith has been sel 1 ing off large portions of his vast landed property at nuction. The present movcment reduces his 800,000 ond upwards of acres considerably, an object which ho has long desired to accoraplish." Thus, whilo other mon of wra'th'are studying and planning to add ncre to acre, nnd farm to farm, hero is one who is quietly giving away lands by the hundred ihousand acres to make the poor and despised independent and comfortftblè. Blessings on the man nnd tho deed ! There are topices on which we widely difier from Mr. S., but hiscourse, in tliis respect, is ono which every true