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Document for ihe following towna wil} be found at tho respectira places mentionecl. Tlie Chairman of each town will end tbr bis lot. Jackson - J. M. Treadwoll, for the tovrna of Leoni, Grasa Lake, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Concord, Spring Arbor, Snadatonc, and Rives. Washlinaw - At Ann Arbor, Signal Office, for Sylvnn, Manchcater, Saline, Lodi, Ypsilanti, and Salem. Odkland - At Pontiac, J. Peck, for Miiford, Highland, Wall Lake, Conunorce, and White Lake. and for Farmington, in Detroit at Ilalloek und Raymond's. Livingston - At Howell, E. F. Gay,for Bright on, Pinckney, Howell, Oceoln, and Konsington. Shiawasice - At Owaaso, Dr. Barnes, for Byron, O waas j, Vernon, Woodhul!, nnd Bennington. Calhoun- For ilomer and Albion with E. M. Johnaon, Albion, for Lcroy and Baitlo Creek, wuli E. Hussey, Baitle Crnek. Kitamazoo - Van Buren, Berrien, Cnss, Allo gan and Barry, with lier. Mr. Dennison, Kalawnzoo. Eaton- With J. M. Treadwell, Juckson. Si. Joscph and Branch - Witfa C. Gurney. Cen'.reville. Ltniwee - At Adrinn, with L. P. Perkins. IlillsdaU- At Hillsdale, wuh II. Milliken. Gimses and Laper.r - With J. Pack, Poniiac. Macom'i- With W. Canfield, at Mount Clenirn. The Cntral Ommittee regret that ihey are rot abl lo end a lirgor number and greater asaortment of documentf: but tho vory limiteii nmount of funds plced at their control, do not permit them to do treiter. The documants aent will bo found to h all good and sterling. To ome towna the Coinmittee eend a greater variety of documenta, thnn lo othera, either becauao of peculiar circumstances known to the Committt, or greater contribution by the towna, or oiher reasons. The Chiirnian of each Organized and reported lown.will find his pnreel aa above, and he will aee that ita cgnUnts ar well and speedily dupsretd.


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