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Funnv. - Every one has heard the old story aboul the recruiton sentry duty, and his innocent way of making kncwn o astrnnger tho pass-word for the night. A similar incident aclually occured on Saturday night on Governor's Island. - One of that fine regiment, popularly ?poken of as Col. Stevenson's California joys, was put on guard by way of ihitiating him into the mysteries of a sentinel's dutie?. With the pass-word - c Newport" - tvere given to him strict injunctions to shoot the first man approaching or departing from the island who didnot pronounce the shiboleth of the hour. The raW you'th shouidered his musket, and soon all sounds were hushed save iho echo of hisown solitary walk, as monotonousiy he trod the beaten path But onon the sound of footsteps and thën n heavy plunge into the water caught his ear, nnd running to the spot, he hailed in the direction of the sound, U Hallow ! whogoes there ?" " A friend, " was the prompt roplv. C1 Then, if you be a fri nd, soy Neicport, or I'Il shoot." Greatwas the loughter and not small the vexation of tlie sergeant of the guard, who was in a fent near the spenker. Of course he had to cali in the whole of the guard and change the counlersign. - JV. Y. Commercial Adverliser. CAPiTAr, in the Copper - The nuin l)er of companies engnged in the copper businee n actunl operaiioiis is nbont 90. nnd tho notninal capital is over !; 15.000,000; Boston serme to have entered the most cxtensively nto tho business. A short time ng-o, n mnkcr of enufT, in Paris, wasenught in the ict of porverting ivory-blnck. sal nmmoniac. find rofuge bnrk of tanyard into inia piime 4 ritjipee," kanaster," &c. Upwards o! thrce thousnnd f-qunres of the precious mixture were burning upon lus premises. - Nutional l'rtss. An aristocratie exquisite - ess in Watertown, Mass.' enquired of her aint, " Shall we have the same servants to wail on us in heaven, that we have here ? I should so like to have Pblly to help me dress' in fhe morning." - Voice of Industry. The Largest Kid Kxown. - A volunteer,- writing to Louisville from the Rio Grande, says that the musquitoes there can stand ilat-footed upon the ground nnd without difScuIty drink wator out of a pint tin cup."Old Kouoh and Ready. - The followïng the Picayune correspondence is capital n its way : " Among the people who attempted to esiablish drinking and gambling establishnienlsat Camargo, was n certain cliaracter wellknownio the army. His goods were reshipped by order of the commandant of the town, and he was ordered off. He became insolent and abusive in consequence, and went so far that Capt. Miles ordered him to be arrested and put in the guard-house until the boat was ready. On his being roleased, he went up to Gen. Taylor's tent and made n long and bitter complaint to old Rough and Ready. The General sat and listened to him in silenoe. When he had closed, the General rose very coolly, and askcd him if he had got through. " Yes, sir, I believe I have." "Wel!, ihen, " exclaimed the General, applying his right toe to a prominont part of the fellow's body in a very emphutic manner, " be off fromhere or l'll kick you clearintothe United States." Daiuxg Robbery ! - A teetotaller, on bcing told that temperance men were a band of robbers, said - (l Yes, they have robbod the Poor House and the State Prison of their victims !" Aneflbrtis being made in Cork, fo raise ft lifeannuityofJSTOO for Father Mathew the Apostle of Temperance in Ireland. It could not be beslowed upon one more deserving. Eatox, the Predestrian. - This old man, who is 72 years of oge, has completed his lusk of walking IOÜO miles in 1000 consecutive hours. He is a wonderful walker. He walked in 1818 a quarter of a mile in a quarter an hour sucessively, for six weeks; in 1815, 1100 miles, ata milo an hour; in 1816, 1100 miles, beginning each mile wilhin 20 minutes after each hour; 1816, 1993 half miles ii? 1993 consecutivo half hours; 1817, 2000 miles in 42 daya ; 1835, 51 miles daily for 20 successive days.Text. - "I think then, I may safely conduele, and I firmly believe, ihat American slavery is nol only not a sin, hut espccially commanded by God, through his Aposlles. And liere I might close its defence ; for what God ordained and Christ sanctifies, shall surely commnnd the respect and toleration of man. - Gov Hummond of S. C. Experiment wim the Cürrexcy. - Youngsters about railroads have got into the habit of placing süver on the track, to have il Jlatlened by the train as it passes. One of these urchins ha ving made something by the experiment concluded to try it again; the next time, the coin adhered to the tvheel of the locomotive, and the little operator sunk more than his former gains. Never mind, my little man, older heads than yours havo suffered by expanding their capital. - New York Sun.' Pa, is dogs g-ot wings ?" " Wings ? No, child, don't you know better tban that? " Why, thunder nnd scissors, pa, this 'ere paper says a big dog few at n. man nnd bit hïm. So, I gueas doga is got wings, too."