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The Time I Lost My Uncle


            I was in school doing my work when Mrs. Hamley walks through the door. She walks up to me and tells me to pack up my things and come with her. I then walk out of the class with a worried look on my face. I looked down the hall and see my mom with tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked at me and said “He didn’t make it.” Which then brought tears to my eyes.


It was a Thursday afternoon. I had just got home from school when my mom said  “Get a snack, we have to go.” Normally when this happens it’s a food emergency. But not this time I had then found out that my uncle John was in the Hospital and the doctors didn’t think that he was going to make it. I tried to hold back the tears but holding them back just made everything worse. I let it all out. Tears were pouring down my face like a waterfall. I couldn’t believe that something like cancer would do this to him.


We then all got into the car and drove to see him. When we got there he was sleeping. So I never got a chance to say “Hi” or “Bye”. I really wanted to leave because I didn’t want to see him like this. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to see him but definitely not like that. Seeing him in the Hospital, and at the same time praying that he would make it out alive was one of the worst things that I have ever felt. We finally left, after being there for who knows how long.


The next day was Friday I was doing my in 2nd or 3rd period when Mrs. Hamley walked in the class, walked up to me and told me to pack up my things and come with her. I walked about 10 to 15 steps down the hall when I saw my mom with tears rolling down her face. She looked at me and I knew that what ever happens next wasn’t going to be good. I walked up to her and she told me that the cancer was just too much for him and he didn’t make it. I broke down to tears. We drove to the Hospital for the second time in two days.


When we got there everyone was crowding around the door people started to slowly flee one by one. And that’s when I saw my dead uncles feet and my aunt standing in the corner holding my uncles two-week-old baby girl. My mom saw me drop to the floor with my hands covering my face. She looked at me and said, “It’s ok, he will always be looking over you and he will always love you.” That made me feel better knowing that he will still be here even if I won’t be able to see him ever again.


I learned that when things are tough don’t let it way you down. I think from experience that when losing someone it’s hard and I let it way me down I was always sad, never happy but one day I just let it go and I felt like a new person. But I also felt way better about myself because I could have fun and not think about my uncle, which helped me out in many ways. To this day I still think about him every now and then. Every once in awhile I look back and think about all the good times we spent together.

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