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Baking cookies


            It was raining so hard outside it felt like my house was shaking. It was just my mom and I in our house. We were sitting on the couch and I was really bored so I asked my mom if we could make some cookies because there was only a couple days till the best holiday that made me bounce off the walls I was so excited, Christmas.

The best cookies that would send you to the moon. My mom said, “Sure.” So she took me to Walmart so we could get everything we needed to make the cookies. First we went over to the frosting area. All of the frostings looked so sugary and good but we had to get blue, white, and green frosting for decorating. Then we went to go get the cookie dough. We had to get two packs because we didn’t know how much one would make. Then we went to go get the cookie cutters. It was hard because we didn’t know which ones to get. We wanted a gingerbread man and a Santa Claus but they didn’t have them in a pack together so we had to get 2 packs. A three pack and a two pack. I was happy about getting the Santa Claus, gingerbread man, stocking, candy cane, and a Christmas tree but I was most happy about the Santa and gingerbread man. After we got those we went to go check out.

            When we got home we got out the flour and the cookie dough. We had to put the flour on the rolling pin so that the dough didn’t stick to the rolling pin. My mom said after she shows me how to do roll out the dough she would let me do it. After it was all rolled out we got out the cookie cutters. Then we started to cut the dough out and by the time we got done we realized we didn’t need the second bag of cookie dough. After they were all cut out we started to smell the fresh dough and it smelled so good. A few minutes later we heard a ding! Now it’s time for frosting. My mom is a lot better at frosting then me but all the cookies still looked really good. After we were done frosting them, my mom and I had one and, they tasted so good. We both liked them a lot.


          The lesson I learned from my memory is, that you should spend as much time as you can with your family or the people you love because one day they won’t be there. What other people can get out of this is, even though you might not want to do something with the people you love, do it because, you might regret not doing it with them later.

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