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One blazing hot August summer day in Marysville, I awoke in my room. I then got out of bed to look out the warm glass window. I noticed my dad wasn’t home and my sister had spent the night at a friends house so that meant I was home alone. I started to walk slowly down the stairs since I was still sore from just waking up. Our stairs were old so I could still hear the old creaking sound of the stairs since we kept the stairs the last owners of the house had put in a long time ago.

When I got downstairs I noticed the pantry being left open and the pancake batter was just sitting there so I decided to make some soft syrupy pancakes. As I was finishing my delicious breakfast I saw that my golden retriever Rudy needed to use the bathroom as he laid right next to the sliding glass door leading to the backyard. I walked down another flight of stairs and as I let the dog out I cold smell the beautiful scent of the earthy trees. When he finished I said “good boy” and let him back in. All seemed good with my dog so I went upstairs to watch TV.

As I watched television I realized that I was spending the afternoon with my mom, since I didn’t want to be home alone in my hot brown house all day. I waited and waited and waited until she finally arrived. I got in the car and we headed to go get my sister from her friends house. When we got there, as my sister jumped in the car all I could smell was the horrors of overloaded girly perfume. She threw her giant rainbow bag in the backseat and we headed off to my moms house. When we got there my sister said,” Mom said you have to carry my bag inside.”

I immediately hollered back,” NO WAY!

My mom thought I had started the argument so she took me back to my dads house. She drove me back and there I was again. Bored out of my mind, home alone again at my hot brown house.

            My mom had gotten angry at me before she had time to make me lunch so I was starving and needed to eat. I walked in the kitchen to see what there was in the fridge and there they were.  Pink juicy hotdogs just waiting to be cooked on the hot barbecue. I grabbed the lighter, the spatula and of course the delicious hotdogs and went to the backyard to grill them since them since that’s where the barbecue was at.

            As I opened up the sliding glass door and walked to the barbecue I could smell the burnt tangy barbecue sauce. I was shaking because I was nervous and the closest living thing to help me grill the hotdogs was my dog so that was no help at all. I turned on the gas tank all the way and stuck the lighter in the open slot you put it in to start the barbecue. As I flipped the switch on the lighter a huge gust of scorching hot flames flew right at me. I didn’t know how to feel. Was I supposed to feel since I had never been in that kind of situation before in my life since I was only twelve. I ducked and the flames got my favorite green shirt which was now black shriveled up on the ground since I had thrown it off when the flames got a hold of it. I sprinted upstairs still shocked from the flames. A few minutes after the horrifying incident I went downstairs, walked in the backyard and was happy to see nothing burnt except my crusty shirt on the ground. I looked at the hotdogs and knew I had already unwrapped them from their packaging so I had to try again.

            When I was about to put the lighter in the slot once again since I didn’t want to waste food, I got a text message from my mom and she told me to get in the car because she was waiting in the driveway. When I got in the car my mom was extra nice to me. I don’t know if my sister confessed about the argument being her fault and not mine but she took me to the grocery store to get some lunch.

            When we got to the grocery store I walked through the aisles just looking for something to eat. I had picked out a bunch of unhealthy snacks and threw it into the cart. When I was done looking for things to eat I realized that I was sort of pushing my luck but I didn’t let my own thinking stop me from getting a soda. I walked through the huge white grocery just looking for something for something god to have to drink with my loads of junk food. When I got to the soda aisle I thought to myself,” if I were to drink all this soda, my teeth would just about be gone before I had a chance to touch my tasty treats. I didn’t want to get to ahead of myself so I grabbed a can of mountain dew and went to the check out to meet my mom since she was allowing me to make my own decisions about what I eat as long as it wasn’t too much. When she saw me with what I called lunch a delicious lunch she about passed out. Luckily she didn’t. I took one last look at the groceries and I realized that it was just a bunch of candy thrown into a green plastic basket.

            As I was walking to put the food back where I got it I saw m mom getting me fried chicken which put a smile on my face. After I put the food back I started to look on the bright side. First my mom had bought me delicious greasy fried chicken. She was also letting me keep the soda and the fire didn’t spread. When I got back to being home alone in my hot brown house and I bit into the fried chicken I realized that my mom didn’t let me buy the candy because it was bad for me and everything she did in my life was just helping me grow up to be nice and healthy.

            When my dad got home from a long day of work I decided to wait a little bit to tell him about my day because if I told him then and there I would probably still be grounded in my room or just flat out be grounded for the rest of my life.

            That day I learned tons of valuable lessons that I can use in life. I learned to always have an adult around because when those exploding hot flames hit me I had no clue in the world how to react to the situation. Then I learned to love my siblings and family because if I would have just gotten along with my sister that day I would have never even started a fire or anything of that sort that day. I also learned to plan ahead if I am going to do something dangerous because maybe if I would had planned ahead then I would have never started that fire. The by far most important thing I learned that day was to not take great things for granted. When I was walking through that store and grabbing everything that looked good to me I didn’t realize how selfish I was being and I wasn’t thinking about others and if I would have thought about my mom it would have made her life a lot easier.





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