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There once lived a girl named Lana, she was a very sweet, kind girl. She was young, valuable, and precious.  She lived in a village with other girls and boys her age. She was always made fun of, and didn’t have any friends. In her times, people where cruel and mean about the looks. Every girl she knew was beautiful, but when she looked in the mirror, all she saw was her not so pretty faced self. People would tell her “go away, no one likes you!” Lana listened to every word. She would lock her self in her room, and cry all day lying in her bed. 


She had no parents, they died when she was born. She felt sad and angry at the same time. Angry, at her own reflection. Her adapted mother came into the room. She was quit nice, not like the ones you hear about. She was like a real mother to Lana. She told Lana something very important,


“Lana, you are turning in to a great lady. You know it’s time.”


‘Time for what Lana asked?’

“Oh dear, its time for you to get married, of course.”


Lana didn’t say a word for one whole minute.  Lana didn’t really care, but she knew no one would ever marry her. Lana knew all the boys are cute, but they would never think she is pretty. Every time she would walk on the streets, no boy would look at her for a while. Other girls walking the streets, is where the boys are always looking.


It was time for all the girls and boys who there time has come to find there partner in marriage, to come together. There was a rule that the girls can only show there eyes. Lana felt a little better now that she had herd that. All the girls stood in one line, and so did the boys. Which ever boy was in front of you, was the one you get to marry. Each pair had to get together, and touch hands. 


Then the tall man said  “Now, young gentlemen take the mask of the young ladies face, so you can see your lady’s face”


Lana was scared once again. She thought to her self, that when the mask comes of the boy would not like me. Then, the young boy toke the mask of….


“What if the boy has a good heart, and likes me anyways?” said Lana to herself


The mask was of her face…… The boy then said not a word. The young boy stood there, just starring at Lana’s face. He then said,  


“ No I’m truly sorry but I can not marry you.”


“But, why not?” asked Lana


“Your, your face it’s not what I thought it would be I’m sorry, but no….” Said the young boy walking away


Lana stood there, holding her breath, closing her eyes hopping that was not real. She looked around, all the beautiful girls happy and smiling. The young boys full of joy, for the lady they have gotten. How pretty faced they are.  Lana started breathing again, and a tear fell upon her left cheek. Lana started walking slowly and slowly away. She then heard the voice of her adopted mother,


“Lana its ok, come here to me”


But Lana kept on walking away, now even faster. She ran and ran farther and farther into the woods. She ran more and more deeper, turning left and right. She tripped and fell, but kept on running.  She finally thought she was far enough and stopped. She stood there with tears in her eyes, she had never felt so alone in her life. Lana felt sad, and lonely she knew her whole life no one would love her the way she wants to be loved, by a boy.

Lana knew that she would never find a boy who can just love her for HER, they only care about the outside. She cried and cried, sitting on a big gray rock she cried.  Lana, heard a voice,


“Why are you crying?” said a voice


Lana said to herself,


“Was that the voice of a…boy?”


“Hey it’s ok, I don’t mean any harm.” Said the boy voice


Lana then knew it was a boy indeed and said to him,


“Go away, you wouldn’t want to see my face! No one cares! I bet you wouldn’t ether. Just stop wasting your time and just go!”


But the boy did not listen. Instead he got closing to Lana, and sat down right next to her .


“Then, let me see your face.” Said the boy


Lana knew what was going to happen, she couldn’t get hurt more than she already is. So she showed him her face….


“WOW! You where so …” boy said


“Right…” Lana said


“WRONG, you where wrong. Your face is amazing, your so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at you.” Said the boy


Lana was so surprised! She never thought in her whole life would she hear a boy, a BOY say that to her.


“ARE you lying to me ?” she asked


“Now, why would I do that. Your such a pretty faced young girl.”  He replied


“I think you just made me stop crying, for ever. My heart does not hurt me, anymore.” Lana said



Lana and the young boy who’s name was peter ran and ran to peter’s village. Where peter took her, so they can get married together forever. Peter could not stop looking at Lana’s face, she was TOO pretty faced.





And they lived happy ever after, with their pretty faced faces.



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