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I remember it being cold. I stood up to get another blanket when I saw it. An aqua colored light shining through the hall. I couldn't see from my room where the light was coming from. I took a step toward the hallway and discovered that this mysterious light was coming from my backyard. I stepped out the door wearing nothing but my shorts and a tank top. I looked up and spotted the source. I thought to myself, ha! This has got to be a dream. Now, this wasn't your typical UFO. I mean, movies are not always accurate but I always pictured an alien spaceship looking something like those flying saucer candies with those little sugary beads inside. But this ship was the most beautiful hunk of tin I'd ever seen. With its flashing lights and shiny silver coating, I was amazed. Apparently being mesmerized is exactly what they had wanted me to be, because the next thing I knew, I was being levitated by the marvelous beam.   

By the time I reached the opening in the ship, I was gone. Completely knocked out. My brain couldn't process anything yet my body could still feel. When I entered through the small opening, I could feel my thighs touching the cold floor. It wasn't long before I opened my eyes revealing what I thought would be little green men. At a first blurred glance I could tell that aliens, just like their ship, were nothing like in the movies. They weren't little green men with large heads and black beady eyes. They had character. Each one different than the other. Just like any human. All of a sudden, I was alone. I couldn't move and I wasn't sure why. It could have been due to my extreme fear, something they had done to me, or even just in my head.  I tried to stand up but I couldn't figure out how to operate my legs. I stopped at the sound of a voice. It was one of those high pitched annoying voices that you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you try. She walked over to me and started questioning me as if I were the suspect in a murder investigation. 

"Quorra, must you ask such foolish and pitiful questions? These are meaningless. Do you wish do upset Prince Dimitri?" I heard a deep voice behind me. Terrified as I was I found myself able to mutter out the word huh. They both stopped and turned toward me. The annoying woman, who I had now learned was called Quorra, looked dead at me, stuck up her nose, and walked away. However, the man stayed. Looking at me the way a mother looked at her children or the way a young child looks at their first puppy. I must have had a confused look on my face because he began telling me what was going on. I wasn't exactly paying attention because I was beyond exhausted. The only thing I actually knew was his name, Greyson. And there something about a prince. 

The ship came to a stop. Greyson escorted me off and led me to the most beautiful palace I'd ever seen. When we stepped inside I could see the walls were all made of a magnificent white stone that shined when the sun hit it in the right way. It was absolutely gorgeous. Greyson showed me to a small corner room all the way in the back of the palace. He had told me I could stay there until the prince summoned me to dinner. I needed to catch up on my sleep so I didn't argue. Before Greyson exited my room he asked me one final question. "Do you have a name m'lady?" I was shocked that he even cared but managed to mumble, "My name is Lidia," before he stepped out.  

I dozed off into dreamland. When I woke up I had completely forgotten that I was somewhere other than my room. Suddenly a fear came over me. What were to happen when my mom woke up to go to work and I was gone? The thought suddenly drifted off when Greyson stepped into my room to inform me that the prince was ready for me to meet him. I was honestly a bit nervous. I mean have been on another planet but I was still about to meet a prince and I was only wearing pajamas. Before I took another step, I asked Greyson if there was somewhere I could purchase a new outfit before meeting his highness. He smiled at me and escorted me to another room. This room, however, just happened to be the largest walk in closet I've ever seen. I know I didn't have much time but it was hard to choose an outfit with this much variety. I had decided to wear a beautiful green dress that went down to my knees. I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. I was no longer scared to be on an alien planet, but I was terrified of meeting royalty. 

When we reached the dining room door, Greyson disappeared meaning I had to go in all alone. The dining room was beautiful. Emerald colored walls with a long golden table in the center. Off to the right were a set of doors that led to what had appeared to be a ballroom. I sat down at the table and waited for the prince. Suddenly the doors behind me opened. There he was. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen. He smiled and walked over to me. He gestured for me to stand up. As I was about to curtsy, he grabbed my hand and kissed it gently. He motioned for me to walk into the ballroom. Without speaking he played an enchanting melody and we began to dance. Halfway through the song, Quorra came bursting through the doors and announced that dinner was ready. We both sat down and began to eat out soup. It was delightful. Nothing like I had ever tasted before.  Still in silence, I looked at the intricate design on the ceiling and smiled. He finally spoke. He had the most beautiful voice. When he spoke it was as if a million Angels were singing sweet heavenly songs. He explained to me that his name was Dimitri and he was the prince of the southern half of the planet. And that Greyson was his older brother who had refused to take the thrown and now worked as his right-hand man. Dimitri was simply delightful. He had a charm that was unmatchable, a smile that lit up the whole room, and when he laughed I can honestly say that my heart smiled. After dinner was over, he escorted me back to my room. He explained that I wasn't a prisoner yet he'd hoped that I would choose to stay a while. 

That night, I couldn't sleep. I kept seeing his face whenever I closed my eyes and heard his laugh whenever it was silent. He had ignited a flame inside me that had been dormant for all my 18 years of life. Although I had only known him a very short time, I could tell this would be more than an immature crush. I finally fell asleep with a smile on my face and dreamed about Dimitri. My parents were there. Suddenly the sweet dream turned to a horrifying nightmare where my parents ridiculed him because he wasn't like us. I woke up in a hot sweaty state. I now couldn't stop thinking how wrong this was. I was falling in love with this E.T.

This wasn't normal yet for some reason I didn't try to stop it. I allowed myself to fall deeper and deeper for him. We ate breakfast together sharing croissants and coffee, took romantic moonlit walks through the garden of exotic plants with purple petals and danced around the floor of that enormous ballroom endlessly. He had me hooked. I was falling fast and I couldn't stop myself. I began to get distracted. I wasn't even sure how long I'd been away from home. 

One night, while I was lying on my bed, Greyson walked into my room and told me it was time for me to go back home. I was reluctant to leave but I figured it was time. When I got home, my parents didn't seem surprised to see me. They didn't hug me or tell me they'd missed me. "Hey champ," my dad said extremely casually. I was confused when they had acted so normal that I had been gone. I could hear the loud ring of the communicator Greyson gave me so I could call him when I got back to earth. I quickly ran to my room and answered. 

"I miss you already, Lidia this planet is not quite the same without you. The palace feels empty and dark without your smile illuminating its halls." I immediately smiled realizing that Dimitri was the one who had called me. He had explained that I had to return home because the temporary me they had put in my place was malfunctioning and they needed to fix it to ensure that their existence stays a secret. I talked to Dimitri all night. I'd never missed someone so much in my whole life. I desperately needed to be back by his side. I made a plan. I told my parents that I was going to sleep over at my friend Jenna's house for the weekend and would see them Monday night when I got home. I left immediately and called Dimitri and told him to send a ship for me to use.

I arrived back at the palace and ran to Dimitri as if I hadn't seen him in eons. Being held in his muscular arms once again brought me a great joy. When Greyson saw me walking through the palace halls his face turned from a frown to the greatest most sparkling smile I'd ever seen. He gave me a hug and continued on his way to the basement. That night at dinner, Dimitri and Greyson gave me an option. I could stay forever with Dimitri in the palace or return home with no memory of the beautiful exotic planet. I was unprepared to make such a big decision like this in such a short time. I thought about it all night and knew what I had to do. 

On Monday morning I returned home in the same ship I had originally been taken by. I hugged Greyson goodbye and smiled at Quorra as I walked off and went back into my house. I hugged my parents and told them I loved them. That night I placed the freshly restored fake me created by Greyson and ran off to the garage where I had instructed Quorra to leave my ship. I flew through the Galaxy and went back to my Dimitri's side in the palace that become my new home.