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NOTICÈ f r iriE Co p-ir'nciship hrciofore cxistins br JL ihename of .1. A. Twm &. Co.. w:m disolved Uy mutual ó':cnt on the fiAeentb of June last. .T. A. TWTPS. ECÜAH MOHXT. Ann Arhor, Sopt. Ö.T, 1846. 284-3wr WANTED. o pood teady boy a'iont pxiein or scvcnfen "( olfl ut JnC'h VlilUndTa Sadiilc nnrf Hnrnrss IÜ !i er Shop, Ann AHinr. Sept. 2f, 184fi. 24-tf Paper Haiigings. A 7ARGE lot of Pnper Hnnsings. n'ntl Bor .-_ dprinc, for snle chenpir thnn ever pfTeret! in this Village, nt FERRY'S BOOKSTORK. June 15. 270-if THE LIBERTY MINST RELOVE HUNDRF.D COPIES of ihe fifih eá tion of ihis hiL'Hlv popular wnrk nre for snjp (il the Risnal office nt ñO cen'R sínslí1. or 94.nO per tiozen. Term Cnsh. Jinw is the time for Liberty choirs to etipply themselves. TO LAWYERS. JUST openinc, a first rate lot ofLnw Books. for ealu at the publishrr? priees. for cash at Píurt's Bookstorh. Juno 15, IR46. 270-tf FRANKLÏN COLD WATER HOUSEl Bates Stbitbt. one door Nnrth nf Jzrrzvson AvjsKthn, DKTRO1T. 1 y 9. FTKNEY.NEW GOODS! Chcap for Cash!! nniIE Subscribcrs bost Icnve to inform tbeir JL old cu.siouiers, oud tho public esnenilly, iliat ihey are now receivingu largc and plrnHul assortmcnt of Engüsh, American and Wesi India, GOODS.. ' Crockery, Shelf Hardware, Paints, Oils, Dyestujfs, Drugs and Medicines. Also a general assorttnent of IRON, suitable for ironing Waggone and Buggies, Nailllods. Hoise Shoes. and fiorse Nails, Sheet Iron, Tin Ware nnd Tin JPIaie - alao a general nsaortmem of BOOTS % SHOES, thick and tbin sale work, nd cusiom work to uit purchosers. All of which ihey wil! sell on the luwest possible ternis for Cash or Baiiter. Feeling confident as we do, thut we enn niaUc it for the interest of all Uiose wishing to purchase any of the above memioned Good9, we do most earnestly solicit ut least an fnvcsiigntion of our Gooda and prices before purchasing elsewhcre. .. . JAMES (ÍIBOÑ & CO. Ji4o. 3. Excliange ISlock. Ann Arbor, I.ower Town, Sept. 14, 1846. tíCLOCKS AND -WATCHES ! ! 23 r I ïfIE Subscriberhas just Jr""6 -- r-'eived, (and is con "jLsianily receiving) from lif fljjraT New York nn elegant arel C I isS Wc" 8C'eclet ossortnient Jeweiry, Clocks, Waf ches, cVc fee. rhieh ho iniendu to sell as loto ns at any other establishment ihis side of Bnffalo tor ready ■puij onlij among wl.icli may be Jound thelollow ing: a eood assorunent o Gold Rnger Rings. Goldlirenai ping,Wristlets Gunrd Chains and Keys, Silver Spoons, Germán Silver Tea and Tuble Spoons (first qualny.) Silver and Gemían do Sugar Tongs, Silver Snlt.Mustard and Cream Bpoonf.. Bmter Knivc-s, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases, Gold Pens. '} " Penct Is, Silvor nnd Germán Silver Thimblea, Silver Speciacles, Gorman and Steel do. Goggles, Clothes, Hair and Tooth Brushes, Laiiier Brushes, R.nzors and Pocket Knives, Fine Shcars and Scissora. Kniveaand Forks, Briuannia Tea Pots ai)d Casiors. Plated, Brasa, and Brittania Candlesticks, SnuiTers &. Trays, Shaving boxesand Soaps, Clnpman's Best fta.or Strop, Calfand Morocco Wallet8. Silk and Cotion purse. Violins nnd Bow8, Violin and Bass Viol Stringu, Flutes, Files. Clarioneip. Accorrlt-ona - Miisic Books for tho same. Motto Senls?. Steel Pens onc Tweezcre, Pen enses. Snufffinrl Tobacco boxea [vory Dressing Combs, Side and Bnck and Pock et Combi. Ner.illc cases, Stelettoes, Water Paintsand Brushes, Toy Watchea, a great varicty o( Doils. in short "Jie ereaiest vnriety of Ioy9 ever bronght to ü.is mnrket, Fancy work boxes, children's ten seits. Coloane J-Jnir Oils, Pmellins Silt8, Couri Plas'er, Tea Bclls. Thermometers. Germán Pipes. Wood Pencils, BRASS AND WOODCI.OCKS, &.C. in fact nimost every thing to piense the fnncy. Lndics and Gentlemen, cnll and exnmine for yourselvcs. Ciocks. Wnirhes and Jeweliy repnired and wnrrnnted on short noiice.' 8hop at his o!d tand, opposite H. Becker'sbrick Slore. OALVJN BLISS. N. B.- r"nsh pnid for oíd Gold Sc Pilver. Also Ferry's Book Slore in the same room. Ann Arbor, July Ist, 1346. 27I-lyiVOTJCE. W.tSHTEVAW CoU.tTY, ) Ceekks Office, $ s ' THE annual meeting of the Board of Supervisors, for ihis County. will be held at the CourtHousein Ann Arbor on Wednesday the I2ih duy oí Octobernext. B. KING, CIcrk. Ann Arbor, Sept. 4, 1S4G. Fire! Fïreü F.T. B. CRANL would respeclfully notify the citizens of AnnAor, and the surrounding country, tbat he continúes to aci as Agenl ofthe HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, and will insnre Properiy against 'osSes by Fire. at ihe lowest rates, and with despatch and accuracy. The Hartford Insurance Company is one of the olilest and most stable in the country, and all lossessustained by them will be - as they ever have been - rRoiiPTt.T paid I Fire is a dangerous element and not to le trified wi:f: ;iieretore. mnkeup your mind to guanl against, it and iio.n't Dtt.Aï I A few home delay may be your ruin. Mr. CRASf.'IK)ffice is in Crane's nevv Block. corner oí the Public Square, Ann Arbor. 2.0-tflicathcr ! Leather ! ! 10OÜ Sidos tíole Lentlicr, 5l)() do Ha mess do 200 do Bridle do Itf) dozen Cal f Ski mr. 5') do Upper Leathér. For sale by ELDRED &. CO, 27b'-tf 123 JeiTetson Avenue. Detroit. L. G. BURGER, Dentisti FIRST ROOM OVER C M. & T. W. ROOT's STORE, CRANE áí JEWF.Tt's BLOCK, '2Gl-tf ANN ARBOR. FOR SALE CHEAP for CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddles, Bridlcs,Hamcss, Tntnks, Valises, Trunk Valiscs, Carpet Bagst $c. Also a L'ood nssurtineut of VVmps Ai. Lasheb. which will be sold vory lovv, and no mitnke. at COOK & ROÜINSON'S. Ann Arbor. August 12, 1846. 277-tfLiOOK ItEREU THE Subscriber offers to sell Forty Acres of good Land in the County of Livingston - The land is lïmbered, nnd within iwo miles of of wliere n seCnm Saw mili 19 erecting. Ten ncresnre eleared, and there aro ten ocres more ready for toeging. There is a good log house and some fruit trees on the pTcrnises. Thf terms will bo liberal, nnd pryment may bc made in carpentei's woik, lumber or n rooc! team. Apply to ihe subscribér in Ann Arbor. S. D. jpOBLE. Ann Ar.bor, July 18, 1846. 74 I2w COUNTY ORDERS. THE hicliest price paid in cath ly Cï. F. Lew ie, Exchange Broker, opposite the Insuranco Detroit, for orders on nny of the f eonnties ín tlie State of Michigan; also for Staie s?rurities of al! kinds and uncurrcntlunds Cali and see. üec 1, 1845. 24f-tf C LOVER MACHINES. " THRASHING MACHINES nnd Seporainr.' are made and sold by iliesubscribers.nt their Machine Shop, néar the Paper Will, Loer Town, Ann Arbor. KNAPP & HAV1LAND, Jan. 19, 1316. 217 tf WOODÜ WOODT!! QUBSCRIBER'S who are to pay in Wood wili lO please rail iinmtdiately Wiih a few loods at ihe Sisnal Office. Sept, 26, 164Í6. NOTÏCÜ! ALL persons indebted to uselther by Nota or Book account, are requested to innka immediate payment, as 11 accounts not eeitled soon, will be put in a legal -mrse of collection. QARLAND &. LeFEVRE. Sept. 10, Ifí46 283-3w Chattcl Moftgages, JCJST prinfeandfr ale or thii office in anjr qunntity..Ijl JirborTHE undciBigncd hnving tturchnscd ilie ïnterests ofhis partner in itie Marble Business, vauld inform the inhanitarrs of thisand arijoming ïounties, that lie continúes the business tn the )Td stnnd in Upper Town, iieafr the Precbyierian T'hurch, where hn will rnnnafactine to orW. Monuments, Gnvc Slones Paint Stone, Tablels, $c. $-c. Those wishing to obiain any article in bis line of business will (inby calüng ihnt lie hns an 86sortmem of White and Variegated Marble from ihe Ea8lern Marble Qmrrk-9, which will be wroütght in Modern siyle. and sotd at eastern prices, drng transpomtion only. Cali nnd ge' theproof. J. M. ROCKWELL. Aim Arbor, July 8, 1846. 272ïy CHEAP STOVES! AT YPSILANTl! 1OK COOKING &, PA Jl LOR -STOVES. ■■ - t' just received, by the Subyciibcr, (mosty frnm Albany) making a gond assorttnent of lie latest and best patterns. which will be soll at Loio Piicesl noi to be undersold tliis sidc Lake Erie! Also, Copper Furniturp, Caiilo'ron Ke::les. tlollow Ware of all sizes, Stove Pipey Sheet Iron, Zink, Sec. TIN WARE Mnnufnciurcd, and constnmly Kept on hand which will also he sold very low. S.- Purclnsers will do well to cali and examine for their own satisfacüon. 3. M. BROWÑ. Ypsilanti, J:me 20, 3816. 271tfBE TTER LA TE THANNE VER! ""JpHE Subscriber luis ihe plcnsure of announcing to tlia l'ublic, that hs hns just received from New York, and opened a choicc and well eslected nsaortment of NEW GOODS, consisting of Dry Goods, Groccries, Crockcry, Hardware, Boots and Sfioes, which ho will sell at Very Low Pncca for Ready Pay in Caih, or Produce. Cash or Goods wilí be paid for VOOL in any quantiues. ROBERT DAVIDSON. Ann Arbor, June 10, 18-ÍG. 6S TAX SALES; WsnTESAw Co. Thkasurur's Oïticï, ) Aun Arbor, Sept. "'-Id, 1846. J NOTJCE 9 hereby given, that tho sale of Lnrida cirlinquont for Tnxes for the ycar ÍH44, and omi?íions of previooa years in VVashlenaw Conniy, will take place at this office on Monday. the fit th day of October nest. Sale to commence at 9 o'clock. A. AI., nnd be continued from day to day, until 11 ia sold, or crtherwisc dispose d of. O. W. MOOÍIE, Co. f roas.Choap Hardware Store. THE Subácriber talies tlns method 10 inform his old customers nnd ihe public generally that he su'II continúes to keep a large and general assortment of Foreign and Domestic HARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Also. Spike. Wrouglit, Cut and Hors-e Sboe Nailft, Gloss. Sheet Iron, Hoop Iron. Sheet and Bar Lead, Zyne, Bright and Anenea Wire. MÓlasses Gates nnd Fassett?, i"S!i!I Saus. Cross Cui Snws. Hand nnd VVood Saws, Back and Key Hole Snws, Anvils. Vicos. Bellows.Adzps.Coopor's looi., Drawing Knives, Spoke Shaves, Tap Borcr?, Cast Sieel Augtire, Coinmon Auíiirs. Augur lints, Holíow Augure. Steel and Iron Squares. Grotind Piaster, Water Lime, GrindJStoaes, Potash,Ca!dron and Sognr Kettles. Cülilc, Loe. Trace and Halter Chaiiis, Broad, Hand and Narrew Axes. Kpirit and Plumb Levéis, toíjedier witíi a general ossortment ofHollew Ware, wliich wilí be sold low for Cash ojipprovccí credit at J 23, Jeflersotj Avenue. Eldred's Block. R. MARVIN". Detroit, Jan. lGtn, 1S46. 248-IyCENTRAL LAND AND TAX AGENGY, Jackso.v Michigan. Ofice Second Slory of the Brick Bloei: adjoining American Hotel. nniIE su'uscnbers under ths name of Hrrlbut X X: Treadwoli, havircg esiabhsiïerf an office .il Jacks-Mi, tor ilie purpose of trnnsicting busi ness as General Re-il Estufe Agents, will give thcir prrsonal nttention 10 The pkrchjtse nrii sale of Real Estatt, J'numents of Tiixr-i on Land, Jledzimiiig Land. soll far Taxts, E&imüiatton of Tittts, ConveyaHces, and suirh other b'nt"fneá"s t=( pertáins to' a General Real Kstnie Agéncy. iniending permanently to to continue the above Agency. nrrangements iiave been' maJe with extonsfve Real Ksiate üf fices at thp Èast. through which the eale ol imlroved lanía may be maieriallv facihtntecf ; and Jesiring to reëler tas benf-fi.-ial ns pussible, a register ol such re:tl property for sale, as mny be furnished us, with pnces1, terms, pnnicular deecription. fcc. will be kep: for tbo inspection of purciinsers. and wlion t silo ís efFecied, a coninussion of 2 per cent is expocted from the seller. A dialogue of Lsrnds. Farms, ór other real property for snle wül be published and eatonsive!y circalnied by &ur office, and owners of such pmperrvt desiring to lind owners. cnii ovail themselves of this mediirni, by forwarding to us a particular lïescription of the ptopprty, wiiii pri - ces. terms. te. and One Dollar i'orcach dcacrip , üon advertised. Our chargea for nll services, rill ir. all cases . !e rpasonable. D A!1 letters miist bc pnstrnid. H. HüRLBUT. J. M. TiiEADWELL. JacV.son, Sept. 1846. 3S2-2m The ünclerdicried will coniinueto attend to the pracfice of his profess'mn. aml VilI devote particular attetnion to the collection and securing ui clüitns, Forcclosuro of Moitgaces, nnd draft ing of Deec's, Mortgagss. Contracis. A-e. ' J. RÍ. TRKADWELL.To Country ÏTÏerchaiifs THE Sübscnber hns constantly for eale good nssortment of hfavy WOOLEN CLOTHS, well arl.iptcd lo die country markt wliich Vio n-ill sell nt wholei.iJe or retail, vert i-ow. Cali and see tbom at the Manhattan Storf.. VV. A. RAYMOND. 275-tf Dttroit. B. B. &. W. K. 1VOYES, JR, DEALER IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Hardware and Cutlery, 3T0VSS HOLLOW-WARE. Also, Manufact'irers of Topper. Tin nd Sheet Iron ware, No. T5 TVoodwMB AthTOb, Tr,TRfn, 80-tfNEW COOKlNtí STOVE. And Stoves of all kinds. The aubscribcr would cali the onention oi tbe1 public lo Woolson's Hot Air Cookingrincn ne can connuenuy tecommrna ns oeinj decidedly superror to nny Cooking Stove in ufi:. For snmplicity in operation - econom? in iuclf and for oneqüaled BAKiNoand Roastikg qu8lies. it js unrivalled, The new and imporfant fmprovcmenj introduced in its cfonstruciion bejng stich oe to in auro great odvantages over uïl oiher kinds of Coaktng Slovcs. VTLLÍM R. KOYCS, .Tr. 70 Woodward Aienuu, De;roit. Dec. 72. 1845. ittï J. HOLMES & CO., ' WHOLESALE AND BEtAIL DEALEftS I?f STAPLR AND FANCt DRY GOODS, &ry Groceries, Carpeting and paper Iffanguigs, No. 63 Woodward Avenue, Larned'ü Block, Detroit. J noi.MEs, Nar York. } W3 M. HOI.MICS, Dr.troit. L L take thrs method of nfornung our friendo and customcrs ihronghont the State, iha we are stiil pursning the even tenor of our wt.y8, endeavoring to do our bosinesa upon Lir ond honorable principies. Wí woud ateo tender our acknovledgmems for the patronage ex. tended to us by our ciistornere. and fc-oold betr leave to cali the ntrention of the pub)ic to a veiy wcll selecíed nssorunent of seosonablc Goed.a which are oiFered at wholetele or retail at very low prices. Onr lacilities or pirclasin? Good. are unsurpasped by any concern in the State One ofthofirm. Mr. J. Holmes resirfp U:uy oí iiew, nnri trom lus long experience in the Jobhing trade in ifint ciiy. and íroni i Is ïturough knowlt-dpe of the mñr!;et, he is et.eblud to nvüil himsoir of the auc'ions and orv decline ih priecs. We also purchase rom tha Imparten Mnnofaciurer's Acents. and ftom thé auctions, by the pnefeagp, ihe OT'rn as K y Jobbers purftlwíc, tbiis envine their profiis - Uith tnese facilnieswe enn snfcly say thw our Goodsare soid chkap for (hc evidênre of vvhich we invite the attention of the public to oai stock. We hold to the grent enrdina! principie oí "(i,c greatest good to the xrhoU nnwbnr." m i{ yoU wantto buy Gooda chtap. and buya iaro-e oum Vtij for a litlle viavey give ua a trial. Our sroclt is as extensive a any in the city, nnd ivc ure constnntly reccivirig new and freah Gooda iroiri New York. 50,000 Ifos. Wool. Wnnted, theabove quantity ol good meTcJinnt-able Wool for whrch the highest niarket pricd wil] be paid. J. HOLMES & CO. Detroit, May 2-S, 186. 2I4-tf Tó Wool Growers' WE beg leave to inform our Wool Growinrf tnends, that we shall bc prepared for thtf purehase of 100,000 Ibs.of a good clean mercbantable nrticle. as eoon ns ihe season for sellingcommenees, as we are connected wnh Eastern wool deaWe, we ehalí beable 10 páy the.highestpric the Eastern market vuil afford. Great comphim was rftede last season rimorigst tte Eastern Déniers and Mnnuracturers, in reference to il10 poor conditinn of Michigan Wool- much of it treing in hnd order anda considerable porción benig vnwaslitd. ■ Wc would here take occnsiön o re.iuest (W t ie utmost pains should be taken to liave ihe sheep well wsslied before shearins, thnt Uie Te Locks be cut olí', and that each Fleece be est lully tied with proper wool twíne. (cost 1M iaS5 ersper Ib.)hemp twine itfthe best: it vtili be foimd greatly to ihaÖvantajteof Wool Grawersto putuptneir wool in manner. Unwashed wool J8 not merchañfabr, and will brf rejected by most if not all of.he U'oo! buyets, i( oeing difficult to rienn. J. HOLMES & Co. WooimMRD ÁVtjiüi, ■ni - v Larncrd" Block.Deiron, MarehCG. ÍS4Ü. 2'7-ü WHOLESALE & RE TA IL..4. JWFARREÑ, BOOKSELLERANDSTATÍONER. SM ARTS BLOCK, 137 JBfFKRSON iVfiSüE, D B T R O I Ti K'EEI'S constanrly forsalea complete acsort j ment oi Aliscellaneous. Schooi and Ciassii 7OOm ' Letleróni] Cap l'apcr, plain and ruled, Quills, Ink. Sali"rs Wax, Cmlïty. Wrapping Paper, Prinüng Paper, of all anti Bo,)k. xXnwsand Cannisrer Ink. ofvarione kinds. BLANK BOOKS. full and hnll boimd. of every vonety of Ruling, Memorandum Books. &c. To iMerchams, Teacbers, and others. buving' in q'jnnihic?, large disecunt made. Sabbath School and Bible Society Dcpositor. 247pXfTEMPERANCE HOUSE. PB. R1PLEY vould say to his frfends and ■ the (rienda of Tempert nee, ihaf he ha tnken the T.emperancè House, laiely fcept by Wjn. G. Wheatoji. where he would be glad t waii upon them. Hay and Öat snd Stabbling to nccommodnte teams'. Detroit, Jnnunry [, 1840. YOUÏMG LADIES SCHOOF MISS GRIFFIN will eommence herschool lor Toung Lndies, on MontTay theSóth of Seiitemher, nt tlio CoMngo recently occnpied by Judge Thompson. Ter ms : For the Primnry Studies, $,00 " hTgher Énglish Studie C.001 for a term óf eleven voeks. For ISiin. n extra èharge of 2.00 For French. 4,00 For Peneil Drawing, 3,00 For Pninting, 5,00 Jrremictioii8 on fhe Pinnr, 8,00 Ger;nnn may be attc-nded to if desired. Cornpp'.rnt lnstructors aré provided fjr th difTf.rrDt dcpnrtments. Young Lndies froin abroad, can ohtom board n private fnnjilies. Aun Arbur. Sept. 1846. 233-tf LINSEED OJLf f THE Subscriber is mnnufacturing Linseed Oil on an e.vtensive sCale and he is able to supply MÊRCHANTS AMD PArtíTETlS. on terms more favorable for them than have evrr helore been-oiTered In this country, and he W prepared to supply rders for large or email quen-" titic at prióes extremebj Inw. ID Communications by mail v;U be promm-ly attondcd to. t , r, T T.ATÓDRET'f E. Lake. GeneseO Co'. Mrehf, 283-ly MEDICAL lwOKS. A NFAV lot of Medica! B,Kk9. JMt oponed jTJL nd for saln rbenp for oash ai June 15. 270-K rRT'5..