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We entered our dorm to what appeared to be an eerie smell of incense and moist, soiled clothes which were lying on the ground. There were a thousand lit candles sitting in every corner of the room along with piles of old water stained test papers marked with ‘Fs’ on the floor.

“What in the blue hell?” Kate, one of my roommates, gasped.

 The dingy walls of the hall led us into the bathroom, something we would never be prepared to face in our entire lives. By now, Kate was toe to toe with me and when I pushed the greenheart bathroom door, it was as though her life flashed before her eyes.

“Hold me” she cried.                      

The white, marble bathtub was half way filled with blood which led a uniformed trail to the wash sink upon which a broken mirror hung. Kate walked over and stared into it but I was reluctant, you know what they say about looking into broken mirrors. Just then a cold air blew into the room from an open window. How unusual that was, we never opened windows in the bathroom. Writing of the most beautiful calligraphy began to appear on the walls in a language we couldn’t understand but what we knew for sure is that it certainly had a deadly meaning.

The gradual thumping of a drum could be heard in the distance but the beating unfortunately got louder and louder until it was as though our ears were on the verge of bleeding. Kate’s mouth dropped open and she sprinted for the door in fright. I followed her but we might as well had stayed in that horror hole after what we were about to confront. At this moment I knew I should’ve never listened to my parents when they were coercing me to come to college.

There she was, sitting in the dim light of the study area with an Ouija board next her crossed legs. Crossed, she was. It appeared as though her eyes were glowing through the cloudiness of the green smoke in the room. Her blonde hair was ruffled all over her head and her skinny arms held what seemed to be two tan colored dolls. Two tan colored dolls! I knew Kate was seeing this for sure but she was unable to speak because her heart was in her mouth and there a million chills going down her spine. I stretched my hand out to grab her and suddenly the green smoke formed around her, sucking her skinny arms and legs into its core. The only things left in the room were the two tan dolls that she dropped before her departure and the Ouija board with our names spelt out on it. Why would she do something so insane? We all knew she was a little mentally trouble but I certainly wouldn’t expect this from her, not that I would expect this from anyone but she had a type of innocence you could have seen in her eyes. You know what they say; ‘It’s always the quiet ones’.

“Maybe it was because we bullied her”, Kate reminded me.

We would never know the answer because from that day on we never spoke to Dana. All that was left of her was her haunting absence.

Months before the incident happened, I could clearly recall the day Kate and I vandalized Dana’s sketch pad. We obviously knew it was something she cherished dearly, so why not take the opportunity? We have always been like this though, you know, bullies and I guess what happened was karma getting back at us. Kate with her petit, feminine figure had fiery red hair, a comical smile and green, angelic eyes. She knew her way around the boys and was often hated by many girls in high school for taking advantage of that. I on the other end of the continuum was the more discreet individual. I could make you love me with my words and on many occasions, truly did so. I was the lanky one of the two with an oval shaped face and grey eyes. I had above the average popularity of a college student on campus, almost everyone knew me and it was only freshman year. Dana had only come into our lives when we were told we would strangely be having a third roommate. For months we pondered on the reason she would be staying with us and when things finally got too annoying, Kate and I decided to fix the situation by our own mean. See, she had begun to give us inklings that she was a weirdo. Her spontaneous yoga sessions in the middle of the nights and her spiritual chanting early in the mornings were enough to make us realize something was wrong with angel face Dana. We had to do something and do it fast.

I remember us carefully ripping all fifty two pages of beautifully drawn pictures out of her art journal while we were mockingly imitating one of the chants she religiously recited in the morning. When Dana saw this, she was surprisingly not as frustrated as we would have liked her to be, so that was when we cranked things up a notch. Throwing her wooden necklaces and spiritual books away finally made her calm, what seemed to be insanity to us, down. This change only lasted a few weeks until she restarted her freaky prayers and stuff. It was as though the harder we tried, the more we were pulled into the quicksand, and then Kate cleverly came up with the idea of writing her a ‘polite’ note. Something that went “ Dear Dana, it may not occur to you that this space is shared by three people but unfortunately it is, so can you please tone down all the freaky activities that you have had taking place? Or do you want us to teach you how to?”

Dana never responded to the letter that was left on her nightstand. She also did not speak to us for the next few days. I remembered it all as I sat at the edge of my comfy bed, which was slowly sucking me into its soft foam, in regret. All my life as a bully, I have never been so scared, not only for me but for Kate. I realized how much I really needed to start respecting others. I still thought Dana was a little crazy but what happened  served us right to an extent.

I watched Kate playing with a wooden carving of Dana’s on the other bed. Her fingers slowly caressed the groves and creases in the purple wood and she still had a confused and frightened look on her face.

“Marie, do you think her ghost will like come back and kill us or something?”, Kate questioned.

“Well I don’t know Kate, maybe we should make it good with her spirit while she is away”, I replied.

Then there was a long deafening silence which invaded the room as I threw myself onto my bed in hopes that God might answer our prayers. I started to hear the thumping of the drums again but it was only my ears tricking me as they tried to pick up sound from the dead atmosphere. I turned onto my side to make sure Kate was not still traumatized from what happened or that she did not go back into the study area to make sure it actually transpired.

“Marie! Marie!” I heard the distinct voice of Dana shout, “Come on, wake up or you’ll be late for your psychology class”

Just then I rolled right off of my bed unto the cold ground as the alarm on my nightstand blared a beating sound. Dana was standing over me in panic.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” she yelled, “Get up, it’s like morning and stuff”

At that moment I realized that I was deeply immersed in a dream and what had transpired was not actually real.


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