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I awoke. After years in a coma I had finally awoken. Where was I? What was the date? The year 3000 and ever so dystopian. I was in some sort of a pod. a red light flashed above my head and the icy blue pod became a pink color. A tall man approached.

"1000 years. wow. you're probably wondering what is going on."

I inspected the area as he released me from the pod and I shakily took my first few steps. 

"Where am I? Who are you? What happened to me?"

"Well baby girl, this is the year 3000 and I am Dahvie Vanity. You are Rebecca Gilvy. You are 15 years old. You are here because when you were 15 years old in the year 2000 you had an extremely deadly and unknown medical condition that put you on your death bed. A young scientist kept a close eye on you and decided to use his newest invention on you. The invention saved your life. This pod chryogenically froze you for 1000 so that medical advancements would be in high enough standards for you to be cured and saved. You are still suffering this medical condition but now it can be cured."

What supprised me was how I didn't age, along with other things.

"You. You're the scientist that saved my life with that invention. How old are you Dahvie?"

"I am 17 years old."

"And how old were you when this whole thing happened?"

"15 years old. I put myself in a pod for some time."

"Wow! Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful to you. I owe you my life."

"Nonsense. We must get you to my office though because I must begin your treatments and expiriments."

"Where will I live?"

"With me, of course. I will need you nearby if anythng goes wrong. Not that anything would go wrong."

"Okay. I look forward to it."

As we proceded to the office I began to develop feelings for Dahvie. He was very emo but very sexy. We entered his office and began observations, expiriments, tests, and research. I had a very rare medical condition he called Meclophonia. It began its growth in my spine when I was 10 and grew to infect my liver, lungs, and stomach., which occoured when I was 13. That is when I went to Dahvie. At 14 the  Meclophonia had spread to my brain and if it wasn't cured or tamed it would kill me. That is when we turned to the pod, but my parents said no. At 15 my parents decided to put me in the pod in an effort to save my life.

My parents. They're gone. Surly they're gone. They let me go. No. All whom I ever loved. Gone. Gone with the times, gone with the wind. Dahvie is all that I have left. My only friend left. Not that I ever had friends before. The other kids didn't like me. I was always the weird kid. I was the "sick" kid. The one with the disease. I had no one when I needed some one the most. My parents were there through everything. They were my only friends and now look. They're gone. They let me go when I was only 15 years old because they cared about me more than all else. Now Dahvie shows the same care. He has a kind vibe. I feel I can trust him. He is here for me. How will this life be? Will I make friends? Will I go to school? Will I have a job and a home? What will happen between Dahvie and me? Most importantly, will I be cured?


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