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Watching Drupal 8

Mon, 02/23/2015 - 11:48am by ejk

The AADL website is approaching its 10 year anniversary of running on the Drupal platform. Since then it has allowed us to create a powerful web presence and products like our catalog, Old News, and the Summer Game.

Drupal is readying a new major release, Drupal 8. Features have been frozen, and the work is concentrating on eliminating the remaining critical issues. At the beginning of 2015, there were 84 critical issues. Currently there are 55 remaining. Once that number reaches zero, Drupal will release their first Release Candidate of Drupal 8.

The best way to track the progress is on the "Get Involved" page on There you can see a interactive graph of the critical issue progress as well as more information about how to contribute to the project.

We anxiously await the new release and working on leveraging its new features for the future of


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