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A{ireealle to n previous cal!, favorable to tbc formation of a Couniy Female Benevolent and AntUlavery Society, convcned at ihe Methodist Church, in the villago of Adrián, Wednesday August 26th, 1846. Airs. C. P. N. Barrows, of Franklin, wascliosen president pi o tem, and Laura S. Ilaviland of Itaisin, was nominatcd Secretaay, pro tem. Eldcr Heny '1 ripp of Franklin, opencd the neeiing ly prayer, after which, we listened to in ablc und highly nterosiing address dulivered y Rev, John M. Barrows of Franklin. Unsincas Cominiltce. Lauka S. Havh.and of Itaisin, Sarah D. Smiih, " Makv B. Allkn of Madison, M. V. Davis of Franklin. The following Preamble and Cons'itution was xesented. Pkkawdlk.As we h'ivo loaked abruad upon tlie mass of uiinan sufFering and want, and whereas, a very urge proportion of lliat suflering and want, is nroduced by tbat nefarious syslem, Slavery - And whercaa, we deem it our boandcn duty. not only 10 say 10 the poor and needy, be ye warmed iri'l clothed, butalso to impari of our aubstance o thc dcstitute fugitive - we therelore, agree to 'orín ourselves into a society for the purpose of concemrattng moie eíTectually our eflbrts for the relief of suflering humanity. CoNsTiruriox. Att. 1. The object of thia Association shall beto promote tbe abolition of American Slavery y moral and Cliristinn cllorts. It shall opéralo iy using nionil iiml chrisuan persimsion to conince uil of the sin and iniquity ol Slavery, of thcir duty to uso every proper raeans in their powor to promote ts emancipation, and exen ihtir ii 11 icnce in all proper v.-.iys, and at all times against Slavery, and in bühulf ol' liberty. - It uhall (Jisíjeiiiinuie information by tracis, ptriod icals, and lecturers or otherwise, and devise w.iya and meane, to promote ita grent object, in necordanco wnli the laws of lbo land, and the will of Almighty God.Aut. 2. Tho oílicera shall bo a President, three or moro Vicc Presidcnis. u Recordmg and CorreBponding Seeretary, a Treasurer and Exacutivc Comniittee üf five. The Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, with three others, símil le memkers of tlie Executive Commitlee, which shall bo chuscn nnnualiyAut. 3. Tlie duiies of the officers shall be those usunlly devolving on such oflicers. Ai.t. 4. Meetings of the Sociery, shall be leld semiannuallv, nnd at all meetings, a mojor iiyot the membera presentshall decide all questions. Aut. 5. Extra meetings may bo ollod at the discrction if tho Execuiive Committeo. Ar, (i. Tho funda ofthis Awocintion shall appuintcd by voto of the inembers present ata regular meeting. Akt. 7. All persona signing tli is Constitución, shall bc considcred inembcru of tho Asociution, and hall be entitled to voto at meetings of the same. Alter ihe adoplion of tho abovo, the following officers were chosen by voio. l'i cident. C. P. N. Bakrows. of Franklm. Tretisurcr. Laura S. Havila.nd, Vicc Presidente. B. C. I5n mii-w, of Adrián, Mis. Buui.ano, . Sopiiia W. Davis, of Franklin, Mrs. Tiupp, " Recording Sccntnrics. Ei.iza A. Dalbeark, of IlnÍ8Ín, Dkiiokaii, of Mndiiton, Mary B. Allkk, of ■ Mrs. Durkek, of Medina, Sarah B. Smith, of Raisin. Correspondin Secretary. Sarah B. Ha vilano. Exccuticc Committcc. Mra. Suuborouch, of Adriun, " BOOLAKO, u Letitia Backus, " SkLIKA BUREt.t, " '♦ After the Society organizcd, oncof iho membera oflered the following rcsolution. Resolved, Thai we vvill petition our Logislature lo erase from tho State Consiitution the tho word white. We solicil our cisters through the State to j m with us in ihis petition - which was adopted without a dissenting voice.Navios. C. P. N. Barrows, Saroh B. Smilh, Let i tii ]3ackus, Mrs. Sudboraugh, Mra, Budlanjj Mrs. Durfee, Elizu Ann Dnlbcare, Sopbia VV. Davis, Deborah Allen, Mary R. Allen, Esiher Allen, L. P. Perkins, Abby Bcbeo, Lydin Srnitli, Anna C. Haviland, íLirrict L. Bcbee, Abiah Peters, Esiher Hampton, Laura S. Haviland, Ca'therine E. Perkins, Huldah W. Havilund, Eaihcr M. Canibum, Lydia L. Smith, Nancy C Colemun, Phcbc G. Thorn, Abhih Comsiock, Ann Mills. AnnTabcr, I'liebe Emery, Eliza H, Colcmnn.