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            My name is Thorn. I’m a vampire; I was turned by my best guy friend Luke. We were walking home from a party. Luke brushed aside his red hair from his grey eyes, looked up at the sky and shuddered. I heard a low growl; I was slammed into a wall. When I stirred, I was shocked to see Luke’s face filled with hunger. He snarled “Run Thorn while you still can!” I laughed “Very funny Luke, now let me go.”

            “Please before it’s too late!” My shoulders exploded with pain. “It’s not funny anymore it’s starting to hurt!” Luke released me and said with urgency “Thorn promise me that you won’t look back!”

            “No I’m not promising you anything until I get answers!”

            “Thorn it’s too dangerous please!”

            “Luke tell me what’s up or I’m going to Maple Valley!” he paused then said “Fine!!! I’m a vampire and I almost feed on you, please don’t be mad!” I rolled my eyes and said “I kinda already knew.” Luke started to back up then said “Thorn I don't want to hurt you please go.”

            “Luke trust me I’ll be fine it’s not you have abnormal powers.”

            “But I do!”

            “Then show me!” He grabbed my arm and sprinted down the road with inhumanly speed. We stopped at an old house that used to belong to me and my mother five years ago. I fought the threat of tears, but it didn’t work. I felt the tears running down my cheeks. “Why did you bring me here?” I asked hearing the anger in my voice. “I...I just wanted to ask you something.”

            “Well ask away before I head home.”

            “Do you want to be a vampire like me?” I gapped, my hand found my mouth. I sat down on the porch of my old home and looked up to the stars. “Do it.” He took a deep breath and I tilted my neck to the right. Then he exposed his fangs and let them cut through my skin. I felt light headed, he drank deeply. I felt my life fading, and then he bit my wrist. I blacked out; when I woke up I was in my bed. Luke was sitting at my desk, he saw me and smiled. “You’re up!” he said. “Yeah what happened?”

            “Well you turned, and then the sun started to rise so I ran you home before the light touched your skin. You’ll need sunscreen oh and watch out for slayers.”

            “What are slayers?”

            “People that know too much… I have to get going so.”

            “Oh okay, I guess I’ll see you at school.” I had an hour to get ready for my first day of high school and somehow not get burned to a crisp. I got dressed, put on sunscreen and headed downstairs for breakfast. I could smell the bacon right when I opened my door (luckily before I turned I was a vegan). Immediately I felt nauseous I tried to ignore the smell as I headed for the kitchen. I grabbed a slice of bread and my bag. Before I could escape from my home, my step-dad asked “Why are you in a hurry you’re always late to your first day of school?”

            “It’s a new school I’m gonna start good habits.” I hugged my step-dad then left for school. I crossed my fingers hoping that I didn’t burst into flames, I didn’t. I headed for Luke’s place, and waited on the porch. Luke came out and said “You’re early?”

            “Yeah I wanted to escape my dad so here I am.” I answered as we walked to our new school

            I went to the office and got my schedule. Then I headed to my locker (Locker 302) and opened it up. I placed my bag and got out my binder. When I closed my locker I saw a blear of black. And was greeted by a hug, “Thorn I thought you were going to Maple Valley!” Squeals Wendy my best friend. “Hey Luke whoa Thorn when did you get so pale?” She asks as I exchange looks with Luke. “So who did you get for homeroom?” Luke asked anxious to change the subject. “I got Ms. Smith, English what about you Wendy?”

            “Same, Luke?”

            “Can I have drum roll please… Mr. Parkson, math!”

            “Oh.” I said and looked down. “Hey there are other classes six to be exact.” says Luke as he holds up six fingers. “But-”

            “You’ll be fine just hold out till after school.” I nodded and headed to class with Wendy. “Let the boredom begin!” said Wendy. I snickered in response “So how was your summer in California?”

            “Oh it was okay, I didn’t do much my parents had all the fun.”

            “Well there’s always next year Wendy.”

            “I know… Hey this is the room.”

            “Do you know what Ms. Smith looks like?”

            “No idea I think she’s a new teacher here.”

            “Oh.” I walked in, took a seat and brought out “A guide to America’s myths and monsters”. And waited for class to start. When the bell rang a lady with a snaggle tooth, bad makeup and white hair walked in and said. “I’m Ms. Smith your English teacher. Anyone who gets here after the bell will get a detention slip, I will allow exceptions today. When you hear your name let me know in some way that you’re here. Hunter Angelos…”

            “Here.” Ms. Smith continues to say people’s names. “...Thorn Matthews…”

            “Present.” I answered. “...Wendy Myland…”

            “Right here.” I felt my stomach rumble when the vein on Hunter’s neck pulsed. I looked down; hopefully the hunger would go away. The hunger ended a few minutes later, the first three periods were a blear.

            I headed to lunch; I was slammed into the lockers when I looked up to my attacker. It was Teri Metropolis she has picked fights with me since second grade. “What’s the matter can’t move?” She asked with fake sympathy as she pins me to the wall. She pulls her arm back getting ready to punch me. Right before her fist hit my face I slid down and ran into the cafeteria. I ran into Luke “Whoa there you are what happened?”

            “Nothing important, can we meet after school to talk about you know what?”

            “Yeah and I don’t recommend eating the school lunch.”

            “It’s okay I’m not hungry.” I sat down with my friends. “So, how your first three hours of high school?” asked Wendy eagerly. “Meh its okay I’ve had better first days.” I answered “I tripped on the stairs three times before getting to first period.” Luke says right before we all started laughing. “There’s no way that actually happened.” I said trying to stop laughing. “Well it happened you can ask Sophie.” Everybody’s eyes were on Sophie then we all said “Well Sophie did it happen or what?”

            “Yeah I helped him pick up his books each time.”

            “Interesting, so guys I’m going to have a Halloween party you wanna come?” Wendy says to change the subject. “Well, yeah!” We all answer instantly. The bell rang as we headed for study hall.

            As I walked into study hall I saw Luke and Sophie sitting in the back talking. I walked over to them and said “Hey, what are you guys talking about?” Luke answered with “Nothing much, just about how we’re going to decorate Wendy’s house for the party.”

            “Oh cool, I have some ideas myself.” I said as I sat down next to them. “Yeah we were thinking we should have half of the house be a haunted house and the other half is for the party.”

            “That’s not a bad idea. Let’s have the upstairs be for the haunted house and the basement and the main level for the party.”

            “So what’s Wendy going to do?”

            “I think she’s going to get the food and drinks. But didn’t she go home sick?” says Luke. “Yeah, but I think she’s faking it.”

            “She probably was. It’s like her to do that.”

            “So who do you guys have next?” I ask Sophie and Luke. “I have Ms. Smith next what about you Luke?”

            “I have Mrs. NewsBurg, I think she teaches History.”

            “Same here! I heard that she’s the oldest teacher here.” I said. “So what room is her classroom?”

            “Don’t know I think it in the back of the school.” answers Luke. “You guys should get going then campus is huge.” says Sophie.

            “Yeah see you around.” I say to Sophie before grabbing by books and getting up with Luke following me out the door. “So how are you feeling?” Luke asks me.

            “Like all of my senses are sharper, and extremely hungry.”

            “Yeah, you’ll get used to that. How about tonight we can go out for a bite?”

            “Sure.” I answer looking down at me watch. I see the time is one minute till class starts. I grab Luke’s hand and started running down the hall. “We’re going to be late come on!” At the end of the hall I see a sigh that says ‘Mrs. NewsBurg.’ We ran straight for it and slipped in two sits without the teacher seeing us. “Good afternoon class! My name is Mrs. NewsBurg. I am your History teacher.”

            I looked out the window to see a brick wall. “I’m going to pass out to you textbooks which you need to bring to class everyday… Okay turn to page 42.” As the class flipped through pages I felt somebody breathing down me neck. I turned around and saw the wall. I looked back towards the blackboard. Mrs. NewsBurg asked “Ah Luke could you read the first paragraph?”

            “Sure.” Luke said then he snapped his fingers and everything and everyone froze except me and Luke. “Whoa! What did you do?”

            “Just stopped time so we can have some chill time.”

            “This is awesome how did you do that?”

            “You’ll learn in time but let’s go have some fun” said Luke as he grabbed my hand and lead me out the door. “So is there a limit to how long time can be stopped?”

            “I don’t know, but it only works in the building so don’t go outside.”

            “Can do.” We stopped at the teacher’s lounge and gave each other viendish looks. As we walked in and took one good look around. “Ugh who knew that a teacher’s lounge could be so boring?” I asked Luke.

            “I don’t know but it won’t be for long.” He snickered as he moved hands into doorways and coffee mugs to laps. I on the other hand placed objects above teacher’s faces. When we were done pulling a mass prank on the teacher’s we left and headed for the cafeteria. I saw Teri about to place a bite size cookie in her mouth, I sneered and walked over to then lifeless table that Teri and her friends sat at. I took the cookie out of Teri’s hand and threw it half way across the room as it paused in midair. “This is going to be so funny when we let time pass.” I say voice cracking from laughter.

            “Yeah, speaking of which we should get back.”

            “Yeah. Race you!” I say to Luke as we ran for the classroom.  When we walked in I saw everybody still in the lifeless poses that they were in before. We sat in our seats as Luke snapped his fingers. Time resumed as Luke babbled about the ancient Greeks. While I stared off into space waiting for class to end.

            I practically jumped out of my seat when I hear the bell ring. I was ready to take on the world. “Hey you do know that there’s still two more hours to go right?” Luke said.

            “Yeah I know.” I answer sadly. I looked at my schedule and saw that I had P.E. next. “So who do you have next?” Luke asked peering over my shoulder.

            “Oh I have P.E. what about you?”

            “Um… Let’s see.” Luke pulled out a sheet of paper. “…Drama I have drama.”

            “Cool. See ya.” I said heading for the gym.

            When I got to the gym I heard a man using a loud speaker saying “SIT DOWN ON THE BLEACHERS!!!” I flinched and did as I was told. Geez this guy was loud. “I WANT ALL OF YOU TO BUY LOCKS FOR TOMORROW. TODAY WE ARE JUST GOING TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER!!! BUT FIRST ATTENDECE!!! JIM AMID?”

            “Here!” squeaked a kid that was sitting behind me.

            “DESHA BRAME!!!”


            “JASCOBE AND MOLLY HOLT!!!”

            “Here!” said the twins in harmony.

            “THORN MATTEWS!!!”

            “Um right here sir!” I answered nervously.

            “OH LOOK WE HAVE A SHY STUDENT HERE WELL IN THIS CLASS WE ARE VERY OPEN ABOUT OUR PROBLEMS AND ISSUES GOT IT!!!??? AND THIS DOESN”T JUST GO TOWARDS THORN HERE IT GOES TO ALL OF YOU!!!” Everybody murmured in disapproval it seems nobody here likes to talk lucky me!

            I just pulled out my sketch book and pencil and worked on drawing my dream weapon. I felt somebody looking over my shoulder, it was Molly. “What are you drawing?” she asked.

            “I don’t know at the moment I’m just letting the hand draw what it wants.”

            “Oh, cool. Who’s that?” she asked pointing to the girl in the corner.

            “Geez you ask a lot of questions. That’s the victim; she’s going to be sacrificed to death.”

            “Wow that’s dark and deep.” The bell rang I escaped my newly made friend.

            There was a loud beep that blared trough the school. Then somebody came on the loud speaker and said “THERE IS A GAS LEACK EVERYONE HEAD HOME SCHOOL IS CANSELLED.”

            Freedom at last, free from the torture chamber. Sorry got carried away there. “Hey Thorn, are you gonna come over today or what?” I heard Luke say as he walked up to me.

            “Heck ya, just let me grab my stuff.”

            “Thorn you need to be careful when you practice okay, all you have to do is concentrate got it?” said Luke. “Yeah, so how does mind control work again?” I asked filled with excitement. “What you gotta do is push through somebody’s mind like for instance Sophie try to make her lose her footing.”

            “Okay I’ll try.” I closed my eyes and focused on Sophie. I saw her face then I pushed through and made her lose her footing. Right when she fell I was shaken from what I was doing, Luke said “Oh my god you were fading! How about we stop for today?”

            “What? Why I was doing fine?”

            “Yeah, but some vampires fade when they try to gain control over their powers. And you were just fading! Lots vampires die this way, it’s worse than going up in flames.”

            “Oh…” I say in a small voice. “How about we take a break we’ll keep going tomorrow okay?”

            “Yeah okay I’ll see you at school okay?”

            “Yeah, bye.” Luke said before headed home. I went inside and got ready for bed and pulled out my sketch book and a pencil. I looked out the window and saw a willow tree in the distance. I started to draw the trunk as I moved up the tree I drew a girl staring off into space. She had a black hoodie on and blue shorts; she had a bow in her hand and a quiver filled with arrows on her shoulder. I set down the book and fell asleep.

            I woke up to a loud beep. Causing me to fall onto the floor, I stood up and walked over to my alarm clock and turned it off. It was time to go for a bite with Luke whatever that meant. I got dressed and grabbed my bag. I opened my window and climbed onto the roof, as I made my way to the edge of the roof. I saw Luke sprinting down the road. He stopped right at the willow tree and waited for me to get down.

            “How long is it gonna take?” asked Luke. “Oh I don’t know I still have a fear of heights you know that well enough.”

            “I thought you got over it?”

            “I just said that so you would get off my back.” I answered back as my feet hit the ground. “So what are we gonna do?” I asked Luke still not sure what he has planned.

            “Didn’t I say we are going out for a bite?”

            “Um… yeah but what do you mean by that like going to a Vampire dinner or something?” Luke looked at me like I was crazy.

            “Nah we are going to find some hobo and drink his/her blood.”

            “WHAT!?” I never thought that vampires actually drank blood. “It’s normal you don’t need to worry, I know what you’re feeling I didn’t want to either but the hunger just becomes too great.” Luke said trying to lead me away from my house.

            “It’s just insane how can you live like this!?”

            “The same way you’re living in the world.” I sighed I hate it when he’s right.

            “Ugh, why are you like this all of a sudden?”

            “Because I finally have somebody to talk about this kind or stuff. Now come on you need to learn how to hunt.” Luke grabbed my hand and led me to the downtown area.

            That was how I became a vampire.

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