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Sierra sighed as she walked along the sidewalk, so many things running through her head she trudged on. The sky was dark and she couldn't get her mind off of one thing, her best friend Liz and her family were out of money and lost their house. Sierra's family would have loved to help but their house was barely big enough for their family, let alone another. She stared at the gloomy sky,  and as she reached home she walked up to the porch and sat on the stairs. She tossed her backpack aside and sat there until she lost track of time. She was brought back to reality when her neighbor Mrs. Anderson called out to her, " you okay there, Sierra?" Sierra  smiled half-heartedly and sighed. "It's not me, it's my friend. They don't have any money since their dad got sick and their mom stays home to take care of him." Mrs. Anderson's eyes were full of compassion and she sat next to Sierra. "Once when I was young," she began. "A family in my town had the same problem, and we all collected money from neighboring towns and held fundraisers to help them." Sierra's eyes lit up at the proposition and she leaped up. "That's it! Thank you mrs. Anderson! I know what I need to do!" Sierra rushed inside, darted to her room and called a few of her friends with her plan. She went to the kitchen now with a spring in her step and a broad smile on her face. "Mom I'm going to hold a fundraiser for Liz and her family can you bake some cookies?" Mom smiled back at her and replied, "sure, how many do you need?" Sierra thought for a second and replied, "As many as you can make!" Mom chuckled at her daughter's enthusiasm and agreed. 

The next day early in the morning she got herself, Ashley, Mackenzie, Bailee, and Liz together. As they stood in the middle of the yard, Sierra came from the garage carrying a rusty old folding table and set it down near the road. They all stared at her quizzically. "What are we supposed to do with that?" Sierra replied confidently, "hang on, you'll see" she darted inside and came out carrying an old sheet. She spread it across the table and smoothed the wrinkles. "Well? What do you think?" Bailee then put a bag of old toys on the table. " I brought the things I don't want anymore, like you said."

"Great!" She hugged Bailee tightly and looked at the other girls putting their stuff on the table too.

"You guys are the best!" Exclaimed Sierra. "Wait here just a second." 

She ran inside again and this time came out holding a bunch of old toys and a tray of cookies. The girls set them all up on the table neatly and attached the sign that read "cookies and toys for sale" on the front of the table. 

"Now," explained Sierra. "Mackenzie and Bailee you come with me. And Liz and Ashley you guys stay here and keep selling the toys and cookies. Mack, Bailee and myself will go door to door asking for donations." They separated and continued working diligently until sunset. 

"This is more than I expected. Let's take the money to your mother Liz!"

They walked together in good spirits and went to the park where Liz's mom sat on a bench with her sick father. Sierra handed her the money and explained, "this is for you, maybe you can pay to have your husband taken to the doctor. I hope it helps." Liz's mom stared at the money for a while and looked up at the girls. "Thank you." Was all she could manage to say with her eyes full of tears. Liz hugged her mother as she tried to hold back her tears. Sierra soon returned home smiling ear-to-ear she sighed and rested her head on her pillow. She felt better than she had in days.

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