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The very worst moment.


One night Professor Grant was testing in his lab when he made the biggest discovery and mistake of of his life. He found out if he combined live DNA and dead DNA and implanted it into a carcuss it would make a mindless zombie. What he didn't know is it would end humanity forever..

(5 YEARS LATER) The last people alive were flying on a plane, but they didn't know where. The Professor didn't think his first discovery might be his last. they found themselves flying over an island, and they finally came to a stop . The pilot started to land the plane but an engine failed. Before he knew it, he was broken down on the sand. He didn't know that he was stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. they didn't know where they were or what happened. all they knew was they were stuck..

The next day the people woke up and found themselves in a cave but they didn't know how they got there. people were looking at each other asking, where are we at? what are we doing here?

the professor stood up and said, “we need to get out of here!”

Another woman turned and screamed “zombie!”.

Everyone jumped up and turned why? and begin to run. they headed toward the beach when they noticed that the woman who had spotted the zombie had disappeared. Then they noticed all sorts of people went missing.

Suddenly he saw the most beautiful girl sitting in front of him. Instantly they knew they were meant for each other. they fell in love instantly, and they would have made the perfect couple. When they looked into each other’s eyes, time stopped. They started talking about what she did for a living, and she was a physicist (studies time).

The Next day the couple stumbled upon something metal. It was a time machine. They went back in time. they think they stop the apocalypse, but they may have forgotten a few zombies.

(5 years later). They are married and a happy couple. Everything is ok until they hear scratching at the door the woman answers the door and then she disappears. The guy disappears later that day. all that is left on earth is their son and the daughter both 7 years old. they have to start new lives and say good bye to everything they own.


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