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It was a stormy night, even so, Missi decided it was a good idea to go to the movies. She got to the booth where the man sold the tickets, “Thanks,” Missi said and walked to where the movie was playing. She sat down near the back of the movie theater. No one’s going to want to sit back here, Missi thought.

“Hi,” whispered a girl who was running towards Missi. The girl’s blonde and purple hair flowed behind her.

“What do you want?” Missi demanded.

“My name is Kate,” Kate shuddered as Missi’s red eyes stared her down. “I was just wondered if I could sit here,” Kate looked at Missi up and down, her long black hair looked like it was never brushed! “Whatever,” Missi said, and then Kate sat down.

The movie turned on and neither one of them talked. I wonder if I was being too rude, Missi thought, I feel bad now.

“I’m sorry,” Missi said as the movie ended.

“It’s okay,” Kate replied and they both walked separate ways in the dark. Kate looked up to the sky, her blue eyes glistening.  


“Missi! Go to school!” yelled Missis’ mom.

“Fine!” Missi replied as she walked out of the door.

As Missi is walking she hears a voice, a voice she heard a familiar voice. “Hi Missi!” said Kate.

Darn it, Missi thought. “Hi.” she scowled.

Kate started to walk a bit more slower, “You... are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Missi snarled, “I’ve never been better.”

“You could’ve just told me you didn’t want be here,” Kate said, “I don’t take things that bad.”

Kate walked away on the other street with other people, but she didn’t look like she was enjoying herself. What’s she upset about? Missi asked herself, I thought she loved hanging around with people? (Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover- Kate is being different than usual and not as happy.) 


When Kate got to school she felt frustrated, not by Missi, by people in general. It was just how stupid they were, how mean they were to other people when they weren’t around. It just got her mad. It’s not nice, Kate thought, Missi doesn’t do that... But I don’t think she likes me.

Kate never really liked people, it was just a ‘keep smiling and you’ll be fine’ thing.


The next day Missi realized there weren’t that many people, but if people were there they had red eyes. The teachers had pale skin and talked with a weird voice. If kids were there with no red eyes the teachers would ask them to come in the back. Once they got in the back you would hear a scream. What’s going on?

Kate was confused also, but in her class it was worse. You would hear a scream, but not a small little scream, it’s one of those screams you would hear in a horror movie. Sometimes only a teacher would come back, no student, just a teacher.  

“What’s happening?” Kate asked under her breath.

“I don’t know,” said a teacher behind her, “Here, come with me.”

“No thanks,” Kate said.

“Well, I’ll find you at tomorrow night,” the teacher hissed, “You know it’s Halloween, don’t you?”

Kate gulped, “Ya, see you there.”


“Missi! Missi! Missi!” Kate yelled.

“What?” Missi sighed.

“Today’s Halloween!” Kate said. “You want to go trick or treating?”

“Sure,” Missi rolled her eyes.

“Meet me at my house!” Kate sounded very happy. “Here’s my address. Meet you there!”


“Well it’s time to go,” Missi sighed as she walked to Kate’s street.

“Hi Missi!” Kate yelled, “What are you dressed up as?”

“The grim reaper, as I always am,” Missi said, “What about you?”

“I’m one of my favorite anime characters,” Kate said, “Sheimi!”

“That’s nice,” Missi sighed.

Kate was running around the town like a three year old, while Missi was just walking on the side walk slowly.

“I don’t see the point of this holiday,” Missi said under her breath.

“Come here Missi!” Kate yelled, “We get the whole bowl of candy!”

“Okay,” Missi sighed and walked over there.

As Kate grabbed the bowl of candy, both Missi and Kate vanished. When Missi opened her eyes she knew that she wasn’t in town.

“Hi,” hissed something.

“Who.. who are you?” Kate asked.

“Remember me? Your teacher?” it asked.

Missi and Kate froze, not because they were scared, but because of a force. They weren’t able to move.

“I was waiting,” the teacher hissed.

“Nice costume!” Kate said, “I never thought of being a vampire!”

“Yes. Just think of it that way,” the teacher hissed, then it got dark.

“What’s happening?” Kate asked, “I don’t get it... AHHHHH!”

“Kate?” Missis’ voice shook, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Kate hissed.