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Hannah Dennes

2nd hour


The Reasons Why


March 4th, 2016 3:00AM


I screamed in pain as she hit me and threw me against the wall. My own mother, drunk in her own anger, is hitting me like I'm a punching bag. Why me? Does this universe hate me? I ask myself these questions all the time. I’ve had enough, I just cant do it anymore . Then it all went black.




March 2nd, 2016 7:55AM


As I walked up to my plain, boring locker, I noticed a piece of paper hanging out from the bottom. I quickly turned the old dial to open the locker. Before I could look at the paper, Lindsey Shay and her “crew”, who consist of Ashley Mccarter and Amanda Hall, shoved me against my locker, laughing.

“ Oops sorry, didn’t see you there, must have been your ugly brown hair and ugly clothes ” Lindsey screeched, with that annoying high voice of hers. Boy do I hate them, they are always are bullying me and causing crap. I ignored her and turned around to yet again, open my locker.

“Bye loser,” Ashley screamed while walking down the hall laughing. I looked in the mirror  that hopelessly hung in my locker. I noticed my blue eyes like the ocean, my curled brown hair , and a new North Face that I just bought. I’ve saved up the money I have earned from working at Alexander's to buy the expensive coat. Its funny that Lindsey said my North Face was ugly because she had the same one last year. I almost forgot about the note hanging from my locker when my best friend, Reagan, yelled

“What's that,” pointing to the note.

“Oh I don't know, haven't read it yet.” I quietly said ignoring the subject of Lindsey and Ashley. I didn't want Reagan to know she bullies me because then she would want me to fight back, and I cant. It breaks me every day when they call me names and physically hurt me.

“I wish they would stop, I wish they would leave me alone, I hate my life,” I quietly think to myself not letting my best friend see I’m upset, and dying inside.

“Well then open it,” said Reagan as the warning bell blared through the hallway.

“Sorry I gotta go,” I yelled grabbing the note and slamming my locker. I ran down the halls trying to get to first hour before I’m late. Before I could even make it 20 ft someone grabbed me and pulls me away. I was about to scream when the mysterious person kissed me. I was about to make a break for it when I noticed it was my boyfriend Zach Mitchells. I knew was him by the way he kissed me. Soft yet powerful, sweet and meaningful. I immediately kissed back. Zach is the most wonderful person I know. He doesn't care how you look, how you dress, weather you're big or small. He's the nicest person I know and I love him a lot. I also know he loves me. We have been dating for two years, 6 months, 2 days, 23 min and 23..24...25....26 seconds. He doesn't care that my mom is rude and obnoxious. He doesn't care if I cry for hours. He understands how I feel, especially how I feel about my dad. My dad died last year from a car accident. My dad was my favorite person, he knew me so well and loved me with such great power. I really miss him.

"Hey princess," Zach said to me pulling away from the kiss.

"Hello Prince Charming," I said smiling. He always knows how to cheer me up. Zach knows that Lindsey and her crew hurts me but he doesn't know about today, so I just ignore the subject.

“How was your morning?” Zach questioned.

“It was good, how was your morning?” I answered back.

“Its amazing now,” Zach whispered trying not to be too loud, as we were in the hall when we should be in class.

“Awe, I love you” I said.

“I love you t...” Zach was trying to say when he was interrupted by Mrs. Thomson

“What are you guys doing? Get to class Mia and Zach!” She said to us winking at me. She was my favorite teacher and would never tell on us when we are late to class. Mrs. Thomson gave us each passes and we walk down the hall to our first hour class. I had totally forgot about the note.


I had finally made it through the day and now it was time to head home, the most dreading part of the day. I slammed my locker shut and started making my way down the hall an out of the School. Before I got out the exit Reagan called me over to her locker.

“Hey bestie” she said to me.

“Hey” I said back.

“Did you ever figure out what that note said?“ She questioned me.

“Shoot! No, I forgot all about the note and I think I lost it anyway, oh well.” I answered back.

“Alright well if you find it tell me what its about. Now I gotta go, I’ll be late for volleyball. Bye, text me! “ Reagan said while running off.

“Bye” I yelled down the hall, but she never heard me. I quietly walked home by myself. Zach was at basketball and Reagan at volleyball.

When I got home I noticed my mothers car was not in the driveway. Shes usually always home so she can smoke some cigarettes and drink alcohol non-stop. The fact she wasn't home made me happy. She is always yelling at me, but not yet has she beat me. She has only hit me a few times. I walked up to the door and turned the knob only to find it locked. I got out my key from the pocket in my backpack and open the door. It was finally the weekend and I could finally sleep in. I walked up the stairs to my room to do my homework. I pulled open my purple binder and open it to my math homework. All of a sudden I felt a paper drop. I looked and it was the note that was in my locker early that day. I grabbed it and quickly opened it, I was shocked at what I read. I was appalled. The note read;


Dear Mia,

Nobody likes you. You should just DIE. You are the most rudest person I know. You dont deserve Zach or Reagan. They are too good for you. Your mom hates you and im glad. Your dad was a joke, nobody liked him nor you! I wish you would just leave Pacific academy. I never want to see you again. Your a slut! A whore! YOU ARE WORTH NOTHING AND NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. Nobody would care about you if you just died. So bye slut.

From, Anonymous.


I started to cry. How could anyone be so cruel, so rude? In a way they were right. Zach was too good for me. My mom does hate me, but my dad? No they can't do that! My dad was one of the most loved person ever. I know he loved me. Right now I need him more then anything. Maybe I should die? Everyone would be happier if I did. Maybe they are right. I can never let anyone see this, so I put it in my draw. I laid down in my bed, thinking about how I would die, if I would die. I soon fell asleep.




*Zach’s Point of view*


As I walked home from basketball I could hear footsteps behind me. I panicked for a second. I quirky turned around to see it was only one of my class mates Josh playing a game on his phone. He lived in the same neighborhood as me, but we never talked. A lot of people like to make fun of Josh. They all say he's a nerd and call him mean names. I hate stereotypes and people who bully. It's just not right. I was so caught up in my thoughts I almost ran into a car before it honked his horn.

"Sorry Sir" I yelled out, but I don't think anyone heard me. I walked up to my house and put the number in for the garage. As I got inside I saw my older sister sitting on the couch.

"Hey sis, how was school?" I asked her

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She screamed at me.

"Sorry. Just trying to be polite." I said quietly as I walked up to my room. I decide to call Mia and see what she's up to. She didn't answer on the first try, or the second. "That's weird" I thought to myself, "I really wanted to talk to her. She's probably just doing homework. Man I'm lucky to have Mia in my life. She is the most amazing person I know. She loves playing with my brown hair, which I think is adorable, and she always comments on my bright blue eyes."

"Zach?" My mom yelled from downstairs.

"Yes mom?" I yelled back.

"Can you come here? I have some news." She answered.

As a made my way down the stairs I notice a sorta of sniffing sound like someone was crying.

"Mom?" I quietly spoke.

"Honey, aunt Jessie got into a horrible car accident, she died at the scene." She said while tears streamed down her face.

"NO! This can't happen! It isn't really." I screamed squeezing my hand and running up the stairs crying.

"I'm sorry" I heard my mom say behind me, but I ignored her.

"This can't be happening!" I screamed in my thoughts. There were billions of thoughts streaming through my head right now. I soon collapsed in my thoughts and didn't know what to do. That night I slept on the floor.




*Mia's Point Of View*


March 3rd, 2016 12;00 Pm


I woke up at 12:00 the next day. I was still starstruck at what I had read yesterday. The words kept repeating In my mind; "You're a slut! A whore!" Who would do this? I questioned myself.  I threw off my clothes and grabbed new ones to put on. As I ran down the stairs I noticed it was eerily quiet. When I had reached the kitchen I knew what was wrong, yet again my mom was no where to be found.

"Great." I said aloud knowing I was the only one in my house. As they day went on nothing much happened. I texted Reagan and Zach, but Zach neve answer. I ate, watched tv, and played random games on my phone. Around 10pm I decide to watch the movie "If I Stay". Soon I feel asleep.


March 4th, 2016 2:45 am


I woke up to the sound of my mother screaming at me.


"She is really drunk this time" I scowled at my own inner thought. "Sorry," I whispered loud enough for her to hear me.


Thats when I snapped. My whole world came crashing down at once.

''You know what?" I yelled at her, "How dare you use MY father against me! How dare you! I am tired of being your slave! IM....." Before I could say anything else, my mother slapped me. I was done at this point, so I slapped her back. Thats when she started beating me. I screamed in pain as she hit me and threw me against the wall. My own mother, drunk in her own anger, is hitting me like I'm a punching bag. Why me? Does this universe hate me? I ask myself these questions all the time. I’ve had enough, I just cant do it anymore . Then it all went black.

About an hour later I woke up, replaying what just happened in my mind. Over and over again I kept seeing my mom hit me, punch me, and kick me. I've Had it! I can't do it anymore! The bullies, the note, my father gone, my mother hurting me, I just couldn't do it. The person who wrote the note was right, everyone is right, even my mom. I should just die. I made a fast decision to overdose. I ran up to my room and wrote a note to each Regan and Zach. As I scribbled down their names on the front, I started balling my eyes out. I ran down the stairs and opened the cupboard with all the pills.I opened a advil container and stared blankly at them.Then all at once,  I said "Good-bye" aloud and popped all 16 pills. As I was slowly die, I started to see flashbacks of my life. Birthday parties, weddings, recess at school, mine and Reagan's sleep overs, the day I met Zach, movies, my first kiss, my dad picking me up and spinning me while my mom stood in the back smiling. Finally I saw my dad's funeral and all the tears. Then, for the last time ever, everything went black.



*Zach's Point of view*

March 4th, 2016 1:00 pm

I broke my phone. Last night I got so mad about my aunt, I threw it in my pool I was being really stupid. I really need to see and talk to Mia. I asked my mom if I could go and I soon ran out the door.

As I walked up to the door I noticed that it was silent. I slightly knocked on the door but there was no answer. I found is was unlocked and what I saw was horrifying. I was shocked, sickened. Laying there on the kitchen floor was my beautiful girlfriend, dead. I immediately started crying. As I waked up to her I noticed two notes laying beside her. When I picked them up I noticed one said Reagan and the other read Zach.

I opened the note trying not to rip it. As tears streamed down my face, I read aloud; "Dear Zach......."





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