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“Hello and welcome again to the Aperture science space exploration journey. We wish well for the family of Frank, the first astronaut to search the cosmos for life. Frank will use our top of the notch portal device, to travel lightspeed across the universe. He’ll break history as we know it. So long Frank!”

Five, four, three, two, one, launch off. Frank heard the commercial on the radio, craving to explore beyond Earth. He sat upright, peering into the black vortex, anxiously. The black cloak hugged the sky, swirling and curling around the perimeter. He saw Dean on his dashboard, explaining to him how to execute a portal jump. Frank was oblivious to his surroundings, everything was a blur before his eyes.

Dean was now screaming at Frank, “Frank! Hey Frank! Ocean come in… Whatever, anyways you have to understand this part. Once you enter orbit, and start drifting, you’ll enter the portal. In a minute here, we’ll find a place near Mars with a heavy density of matter. It’ll cooperate with the end portal being created a whole lot easier. Once you enter the portal, you’ll lose contact with everyone, except for Hal3000 of course. He’ll control the ship as a copilot, warn you of any damage, and overall guide you. We don’t want another Hal9000 do we?” Frank took this all in, absorbing the last words of any human for three months,

“Yes sir, you can count on me to execute this with professionalism.” Dean shook his head with approval. The shuttle took off the ground, sending a blazing scorch behind. Frank looked at his dashboard, the end portal was nearly complete and ready for the receiving of the shuttle. The pinnacle of the ship was now dissolving into the wave of blackness, sending Frank into a panic attack. Was this truly going to work, if so what if the ship breaks down? He rubbed his burnt tissue on his arm, remembering the all too painful memory of the North Korean War. The clear vision of the drone, spiraling to its demise near Frank. He still feels the pain of the burning shrapnel tucked in his skin. The smell of burnt flesh never got away from Frank, and never will.

Frank found himself trying to unbuckle from his seat, his hands violently shaking. No human could contain him, for he was far too gone. The black wave was now closing upon the rear of the ship. He calmed himself down with deep breaths, and grabbing the railing of the chair with great might. Orange matter splattered his windshield, slowly dissolving and withering away. His destination was right in front of him, the planet Mars. He soon was calm due to the sight of the large planet, in awe mostly. The A.I, Hal3000, released the buckles from Frank. He stood up, and walked to the cockpit of the ship, realizing his task needed to be done.

He placed his feet into the Hermes, his own personal hovercraft. He hit the dismantle button on the interior of the ship, detaching him from the Traveler. The wings of Hermes were in mid transformation of tucking in. Forming a near perfect oval, perfect for cracking the atmosphere. His black, curly hair bounced against his forehead during severe turbulence. All these factors triggering yet another panic attack, his PTSD was in high gear and kicking. He was nearly on the surface, just a few more thousand feet, right?

This roaring sound came from behind, it wasn’t the Hermes making the noise, “What th- what!? Who is that, WHO!?” Frank said in an anxious pitch. He saw the round object pierced the sky, scarring the atmosphere. The Hermes crashed into the dusty Mars, sending the already panicking Frank into a never ending pit of worry. His head was throbbing with pain, seeing yellow hexagons in his eyes. Then blackness covered his vision, no more hexagons.

Blood was rushing into his head, his hair dangling upside down, his arms over his heads. His vital Hermes was destroyed, he scrambled to find his seat buckle. He unclicked himself, and face planted onto the windshield. He crawled on all limbs to the side window, and started kicking the glass. Shattering and cracking the small window, eventually breaking it. He squirmed his way out onto the dusty plains, releasing a sigh of relief.  I have to finish my mission, and get back home for the love of God. He stood up, finally stretching all six feet of himself. His thin, white suit gave him maximum flexibility, and twelve hours of oxygen. He dragged his feet to the back of the Hermes, daring not to lift a toe. If done so, he might have pounced away due to gravity. He firmly grabbed the broken wing, and lifted the latch. Revealing belt weights, and he reached inside searching, for Zeus. He punched in the code onto the circular disk, the Konami code. He set it down, and watched the magic happen.

It transformed into a motorcycle, a heavy one too. He finished putting on the last weights, and sat on the seat, reving the motor. He took off in a flash, hitting at least two hundred miles an hour. He saw the dark smoke, and flashing blue light over the dusky horizon. He was closer than ever to reaching his goal of finding life. He slowly came to a screeching halt, on the pinnacle of the sand dune. He heard faint whining, but in a electronic pitch. He heard an accent, a british accent to be in fact. Frank stealthy walked to a natural ledge, and peered over the orange rock. A burnt and scarred ball of metal, sat in the soft orange sand. A big blue eye illuminated from the orb, sending Frank in a sprawl behind himself, “Oi, Oi mate. HEY CHAP, I SAW YOU PEEKING OVER THE BLOODY ROCK! Look, we can work something out, I promise on me mum.”

Frank found what he was looking for, he stood up with shaky legs. Craving to make a huge impact in human history. He halted over the ledge in a sprint, sliding down the hill of sand. He sprinted at the robot, “NO, NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? STOP YOU BLOODY ANIMAL, JESUS CHRIST STOP IT!!” Frank was manhandling the metal sphere, shaking the massive eyeball. The eye ball seemed to fit in a socket, making it able to look around. But that was it, nothing else except a handlebar on the top and bottom. It blinked in admiration at the two legged savage.

“Who are you? Where do you originate? Why are you here!?” Frank said in a intimidating voice, desperately scraping for answers.

“Well if you truly want to know.... SOMEONE HELP ME, THIS BLOODY SAVAGE IS KIDNAPPING ME! HELP!” The robot screamed, hoping for someone to be his hero. Frank dropped the eyeball in the sand, and tied a bungie cord onto a handlebar. He dragged him up the sand dune hearing him scream, yet his speakers being clogged by sand grain. He yanked the cord towards himself, picking up the aggravated eyeball. He strapped the banshee on a rack behind his motorcycle seat. His whines became nothing more than howls in the wind roaming across the sandy plains. He started Zeus, and drove to Hermes.

He arrived upon the crash site, peering at the small, dark, hazy figures on Herme’s wings. They seemed to be bouncing on the wings, giving them a boost in the air. Another lifeform possibly, or just another hallucination from North Korea.He parked the Zeus a couple feet away from the aliens, peering at the penguin like toddlers. Their purple glossy coats glistened in the sunlight, nearly robbing Frank’s vision. They stood a little over 3 feet off the ground, and had three eyes. Their black soulless eyes peered obliviously towards their surroundings.

He once again tossed the eyeball on the ground, and kicked the robot towards the penguins. They screeched in delight at the screaming blue eye, pecking at his pupil, “LOOK MATE, we can surely make this wor- ow! Stop it, stop it right now or else,” the robot said in a formal voice, “My name is Wheatly, and I’m from aperture labs.”

Frank’s face turned white as a ghost. Knowing this, he automatically bolted for Wheatly, “Go away you vermin!” Frank said shoving the aliens away from Wheatly,

“That’s the right thing to do now, ain’t it?” Wheatly said, giving Frank a stare of death, yet known to many deceased people. Frank, ignoring Wheatly’s half cocky speech about survival. He formed a triangle with his hands, and patiently waited for the signal. Shockingly faster than usual it came. He held Wheatly under his arm, and stepped in the illuminating beam. Frank looked way up, past the clouds, spotting the Traveler. Wheatly blinked rapidly at the blinding light from above. Frank’s feet were no longer touching the ground, they were floating upwards. The threshold of the Traveler, opened with difficulty. Frank knew what was going on with the ship, it was simply running out of power. The ship was never really supposed to telebeam someone in this journey.

They entered the threshold, Frank watching the floor appear below him. The beam dropped them at random, sending a bolt of pain through Frank’s leg. During the sudden fall, Wheatly came down hard on Frank’s leg, shattering his ankle. Wheatly laughed with ecstasy at Frank’s screams. Wheatly rolled off his broken ankle, and stared at the pain filled Frank, “Ahhh, I haven’t heard a human scream since ages! We’ll be great pals, right mate?” Wheatly said with a menacing eye.

“How’d you end up here? What are you?” Frank said, holding his broken bloody ankle,

“Well see, your chaps at Aperture Labs stranded me in space. You don’t believe me? Look at my bent frame, and look at these bloody burn marks. You know how many comets have hitten me? Well I can’t really tell you off the top of my head, but I can assume you many. You see, I ran Aperture Labs for quite some time. Then I did some things I shouldn't have done, and my mate Glados launched me to space with a portal gun,” Wheatly rolled his giant blue eye and sighed, “I saw things no man should, and done things inhumane. But nevertheless, i’ll be your ship’s new A.I commander!” Frank didn’t look amused, but he had no other choice. Wheatly seemed like a nice A.I, what could a giant blue eye possibly do to him?

Besides, his previous A.I commander for the Traveler is more than likely roasted. It was never built for a telebeam. Frank heard an all too familiar noise, an alien noise. An alien was behind Frank, pecking at his back. He had an alien lifeform, and a new A.I. Frank needs to look up Wheatly in his file cabinet, and see if he’s legit. Frank hopped on one leg, blood dripping on the white floor, and hugged the hallway corner. He slowly made his way into the cockpit, and found Wheatly’s origin in a wanted file. Frank carefully, looked for the menacing eye near his surroundings. Hoping he hadn’t already programmed himself into the ship’s control panel.

Wheatly, infamous for nearly destroying Aperture Labs. He overrode the wiring in the labs, and nearly destroyed the world. He supposedly had a tussle with the head A.I, Glados, nearly killing her. It was all due to a tussle with a lab rat, a human lab rat. Her name was Chell, and she wanted to break out. By any means necessary she wanted to break out and expose Aperture. She created a portal in a room, and on the surface of the moon. Barely missing Earth’s demise. Wheatly unfortunately was sucked through the portal, sending him into the cosmos. This was someone, no one could trust.

Frank know knowing this, had to get rid of the monstrosity. For nearly twenty years, Wheatly has been floating through space. How many countless others have faced this monster? Could he possibly kill me and ruin this entire trip? Either way, I have to take him out, and as fast as possible.Frank swung out of his chair, and grabbed the emergency axe.  originally made for breaking down doors for fires, was now being used in a sinful way.

Frank used the ax as support for his bloody ankle,  and limped his way across the ship in pain. He was focused and determined, yet feeling tired and dizzy. He looked at his bloodtrail, watching the velvet line double in his vision. He tripped and hugged the wall, feeling the vibes of pain shoot through his back. Wave after wave, and seemed to be more painful each time. He slid down the wall with a painful grunt, and aggressively took his helmet off. Chucking it across the room in anger, and watched the helmet crack the television on the hall. A distorted Wheatly appeared on the broken screen, his eye casting a blue haze over Frank,

“You see, this is why I love Aperture Labs, so easy to over ride their systems. Ha, I could even do it with my eyes closed. Poor chap Frank and his bum ankle. What a shame for Aperture Labs to lose such a great, and noble man such as Frank Ocean. I shall have revenge, and destroy the labs like I should have years ago. Pity you can’t see it dear friend of mine,” Wheatly said in an annoying cocky voice,

“I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND!” Frank said screaming at Wheatly, a mist of spit and blood came out of those words. Frank reached for his boot, and yanked it off, revealing a bloody foot. He pulled up his space pants, to the sight of bones peaking out of skin like glaciers in water. Except of course their was no water, only his velvet blood and strength gushing out of him. He was scared of the thought of dying alone with no one around. He grabbed the ax, and pulled his weight on it. He kept pushing forward, with his foot nearly entirely ready to fall off.

He saw Wheatly, and was determined more than ever to kill him. He couldn’t spot or hear Frank, due to him becoming one with the ship. Frank took complete advantage of this by coming as close as possible. He saw the wires through Wheatly’s latch on the back, all seeming to tangled in every which way. Frank raised the ax, vibes of pain still coursing through his body, and swung down on the cords. Sending the lens of the blue eye to open.

Frank hacked away at the screaming Wheatly, and didn’t seem like stopping at any time. Wheatly’s screams became mere nothing to Frank, for Frank was as numb to his feelings as his foot was to his body. Wheatly rolled away, sparks from severed wires trailing him,

“Look Frank, we can work this out… If you’re not dead. But I need you to do one thing first for me, and I swear we can do something good! But first put the bloody ax down for crying out loud! I’m an ok person once you get to know me, but please get with me here.” Wheatly said, putting on his best sad eye he could make,

“NO! You have been nothing but absolute trouble since I met you, and I absolutely regret ever finding you. I’m going to put an end to you, even if it’s the last thing I do,” Frank said, drooling blood and spit on Wheatly’s eyeball, “This is for Chell and Glados!” screamed as he hacked away at Wheatly. He continued swinging, until he fell on his back. He laid next to pieces of blue, and sat back up in raw pain. His foot had to be severed. Frank grabbed the bent ax, and sawed off his foot.


Entry 01, 3/19/2630, Doug ‘Ratman’ Rattman:A beacon appeared on our search and rescue team’s dashboard. It was located on the Traveler, and seemed to be faint. The Aperture team and I went on the ship, and found the corpse of Frank ocean and our target. Wheatly the eye, had a blue light strobing within inside him. It was a distress call that traveled millions of miles to those searching. My team found the icon, the true image of Aperture labs. For Frank the human, we buried him on Mars. They placed the delicate skeleton, suit, blue shards and foot with him. He had done his job, but we never expected him to kill.


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