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Oakland County Bank

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This instiiution, as our readers have leard, has hurst up. It has assigned its ssets to D. Stuart of Detroit, and N. awson, ihe cnshier of the bank. The ank wassaidlo be owned by VV. Truesell of Detroit. Public meetings of suf'ercrs have bean held in Detroit and 'ontiac, and Truesdell has been arrested n a warrant issued at Pontiac. More next week.O3 The series of anides we have commenced untler the heod of "Our Inquiry Meeting," ond which wo had designed as a familiar exposilion ui the best mc.-ins of intcllectunl and moral improvcment. and which we hoped to mnkc valunble and useful, we muet suspend for the present. Sulijectaof that nature require greater reflec'ion, in order to do thein justice. than nny other : and thoy heavily tax the thinking powers of the writer. We may hereafter go through withtle subject as we or gimlly int rdod, bui we shal! not attempt it unless wc can devota nur w.'iolü tim: to editorial maiter3, and be relieved fro.n the Iojq of tho publishing business which now overwhelm8 us.