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Dear whoever that does not want to die an early death,       

            It all started my first day of school, usually I am prepared for anything but today's the day nothing went right. I overslept, forgot breakfast and just was not prepared for what was to come.   I got to the bus stop as the bus slowly drove past my stop and continued along the road on its way to school. My mom reluctantly agreed to drive me to school. Because I missed the bus and the time it took to convince my mom to interrupt her busyschedule to drive her son to school, I ended up being late. I ran to class as fast as I could and when I walked in and everyone starred at me as if I were E.T.. My teacher initially tried to adjust the situation so that it wasn't as awkward  but to no avail everyone continued to stare at me then they just burst into a roaring laughter, my shirt was inside-out. I went out of the class to change my shirt and came back to sit at the empty seat that I assumed could only be mine. My teacher said everyone take out your pens and pencils and start to copy down pages 56-58 in your math workbooks for homework.I reach into my bag and I everything except a pen or pencil. hey do you have a pencil I ould borrow?I had asked the kid next to me no way weirdo get lost!he so politely replied. I then realized nobody was going to loan me a pencil the weird kid who interrupted class. Kids in 2nd grade are really judgmental!

            I then had nothing else to do put pretend to be doing my work, who do you think you are fooling making writing motions and pretending to be doing your work while everyone else is legitimately trying to learn!she snootily spits the words at me. Thinking I am a delusional student who has a mental disorder she sends me to see the nurse to  maintain my wellbeing.I reluctantly walk through the now strangely empty corridors of the school to the nurses office.

         I walk back to my classroom with the nurses approval to go back to class,  I took my seat amongst the rest of the class when the teacher calls on to answer the following what was the answer to 5X2 I had no clue without a pencil I couldn't make my flashcards and wasn't able to study because I wasn't able to study the teacher lowered my grade for not getting her questions right. I looked at the clock and my jaw dropped as the first day of school had just ended! I stroll down the hallways to get to the front of the school where my mother was waiting patiently waited in the car. The sun was shining over the bright clouds and the sky was a vibrant blue. The common cold northern California winds that come with living in Palo Alto. Everything may seem perfect but in my world as I walked out the clouds were gloomy the sun was behind the rain clouds and lightning was about to strike as the rain poured down. I get into our silver SUV also know as the gas guzzler. My moms initial question is the same as it is every year on the first day of school How was your first day of school?I try to decide how to answer her question whether to truthfully say it was the worst day of my life or nod my head and say it was Okay. I kept getting all the questions wrong because

            Going back to school the next day I had nothing to study my grades only began to plummet from then on. I never went to college because I had such terrible grades! I never received a diploma and landed a crummy job as a sanitary disposal worker. Such an awful job didn't support my alcohol addiction, I then had no money. I wasn't able to afford food I became skinny and unattractive. Nobody wanted to marry some weird guy with no money, no education and an alcoholic. I never had children which is something that I have always wanted. My loneliness began to overwhelm me and I became extremely unwell now I sit on the streets begging for money struggling to fight the hold alcohol has over me, this is the story of  how my life was ruined from the very beginning.



Timothy Oconner

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