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  As I tossed my bracelet on to the glass table in Andrew's room I heard the sound that always made me cringe and the  crash of my special charm my grandmother gave me before she died. A pure silver ball with pink and white diamonds, almost like a pandora bracelet, but with more value in my heart. I squeezed my eyes shut as the sound reached my ears. I had expected it to have a softer landing than what it did. 

  I walked into the bathroom to get ready for my date with my first love, Andrew Smith. He stood at 6'4". His  beautiful bright white, perfectly straight smile shining. With brown hair and brown eyes that would make you fall in love with the first sight, a personality that was out of the world and the most caring positive attitude you could ask for. This was an especially good trait when we were having relationship issues.

  We left later that night, after I had curled my platinum blonde hair, touched up my completion with foundation and painted my eyelids gold to match the dress I wore. Before we left, Andrew had pulled a box from under his bed in his room and told me to open it. It was the gold shoes I saw at the county mall, but did not have enough money to get at the time. I was ecstatic. I hugged Andrew tightly and thanked him repeatedly. He then took me to a fancy restraunt named "The Garden". I had an Italian salad with grilled chicken and  vegetable soup.He had grilled chicken with basil seasoning and an Italian side salad with croutons. After that he  took me star gazing. As we lay on top of his car snuggled under some blankets we pointed out constellations, stars that we thought looked like something, even though they weren't anything and the best part was snuggling in he I arms. I always felt safe in his arms, like nothing could hurt me. Like I was invisible. Like he was my knight in shining amour. It was the most amazing date I had ever been on. 

    As we arrived back to Andrew's home and walked in the double glass doors, Andrew's mother was standing at the top of the stairs. Eyes locked to mine while her eyebrows raised and pointed. The death stare. I was all too familiar with this look, because my mother used it on me all of the time. "How dare you drag my son out at 9:00 p.m and bring him home this late." She then pointed to the door and continued, "your mom should have never brought a piece of trash like you into this world. I demand you to get out now."

 I teared up and looked down. I walked back out of the doors and Andrew followed. He sighed, apologized about his mother's behavior, kissed me and walked back into the house.

   The next day I heard the ping of my phone, notifying me that I had a new message. I took out my phone to harassing texts from Andrew's mother that read "I cannot believe my son would pick you over all the girls he could have. My son deserves a real woman that can support herself and doesn't need my son to always lean on. I swear on my dead grandmother's grave, Emma Lu Marie, if my son does not stop talking to you there will be consequences for you and him!!!!."

  I had absolutely no idea how or what to respond. I thought it through multiple times on how to respond without insulting her mothering skills. I eventually gave up and deleted the texts, ignoring them. I turned to my goodluck charm as I always did to help comfort myself. And then I realized I never picked it up from the glass table in Andrews room. I immediately started freaking out. I was hyperventilating and I could not stay still. The only thing I could think was "what if Andrew's mom found it and threw it in the trash?"

I eventually turned to my second comfort source. My best friend, and my sister, Anna Rose.

    "It's been two weeks and he still hasn't texted me back about my charms."

 Anna grinned like she always did when she had an idea. "I say we follow the two week rule" Anna said followed by a smirk. "What's the two week rule", I asked stupidly. "If the person you are talking to does not  answer your calls or texts in two weeks, and you have left some of your property at their house, you break in and get your stuff." I stared at her blankly and then we both burst into laughter. "I am very serious though, you need to get your charm back," Anna said after she calmed down her laughter.

   Later that week I found myself sneaking into my father's room stealing my dad's binoculars and driving to Andrew's home, down the street from my home, stalking it  until everybody was gone. As soon as the house was vacant, Anna and I ran to the window and cranked it open. I went feet first and my legs went through smoothly and as I began to reach my mid section I started to regret having a donut for breakfast. I finally got to my chest, and there, no matter how hard I pushed no more of my body would go through the tiny window. Anna stood by my head pushing on my shoulders with the little muscle she had to get me through. Then we heard the alarms go off. Every thing went blank in my mind as the screeching alarms pierced my ears and Anna yelling "GET OUT!!" rang through my head, although I couldn't because I was stuck. Then we saw the blue and red lights pull into the driveway.  We knew that we were done with our first crime and that we would never be forgiven by our parents.

    "Is this your first offense?" Mr. Chang, the local policeman asked as he cuffed Anna and me. "Yes and we were jus-" 

"No need for excuses, I've heard them all."

I sighed and threw my body in the back of the police car. And then Anna did the same. 

  Anna and I sat in the corner of the holding cell while a bunch of girls with "hooker clothes" and tattoos and piercings stared at us.

"Miss. Marie and Miss Rose you have a visitor." I looked at Anna with a shocked face, we had not called anybody yet, so who would know about us being in a holding cell yet? Then Andrew walked around the corner. In his hand he held the very charm I broke into his home for. He slipped it in my hand, hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry for everything." He then turned around and walked off without saying another word. I stood frozen until the officer nudged me back into the cell. Five minutes after we went back into the cell, the same officer told us to get out of the cell and sign out of the holding cell because Andrew dropped all charges on us. We jogged out of the jail building before they changed their mind and we walked half a mile to a gas station where we called our friend Nancy Banes to pick us up. Nancy arrived 13 minutes later in her lime green convertible. She then took me and Anna back to my house. Anna and I walked in and my parents immediately greeted us by saying "where were you two girls?"

 Anna and I look at each other and stuttered "Uhm, Uhm we were visiting Nancy" I pointed to the window and said "see, she is pulling out of the driveway right now." My parents shook their head and told us to go to my room and hang out. We did as they said without any question because we got away with enough trouble that night and we weren't looking for any more. Surprisingly my parents never found out about us getting caught breaking into Andrew's home and us getting arrested, this led to great stories we got to tell our friends. Although Andrew and I  never spoke again, I hoped one day we would reconnect and date again. He was the best boyfriend I had ever had in my teenage years. Even though  I missed him dearly and I had a feeling he missed me to. And although we did smile and wave in the halls at school. The reality of my dream that we would get back together would never come true, at-least in the near future. Ever since that day I learned to never give up on the hope of finding a true love, even if it was not the person you initially wanted to be with.



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