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P1. So I had woke up at least I think I did but it seemed like I did cause I was in my room and I got up out of bed and walked to the door and went to the hallway. I thought my parents were up and downstairs making breakfast but when I went downstairs it was pitch black there was no lights on or no one talking there wasn't a sound in the house. I went upstairs to check if anyone was still asleep I checked my sisters room no one their I checked my parents room nothing in that room either the house was empty. I went back downstairs to check if the power was working so I checked the fuse box and the power wasn’t working so I grabbed a flashlight and checked around the house all the cabinets in the kitchen were empty except some rice and some pancake mix. 

P2. After seeing the street disaster I checked the back up food supply in are underground bunker and there was plenty of food so I grabbed a duffle bag and put all the food and drinks I could in the bag and just in case I put the pistol we had in the bag. I went back to the living room and saw in the window the glass was broken and I noticed that someone had broke into our house or vandalized it. I don’t know I walked to the door and went outside and I was suddenly attacked by this monster like human. I woke up and my mom was screaming she was yelling for me to get in the car and when I got everything ready to leave we were pulling down the drive way and then all of a sudden another car crashed into us and the car exploded that hit us and are car lit on fire and I couldn't get out of my seat and then my dad grabbed me out of the seat and he saved me and we ran away from the car but my mom was trying to get my sister out of the car but the car exploded and my mom and sister had died and that’s when it all began.I woke up in a pool of sweat and my dad walked in and he said "are you ok" and I said "yes I just had the dream again". I was in a shelter my dad brought us here after my mom and sister had died and this shelter should keep us safe from the infection the infection happened because the government hid the disease from us. But one day someone got infected while testing the cure on an animal that had the infection and the animal was a rat and the person went to inject the cure into the rat but then the rat jumped up and bit him and he went crazy he had told people to alert the city and the United States. 

P3. The person had escaped from the facility and bit the guards that were outside then the three guys went and started biting people and then the infection spread and the government couldn’t stop it so they built a shelter and the people who survived made it to the shelter. The shelter had food and water and beds for enough people the shelter only had a capacity of 150,000 people and the city had about 450,000 people so if the people who were out there and cant get in then they're dead because the infection will get them. I got out of bed and was getting ready to go to breakfast. I went to breakfast to see my dad but I couldn’t find him and I thought he would be in the mess hall but he wasn’t I looked around the shelter but I couldn’t find him but I didn’t look one place the toilets and they were nasty no one cleaned them ever. I knocked on all the doors and I heard someone answer in the last one it and it was my dad and I was relieved by his voice and he flushed and came out and he said " I'm sorry I wasn’t at breakfast." "it's ok" I told him and we went to get some breakfast and we sat and ate are eggs and bacon then we went and played some video games in are little hut but as we were in the middle of are game a alarm went off and the people were going crazy and the leaders of the shelter said it was a false alarm and then everyone went back to there own business.  

P4. Me and my dad got bored of video games so I took a nap while he went and did stuff around the shelter but I had the same dream again that I was inside another dream and then I saw my mom and my sister die. I woke up and my dad had lunch in his hands and I was ready to eat and we had a turkey sandwich and fries after that we watched some cartoons and we laughed about it the cartoons were really funny. All of a sudden the alarm went off and I jumped cause I was scared by the noise but I didn’t hear anyone panicking so I thought it was a false alarm I went outside to check it out I heard a faint noise of screaming and growling but that is what I hear everyday about noon because it's just the infected people making noise outside the shelter. I went back inside but right before I sat down I heard the sound getting closer and I thought to myself THERE IS A INFECTED IN THE SHELTER I told my dad to help me pack up stuff and get on one of the shelters buses  he asked "why" and I said "because there's a infected I the shelter". 

P5. I heard people screaming and shooting their guns but I only heard one infected so that either means there is only one or there is a lot of them but the guards and citizens are killing them. I could hear the engines of the buses starting and in the distance I could see a wall of infected people piling up on top of one another and getting over the wall me and my dad were one of the first people on the buses. I knew there was a shelter In the capital of Washington D.C. and we were in Baltimore so we were only a few hours apart and the shelter is huge it can hold up to 300,000 people and the population is 600 thousand. The shelter in D.C. has lots of food and supply's and the walls are 200 feet high so the infected can't get in their so we told one of the guards to use their walky-talky to tell D.C. that we are coming. We were on are way to D.C. and we saw beautiful country side and when we got to D.C. they opened the gates for us and there was four buses with about 400 each and the infected took over the shelter in Baltimore and now we are in D.C. and I felt so much more at home because the shelter felt much bigger just like the city of Baltimore is big. 

P6. I enjoyed it there I unpacked and went to the park area and met some kids and we played some soccer and football the kids became my new friends all my old friends were infected and they turned. So this place was my only hope for survival this city didn’t seem to have as many infected as us but I figured that there weren't that many because there were turrets on the walls and they were automatic because there was no one up there and after that I went to sleep because it was getting late and I was tired from playing sports today. The next  morning I woke up and I saw my dad on the floor and he wasn’t moving or nothing I checked his pulse and it was a light pulse and I thought to myself he couldn’t be dying but he started to talk and he said "Get me to the nurse" I went outside and yelled "my dad is hurt he needs medical attention now" people started rushing to help and they carried him to the nurses office. The nurse took X-rays and told me "son your father is dying from the deadly infection he won't turn but he is dying slowly" I started crying and then my dad said "put me out of my misery" and I said "ok dad" with tears running down my face. So I took him into a room with wrap everywhere on the walls and the floor and there was a post with leather straps to strap someone down and I strapped him onto it and the nurse said in a soothing voice " it's going to be ok" he handed me a gun and I said "I'm ready to do this" the doctor left the room. I pulled the top of the gun back to cock the gun and I shot the gun but I didn’t hit him I hit the wall I cocked the gun again but then I stopped and thought about how my dad loved swimming. I left the nurses office with my dad In a wheelchair the nurse asked "where are going" and I said "to put him out of his misery" I went to the guards and told them about the whole story that had just happened and they both said " ok we'll take you to the Washington memorial fountain" and I said "ok" three guards came one had mounted the turret on the back of the vehicle and one was on the passenger side of the vehicle and I was in the back with my dad and there was a driver. We were on are way when we saw some infected people and person manning the turret shot them but when we got to the fountain I wrapped my dad in bandages and he said In a weak voice "I love you" and hen I finished wrapping him I picked him up and dumped him into the fountain and he died peacefully in the fountain. 

                                   The End 

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