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      Brendan Cobb


The Scary Night on Halloween




“Today is going to be the best day ever’’ Jack said as he put on his costume, he was

going to be a ghost this year he was a lion last year but this year he wanted to scare his

friends. He ran to his friends house where both the guys were at but this year they had a different idea. Instead of going trick or treating they were going to go to the haunted house that was the most scariest haunted house ever. Jack said “ no people have been killed there’’

“Thats just a tale to make it scarier’’ said brian

“Come on!!!” yelled both of the boys

“Fine i will go” jack said. So they went and when they got there it was empty no one was there “where are all of the people” said jack

“I don’t know” said Seth “usually there are many people all lined up”Seth said.

“Well at least we get to go in first” said jack. So then they started walking into the scary haunted house when they stepped one foot into the house they heard noises “ahhh” it was a lady screaming. We were so scared suddenly a pirate looking fox appeared out of nowhere it looked nonhuman made, it was a ghost. We kept walking even though we were terrified.  Then out of nowhere a golden figure jumped out of a room and ran down the hallway. We started running but it was like if the hall was never ending.

“We’re trapped in a place with real ghosts and golden animatronics that can run as fast as the speed of light” said Jack.

“Wait where is Seth” said Brian

“I don’t know” said Jack then they heard a loud scream


“Its Seth!!!” Jack yelled as they ran to where the scream was coming from. As they entered the room they saw a gruesome sight it was Seth laying there all bloody and with no legs. They had to put him out of this pain so Jack grabbed a rock from the old building and started bashing it into his skull as Jack was sitting there after Seth stopped breathing they started crying and crying. Just sitting there thinking about how you just killed your best friend thats just heartbreaking it will scar you for the rest of your life. But they had other things to worry about when they looked up at the door there it was the thing that was in the halls and that ripped Seths legs off. We were trapped in a room that could rip our legs off like they were twigs. It was just standing at the door it wasn't leaving or coming after us or anything

“Ok all we have to do is walk around that thing” Jack said quietly. So they started to walk around it, it wasn't moving but what was creepy was that it was following us with its eyes. Its eyes were like real human eyes but they were bloodshot. They just walked passed the monster like he wasn’t going to do anything but stare. When we were out of the room we ran down the hall and hoped that the monster did not follow them and try to kill them like he killed Seth. They ran and ran and found a bear suit it was empty but then it started to get up still empty and walked toward us it was floating by itself there was no doubt that this place was haunted. They just stared it was like it was staring into our souls we just could not move it was like if they were playing a game of freeze tag.

“Run” said Jack as the ghost approached them slowly Brian did not answer “ “RUN!!!” screamed Jack. And as the they left the room the ghost followed running fast down the hall trying not to get caught. Then they found a room no one there they thought this could be safe but when we got in standing there just staring at them. There he was the golden bunny that can kill a man with just one hand they didn’t know what to do they were trapped they knew right there that they were going to die. Jack closes his eyes and accepts his fate suddenly he hears a loud scream. But something was weird he was not dead he looked up and did not see brian where was he, he wondered. He started walking no sound it was quiet just quiet. “Brian!!” Jack yelled hoping to find him alright and not hurt the worst thing that could happen is that Brian is dead and then he would not have any friends anymore. He looked and looked for hours and hours still no sign of Brian. Still no way out of this murder house. Then in the distance I hear something that sounds like Brian. “Brian is that you!!!” yelled Jack.

“Jack its me help!!!” yelled Brian.

“I’m coming Brian” said Jack

“Hurry!!!!” screamed Brian. As Jack ran as fast as he could he noticed that some how he was running in place he was going nowhere he looked up and all he saw was scratched up medal and……… it was yellow. All he could think was I’m dead he caught me and now he’s going to kill me Jack started to cry just the thought that a monster has you in it’s hands and all he has to do is slam you on the ground is just frightening. Ten minutes have passed he has still not killed me i’m still frightened about what he is going to do to me. Anymore hope is just all lost for me now Seth is dead and Brian is probably dead I might as well die. Jack just kept thinking nothing to live for anymore I have no friend, all I have now is family. At least I have that some people don’t have a family at hall. Jack was just thinking of everything in his life that mattered and that if he was going out he wasn’t going out without a fight. Jack scrambled and kicked but he could not get out of the monsters hands but then he thought of something he was hanging by his shirt so he had to take his shirt off. So quickly he slipped out of his shirt and started running he got out but he didn’t know if he could outrun the golden monster. I started looking in rooms no Brian but then I heard him in the distance I ran to where it was coming from and there was Brian but he was ok he was just crying.  

“Brian what's wrong” Jack said

“They're coming” Brian said shocked like he saw a ghost

“Who” Brian said as he looked behind him and saw the big golden monster but there  were a bunch of things there. There was a bunny, a chicken, a bear, and that bear costume

that floats he was not scared he was ready to fight for his life and if he died he would at least

try to kill one monster. As they start moving toward him he starts backing up and then looks

down and finds a rock he picks up the rock and throws it at the one of the monsters but it just

banks off of it. There is nothing left to do he is going to get trapped and stepped on and killed. As the monsters circle him he hears a scream and the monsters lean in to kill they stop.

“What happened”Jack said confused “They stopped” Jack said happily he ran out on

the way out he saw Brian dead on the floor Jack walks up picks Brian up and carries

him out. Jack sees a police car and waves it down, after the ambulance arrived he was drove

to the hospital where he stayed for a day. His family showed up and hugged him and kissed

him they were happy to see that he was alive. The haunted house closed when in the night 4

teenage boys were all killed. Jack was on many talk shows were he told all about how he was

almost killed by ghosts and a golden animatronic that killed his best friends Seth and Brian.

He always had nightmares about it which let him to years later kill himself because of all the

stress and how scared he was every night. People that saw him kill himself say that his last word were “there still alive and the’re coming”. No one knows what that means but some people speculate that he is talking about the ghosts and the animatronics but other people think that he is just crazy and no one should pay attention to what he says. But still no one will ever forget of the day that the whole world stopped and listened to this kids heart stopping story.

The End

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