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There was a Library that was alive with many books and had many people who visited the library.But one day a person came in who would doom the library to be an underground cavern and the person who would doom the library name was Jack.

Jack was a normal teenager before he stole a special book that contained the library’s heart.Jack did not know that the library’s heart was inside the book. Jack also had a reason that he knew that people would blame him for and his reason was to steal the book was the book reminded him of an old book he had when he was little but the book had been lost in an hotel room from a vacation with his family.When Jack walked past the front desk the librarian gave him an evil looking glare that made jack walk faster toward the door.The librarian at the front desk pushed a teal button at the bottom of her desk that called a security guard to follow Jack.At night the library’s shelves moved around moving books in the wrong areas of the library.In the morning people where started disapearing and blood and organs were found in some books on the ground.The librarian at the front desk was talking to some police men and there was a little girl picking up an old book and then she screamed the  people at the front desk looked directly in the girls direction.Once they saw what was happening they ran as fast as they could and helped the little girl.Once the girl calmed down the police men said this place is haunted!The librarian said it wasn’t haunted and argued with the cops.Jack was hiding in his house pretending to be sick so he wouldn’t get in trouble and he hid the book where he thought nobody could find it in the shed behind his house under a blanket.The girl walked over to the book that had tried to kill her and opened it slowly and saw blood and an organ the girl suddenly felt empty inside and fainted and soon an ambulance arrived at the library.The librarian stayed for the night and saw that the book shelves were moving around the library and books started to fly around the library and go on the wrong shelves and when the librarian saw it happen she knew exactly what was happening the library had no heart so it couldn’t decide on which shelves should stay and which shelves to move.Jack did not sleep well that night knowing he did something bad and he could get in big trouble if he was caught.The security guard was waiting in his light blue mini van on the other side of the road of Jacks house.The little girl was in the hospital getting an ex-ray.The next day the mayor came to the library to close it because lots of people have been dying from the library and he wanted to see what was happening at the library.The mayor picked up a book in the middle of the library and nothing happened he walked over to another book and he flew into the book and his   body guards tried to pulled him out but the mayor got sucked in and the bodyguards took the book and put it somewhere nobody could touch it and they put it underground.the next few days the library put all the books that sucked up people into them underground so nobody could find them.After those few days the doctors doing ex-rays found something that was missing in the girl her digestive system was missing and when the doctors found out the doctors put the girl in an emergency room for surgery to get another digestive system.Jack went to school on a Monday trying to be normal as much as he could but he still felt guilty about stealing the book and not opening it to find what he was about to read so after school he opened the book to find something he thought he would never find a heart in a book that said T.L.H  on it in solid gold letters.Jack thought for awhile and figured out that T.L.H. standard for The Library’s Heart and was a little freaked out about it and figured he should return the book but first he wanted to know the title because he didn’t read it he just opened the book,the book’s title was the lifes heart.The security guard outside Jacks house decided to go inside Jacks house and walked up to the front door and started knocking on the door,the person who answered the door was Jack’s mom she asked the security guard what he wanted and he said” mame I need to look around your house because their was expensive artifact stolen from the library by you and I need to look in every house in this neighborhood” Jack’s mother replied back in a confused tone”I don’t remember hearing about this” just as Jack’s mom said that the T.V shouted an expensive stolen artifact has just been found stolen from the library!Jacks mom let the security guard inside and let him inspect the house.The librarian stayed the night at the library again and saw that the books were forming into a giant book sculptures that moved around fighting each other destroying the pages in the books destroying the library’s book shelves,the librarian ran out the door almost being crushed by a bookshelf.The next day Jack went to the library but he couldn’t go inside it because it blocked off by giant book shelves so he went up the ladder in the back and went through one of the emergency exit at the top of the building and fell in and walked over to the place he found the book and put it back on the shelf on the wall,then after he put it back he looked around and saw some books on the ground and picked one up and opened it and saw the pages were covered in blood.Jack stood there with the open book covered in blood,then a creature lurking through the shadows studied Jack.The creature ran around Jack and Jack looked around but the creature was to stealthy for him to see so Jack said “Who’s there”?A loud scattering noise responded Jack looked around again then walked slowly towards the library’s emergency exit door in the back. then a long whip like structure flew towards Jack and wrapped around him.The librarian got out of the library she blocked the entrance with the new shelves that arrived at the library so nobody could get inside the library or out,after the librarian blocked the library she walked to the town hall and waited to talk to the mayor.The next day the library closed but when the librarian walked to the library she heard screams coming from the inside.The little girl after her surgery went to the library and also heard the screams.when they both went inside they saw a large Black alien like creature with a giant scorpion tail on it’s back chasing a kid with green sweat shirt on and grey jeans around the library the girl and librarian were shocked seeing this thing happening in front of them,then the boy yelled at them if they were going to help him get away from the alien the librarian ran over to her desk and pushed the button at the bottom of it.The security guard was in his car waiting for something to happen when an alarm went off in his car so he started driving in the direction of the library.Jack was running away from the alien like creature,and then he had an idea that would help him get away.Jack ran to the front of the library and knocked over the bookshelves in front of the door and ran outside and saw a car driving at full speed going in his direction.The security guard saw a boy with a scared  face and behind him with a giant black alien like creature was behind him about to slice his head clean off with it’s giant scorpion like tail so the security guard drove straight for the creature and the creature threw the boy to the side and tried to jump to the side and the security guard ran the creature over with his mini van at full speed.Then librarian ran out of the library with the girl and helped the boy up.And the librarian asked the boy if he was okay and the boy said yes and then she asked the boy why he was in the library in the first place.The boy said I had an overdue book and wanted to return it to the library.The librarian asked the boys name and he said my name is Jack he said it slowly because he knew he was in big trouble.The The librarian asked jack again why he was in the library Jack told the librarian everything that happened up to the present time.The librarian was shocked that the boy got the library’s heart without setting off alarms then the librarian told everyone to go inside the library and told them to stay until their parents to arrive the library shook as Jack sat down and then there was no gravity for a few seconds then the library sunk into the ground and trapped them inside forever.

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