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XEW C00K1XG STOYE. ƒ And Stoves of all kinds. subscriber wouldcall ihe attcnuon of ïh pu tic to jolson's Kot Air Cooking STOVE Wtijcti n'e can contMenily jccommnd ns bcin idedly superior tu any Cooking StLve in uso ajinpliciiy in qperaijun - economy in iue nnd for uncqualled aud Roasting qual ie?. it is uorivalled, T.'io now aml important improvemeni introdneod in iis consiruciionbelng-such ns t in enrc ;reat. advmuagcs over all otlier kinds o Cooking Stoves. WILLIAM R. NOYES, Jr. 7f Woodward venuu, Detroit. Dcc. 12, 1845. i J. HOLMES & CO., WüOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN STAPLE AND KA.NCY DRY GOODS, JDry Cri'occrics, Cttrpeling; and paper IZnngiiigs, JYb. 63 Woodward Avenue, Lurned's Block, Detroit. J. HOLMES, iYi.?r Vork. ) S M. HQhtt&S, Detroit. 5 WE take thismethod of informing our (rienda and eustomers tlirouliLut t lic State, iha we are sull pursuing the even tenor ofnur wi.ys, endeavoring to do our basióess upon kir :md huaornble principies. We would also ten- dor our acknuwlcdgiiienis for the patronage ex ,1 to us by our eustomers, nmf would bep : i cali (o attention of ilic public to n vory well selected assortment of seaouablc Gfbéds, whicb are oifered at wholesale or retail at verv lov prices. Our laciititcs fur purdiasinc G'ood ara unsurpassed by any concern in the Siate - One ofthehrm, Mr. J. Jlolmcs n-sjdos in ihe city of New Yirk, and fmin is lonp; experience in the Jobbtng irado in tliat ciiy. and (rum bis iiurougli knowledge of tho niarket, lic is enaM avatl liimeelf of the auotions anJ any decline in priees. We also purcliase from ilit Importers. ALinufacuirer's Agente, and ftoru the auctionS] by the packnge, the same as S. Y. Jobbers purebase, tlnis salng tic-r profits. - Wiüi these facititïea we cátí Süíe.'y say thnt our Ie are soid cheap for the cvidence of whicb ïvitc the attention of the public tooui stock. Ve hold to the great cnrdma! principie oí 'L.'■' ZrceUst goott to lie irilc 7ii!iiber," so if you ' bny Goods ehcap, and buy a large qunnt'.t !br i lUtle moncij give lis a trial. Our stock ;- extensive as any in tho city, and we are ntJy receiving new and fresh Goodsfrom 2icv York. 0,000 Ibs. TFooI. TVnnttd, theabove quaniity olgood merchantiVooI for wbich the highest inarket price paid. J. HOLMES & CO. oit, May 28, 1846. '214-tf To Wool íírowers. WE (ejr leavo to inform our Wool Growing friends, that we shall be prepared for the purchase ot' 100,000 Ibs. of a good clean merchantable article, as soon as the season for se Ui nyconi menees, as we are connected with Eastern wool dealers, we ahall be able to fay ibe hialiest pricn the Eastern market will aiibni. tïreai complnint was made last K-iason arnongst the Eastern Dealers and Manuacturers. in refere nee to the poor condiiion o1 Mnshian Wool - ;nuc!i of it being in lad ordo f.ji'l a considerable portion being unjrarh-.d. We would hcre take occasion o rt-ijuest tha the utmost pains should le taken to have ihi sheep well washed before shearins. that 'he Tus Locis bc cut olf. antf thai each Fleece he carefuüy lied up with proper wool twine. (cost 1?3 lo 35 ets pr;r 1b. ; hemp twine is the best: it will oe fourid greatlv to ibcadvantageof Wool Grow■ put up their wool in this manner. fTnwas'icd wool is not merchantable, and will be t:iosi if not all of the Wool buyers, it U-io diflicult to clean. J. HOLMES & Co. WoOmVAKD AvMK, Larncrrls Biock. Dfftroii, March26, 184C. 2ö7-tf 1846 WHOLESALE & RETAIL. A. M' F 'ARREN, SSOKSELLERANDSTATIONER. SM ARTS JBLOCK, 137 JEFïERSO.N AVENUE, DETROIT. KEEPS constnntly for salen complete assort ment of Miscellaneous, Schooi and Classical Uooks, Letter and Cap Paper, phiin and rul ed, Quills, Jnk. Sealing Wax, Cutlery. Wrap ping P-iper, Printing Paper, of all sizes; and Dook, Nrjwsand Cannister Ink. ofvarions kinds BLANK BOOKS. lull and hall bound, of evcry varicy of Ruüiiir. Memorandum Books, &c. To Merchante, Teachers, and others, buying in q'iar.iities. a large discount made." Sabbath School and Bible Society Depositor. 247-tf 1TOUMG LASIES SCHOOL MISS GRIFFIN will eommence herschool ior Young Ladic3, on Monday ihe2jthof Se;jtember, at tho Coi'.age recently occupicd by Judge Thompson. Tkr-.i: : ï'or the Primnry Studie?, $H,00 higher English Studie?, G,OÜ for a term of eleven weeks. For Latín, nn exira charge of 2.00 Fr French. 4.00 Fiir Pcncil Drawing, 3.(10 For Painting, o;0(i Instructions on the Piano, g?00 ♦ii r.nau niay be attended to ifdesired. imjjeieat Instructora are provided for the piSêrent dcpnrtinents. Young L'idies from abroad, can obtain board in !:■ ite families. Aun Arbor, Sept. 1646. 283-tf LLYíSE ED OILf THE Suh&criber is mnnufacturing Linseed Oil on an extensive scale and he" is abie to enpp!y MERpIlANTS AMÏ) PAINTERS, on teri:is mort láyórable for them ihan have ever bcloro Leen o.ii-red In this country, and hc us prepaVed to snj;iy orders fm large or smull quantitir-- at pricea tztrcmely low. [D Communications by mail v be promptIy attended to. D. L. LATOÜRETTE. Long Lake, Genesec Co. Mich. 2&i-ly TE M P E R aTNCE H OUS E PI!. R1PLEY would say to his frienda and ■ triends of Tempertnce, that he hns tnken ihe Temperance House, lately kept by Win. G. Whcaton, where hc would be glad to wait uoon theiri. Hay and Oats tud Stabbling lo nccdmrnd'lnto teams Detroit. Jahnary 1. J84o. MED] CAL BOOKS. A PEW lot of Medical Books, just opencd Lyk. and for ea'c cheap for cash at June 15. 27Q-t( Puimy's.- TANNEHY.. LEATHER ! LEATHER f LeTtHER ! ELDRED & CO., No. 123, Jeflerson Avenue, "Eldrcd's Block," Detroit, take this opportunity to inform their customers, and the public generally, that tliey still continue to keep oa hand a full assortment of Spanish Sole Leather, A!so, LasJs and Pegs, Carriers' Toóle, &.C. Slaushtered do Horsc and Coltar Learhcr, fleniTock tanned Upper Lcathcr, Cordov.ui do Onk t; " Morocco Skins, French tanned Calf Skins, Seal do Oak and Iiemlock tanned do Goat Binding, Hemlock tanned Lfarness and Bridle Leather, Deer and Lamb do Oak " 4i " M White and Colored Linings, Bng and Top Leather, Tnnted do s Skirting, I'Iiiladelpliia nnd Oliio; Shoo Russct do niogs and Kit of all kinds. As the Subscribers are now manufacturing their own Leather, they are prepared o sell as low asean be purchased in this m:irket. Merchants and manufacturera will find it to their acJvantage to cali and examine )ur stock bcfore purchasing elsewhere. ftTCask and Leather e.changed ibr Ilides andSkins. ELDRED & CO. Detroit, Jan. 184G. 248-lyNEW GOODS ! Chcap for Cash!! THE Subseribers beg leave to inforra thcir old cusJon.ers. and the public fcsnrrally. nt ihey are novv receivingu largo and splpndid ssortment ol English, American and Wist ndia, ÜOODS, Crockery, She.lf Hardicare, Pains, Oils, Dyestuffs, Drugs and Medicines. Also a genera! assurtment of JRON. suitable br íroning Waggons and Buggies, Nail Rod s. lorsc Sliucs. and Horse Nails. Slu-et I.-on. Tin Ware and Tin JPlate - also a gcnerul assortiment oí BOOTS r SHOES, hick and thln sale work, and custüm work to uit purchasers. All of which ïhey will sell on he luwcst possible terrns fur Cash or Bahter. "eelin" coniideiit ns we do, that we can ninke t for tlie interest of all tbose wishing to purhase any of the above mentioned Goods, we !o most earnestly solicit at least nn nvesiigatïon of our Goods and priees beibre purekasing elsewhere. JAMES GIBSON & CO. J%"o. 3. Excliange Block. Ann Arbor, Lower Town, Sept. 14, 18-16. 2S2-tf CLOCKS AND WAT CHES ! ! 5=3C3l rTHl E Subscriber has jusl j&!if0m received. (and is connf &L&J 8Iaru'y receiving) from Ècfi. e%v York au elegant ard V !r m3R Wfc selected assortmeut Jevrelry, Clocks, Watclics, cc. fcc. wlucii lu: imends to sell as low ns U uny other establishment ttiis side ot Cufíalo for ready mij onlij among which may be found iheiollow n: a cood assorunent oí Gold Finger Rings. Gold Brcast pine.Wristlets Guard Chaina and Keys. Silvcr Spoons, Germán Silver Tea and Table Spoons (first quality.) Silver and Germán do Sugar Tongs, Silver Salt.Mustard and Cream 6poon&. Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases, Gold Pens, " '' Penci Is, Silver and Germán Silver Thimliles. Silver Spectacles, Germán and Steel do. Goggles, Clothes. Ilair and Tooth Brushca, Lather Brusbés, Razors and Pocket Knives, Fmc Shcars and Scissors, Knives and Forks BrittanniaTea Potsand Caslors. Platen1, Brass and Brittania Candlesticks, Snuflers &, Tiays Shaving bnxes and Soaps, Cli:ipmaii's Best Razor Strop, Calfand Morocco Wallcts. Silk and Cotlon purses. Violins anc Bows, Vriolin and Bass Viol Strings, Flutes FifeB, Clarionets, Accordeons - IVlusic Book (or the same. Motto Senis. Steel Pens am Tweezers, Pen cases. Snufl'and Tobacco boxes Ivory Dressing Combs. Side and B.tck and Pock etCombs, Neecl Ie crises. Stelettoes, VVaierPaint and Urushes, Toy Watches. a great vnriety o: Dolls. in short the greatest varieiy of loys evr-i brought to tliis markal; Faocy woik bo.cs. children's ten setis. Cotoane Ilair Oils. Sim 1 1 1 n u Salís. Court Piasier. Tea BeSIs. Thermometers. Germán Pipe?. VVooc! Pcncils.' BRASS AND VVOOD Cl.OCKS. A-c. in fact nlmost every thing to please the fancy. Ladics and Gentlemen, cali and examine for yourse'.ves. Ciocks. Watches and Jewelry repaired anri warranted on short notice. Shop at bis old stand, opposite H. Becker'bbrick Store. CALVIN BLISS. N. B.- Cash pnid for old Gold & Silver. Also Perrifs Book Store in Ihe somc room. Ann Arbor, July Ist, 1846. 271-Iy Fïre! FireÜ FJ. B. CRANfi would respectfully notify the citizen8 of Ann Arbor, and the surroundinir country, that ho continúes to act as Agent of the HARTFORD FÍRE INSURANCE CO MP ANY, and will insnre Property against 'osses by Fire, atlheiowest rales, and wiih despatch and acenracy. The Hartford Jnsurnnue Company is one of the oldest and most siable in the country, and ;ill lóweèisdfttahrëd by them will be- as they ever hiive been - pbomkti.y paid ! Fire is u dangerous element and not to be trifled vi:h: therelore. make up your mind to guard agair.sL it and dox't dklay ! A few hours delay niay be your ruin. Mr. Chane's Office is in Crane's new Block. corner of the Public Square, Ann Arbor. 280-tf LOOK UEREU THE Subscriber offers to sell Forty Acres of ijood Land in the County of Livingston The land is timbered. and within two miles of of where a steam Saw mili is erecting. 'JY-n acresare eleared, and ihere are ten acres more ready for lot:ging. There is a good log house inid some fruit trees on ihe premises. Tho terms will be liberal, and pnyment may bc made in carpenter's work, lumber or a good team. Apply to the subscriber in Ann Arbor. S. ü. NOBLE. Ann Arbor, July 18, 1846. 274 12w NOTICE. Washtewaw Couxtt, ) Cekrks OrKicr., 83" TflE nnnunl meeting of the Board of Suporvisors, for this County. will be heli at ihe Cour' House in Ann Arbor on Wednesday ihe I2ih day oí October next. B. KING, Clerk. Ann Arbor, Sept. 4, 18-1G.,'3 un ,lrboi' THhJ undeisigncd bavirig uurrhused ilio interests ofhis partnerin the Marble Business, vould inform ihe inhabiian's of ihisand adjoining counties, tliat he continúes ihe business u ihe oM stand in Upper Town, near the Presbyierian f'burch, where he wiil manuíacuire to order, JSIonumenls, Gfrávé Sfones Painl Slone, Tableta, Sc. Sfc. Thosc wishing to obtain any anide in h8 line of business will lind by cal'ing that he has an assortment of Whiie and Variegated Mirble frójm the Eastern Mnrble Quarriee. wlncli wili be wroueht in Modern Siyle. and sold at eastern prices. ad.ling transportctton only. Cnil orid ge' iheproof. J. M. ROCKYVELL. Ann Arbor, Jnly 8, 18-46. 27'2-Iy CENTRAL LAND ANO TAX AGENCY, JacXSOR MiriiiGAN. Office Sccond Sfori of ihe Brick Block adjoining American Hotel. npiIE eubscribers under the name of Huríbut X &.Treídwell, havjng esiatdíshtfd an oíTice at Jackson, tor the pür pose of trans-iciin;í Lr-ir.ess a3 General lloil éstate Ageuts, will give thcir yicrsonal attention ;o The pür(fiase iml sale of Real Eslate, Tayments of Tuzes on Lamí. Reattming Landa sold f'or Tazes, Kxami na tinn of Titlcs, OonzeyancfiS. and sueh other business as pertains to a General {leal Estáte Agency. Iniending permanently to to continue the aboVe Agency, arrimgetnents '. Invc been ninde with extensive Real Ksiaie Oífitas nt the Kast, through whicii the sale oí improved lands may be materinlly taoili t.iteri : and desiriug to render itas benVficidl as possible, a register ol such real property for sale, as inny be furnished us, with pnces, terme, particular descriptio, &c. will be kept for tbe inpection of pnrcliasers, and when a sile ís eflected, a commíssion of 2 per cent is expteted Iroiit. the seller. A catalogue of Lands. Farms, or other real property for s:ile will be published and eMensively circulated by our ofiiee, and owners of su'ch property, desiring to find owners,. can avail them selves of fhis medium, by forwarding to U3 a parucular dcscription of the propnr;y. with pri ees, tcrnis. &c. and One Dullar for each descrip tion advertised. Our charges for all services, will in all cases be rensonable. Er" All letters must be postpaid. H. HURL13UT, J. M. TIIEAUWELL. Jackson, Sept. 1816. 28li-2m The undersigned will continue to attend to the practice of his profe.ssion,' and will devote particular attention lo tho collection and securing of claims, Foreclosure of Mortgages, and draftingofDeeds, Mortgagcs. Contracis. &r. J. M. TREADVVELL. Clieap Hardware Store. THE Sub3cnber taUes t hts niPlhod o inlorm his oíd cusiomera and ihe public general ty thot he still continúes o keep n largeand general a85ortment of Foreign nnd üomestic FIARDWARE, CUTLERY, &c. Also. Spike. VVrought. Cut nnd Horno Shoe Nail. Glass, Sheet Iron, Hoop Iron, Sbeet and Bar Lcad. Zync, Bright and Ancnico Virc, Molns?es Gates and Fassette, Mili Sawe. Cross Cut Saws Hand "nd Wood S.t.vs, Back and Kcy Mole Saws, Anvils, Vices. Bellows,Adze8,Cooper's Toolf, Drawing Knives, Spoko Shaves, Tap Borers, Cast Steel Augura, Comnion AufUT8, Augur BíttSj Hollow Augura. Steel and Iron Squares, Ground Piaster, Water Lime, GrindStones, Potash.Caldron and Sugar Kettle. Ca_ble, Los. Trace and Halter Chains, Broad, í Inncl and Narrow Axes, Spirit and Phunb Levels, tos;cther with a general aesortment of Hollew Ware, which will be sold low for Cash ó" approvcd credit at J 23, JeíFerson Avenue. Eldred'8 Block. . R. MARVLV. Detroit. Jan. IGth. 18-10. 248-Iy X O TICE ! ALZ-perRoni indobted to useithcr by Note or Book account, are reiiiepted to mako ímmediote payment, os nll accounts not seitlcd soon, will be put in a legal course of rolleetion. GARLAND & LeFEVRE. Sept. 10, I #6. 283-3 w'Pil F, prcceding figuro is gmn to reptéjen the Insensible Perspiration. It is ihe gien evacnation fot the impuntics of the body. h will be noiiced that a ihick cloudy mist issues frarn nU pui nis of the suriace, wliich indícales that tliis (.erspiration flüWa uninierruptedly when we are in heallh, but ceases when wc are sick. Li e caiinot bc süstaiVléd without it. It is tlnown off froni the blood anl other juices ol the body. and disposes by this meuns, of ncarly all the iinpurities within us. The blood. by this means only, works itsell pure. The hinyuage of Scrip luie is, "in the Blood is :he Lile.' If it ever bccoin!8 impuro, it niay be traced directly lo the sloppage of the Insensible Pcrspiration. It never requiies any inlernnl medicines to cleanse it, as il always purififs iiself by its own heat andaction, and throws olf a!l ihe Qffending Immore. ihrough the Insensible Perspinuion. Thus we sce all (lint is nocessary when the blood is étOguant, or inlected. is to open the pores, andit ïeI ie vee iiselffroni uil impnrïty instanily. lis own heat and :ilitv are sutiicient, without one partido of medicine, exeept to open the poret upon thesurfaee. 'I' we sfce the folly ot taking so mneh iniernal remedies. All praciitioners, howecr, direct their cfFjrts to restore the Insensible ■erspiraiion, but il secMS to be not always the propi-r one. 'J'he Thompéonian', lor instance stéairts, ihe flydropèthisi slnouds ns in wei blankëts, the llomopath st deals out inlinitissimale, the Alloiuthisi bleeds and doses us with niereury,and the bluslering Quack gorges us wah piiis, pills, pilla. To give some idea of theamnuiu of the Insensible l'eispiraiion, we wil! Sta ie that thi (èarhed Dr. Lcwenhock. and the great' Bocrhaavc. tisccrtained ihat iive-eighthsol all we receivo inio the stomach. passed oif by ihis imans. In other words. if we cal and drink eight pöunds per day, we evacúate five pounds of it by the Insensible Perspiration. This is none othcr than tlio used up particles of the blood. and other juices giving place to the new and fresh ones. To check this. therefore, is to remin in the systeni fiv-eihths oí all the virulent inatier ihat nature demanda shouldleave ;he Dody. And even when this is the case, the bbod is of so active a principie, ihat il determines t'. ose particles to the ski 1, wbefe the; ibrm scabs, pimples, ulcers. and other spots. üy a sudden trnnsition Irom heat 10 cold, th pores are stopped, the perspiration ceases, anc discase begins at once to develope itself. Ilence a stoppige of this flow oí the juices, origínate so inaiiy eompiaints. It is by stopping the pores, ihat overwhelni mankind with coughs, colds, and oor.sumptions Virie-tonihs of the world die from dise;iscs induced by a stoppage ot tho Insensible Perspira tuin. It is casily seen, therefore, how neecssary i the (low of this subtle humor to the suríaec, to preserve health. Il can.not be slopped; it 'jannoi beoven checked, without inducing diseasc. titï me ask uow, every candid miöd, wha course seems the most rcasonable to pursue. i unstop the pores, after ihey are closedi VVoulc you give physic to unstop tre pores? Or woult you apply soniething that would do this upon th surfice, where the clogging actuilly is? Woulc not this be commun sese? And yet I knbw.o no physician who makes any external applicalio t ■ effeji it. The rcason I assign is, that no medi cine within tlicir knowledge. is capable of doing t. Under these circumslances, I presant t pliysicians, and to all others, a preparation iha h is this power in its fnllest estent. It is McAL STEIÏS ALL HEAL1NG OINTMENT or the WORLirS SALVE! It has powerto restore perspiration on the feet, on tho liead, a round oíd sores, upon tho chest, in short, upon any part ol the body, whether diseased tlightl} or severelv. It hns power to cause all external sores, scro fiilous humörs, shin diseaíCfl. poiswnous wounds to discharge their putr.d matter, and ihen hcal the rii. It is a remedy that sweepa ofi" the whole cata [ogaè of cutunc.pus disorders, and restores th eniire eutiele to its healthy funcrioiis. It is a reniedy ihat forbids the necessity of s niany and delcterious drugs taken inio the stoniach. It is a retnedy that neither sickens, gives inconvenience, or is dangerous to the intes i nes. h preserves and defends the turfnee froni al ilerangenient of its funciions. while it keeps open the chnnncls fur the blood to void all its mpuritiea and dispose of all its useless particles Tho snrlace is the outlet of five-ei{.,hths of th bile and used up matter within. It is piercec wi'.h wildons ol openings to relieve the mtcs tines. Stop up these pores, and death knock at your door. It is rightly termed All-IIealing (or there is scarcely a disease, external or inter nal, ihalit wil! nol beucfit. I have used it fo the last fourteen years, for all diseases of th chost. consumption. liver, involving the utmos danger and responsibility, and 1 declare befor Hcaven and man, that not in one single case ha it faild to benefit, when the patiënt was wi:hi the re.ich of mortal means. I have liad physicitnis, learned in the profesaton; 1 have had ministers of the Gospel, Judg es on the Bench, Aldennen and Lawyurs. gen ilemen of the highest erudition and multitudes o the poor, use'it in every variety of way, nnt ihcre has been but ono voice, one united, univer salvoice, saying, "McAlister, your Ointment i good!" CONSUMPT1OX. It can hardly be creditcd that a salvo can hav any effect upon the lungs, seated os thcy ar within the system. Bat wesay once for all, tha this Ointment will reach the lungs quicker tha any medicine that can be given internally. Thus if p!a:ed upon the chest, it penetrates directly to the lungs, separates the pojsonous particles iha are consuniing them, and expela them frorn th system. I nced not say that it is curing persons of Con sumption continually, although we are told it i toolishness. I care not what is said, so long a I can cure sevcral tlioiisand persons yearly. HKAI ACIIK. This Salve has cured persons of the Head Ach of 12 years standing, and who had it regularly every week, so thnt vomiting oficn took place, Deafness and Ear Ae)ie aro helped with th like success. as also Ague in the Face. coi.u FKirr. . Consumption, Livcr complaint, pains in th chest or sidc, falling of ihe hair, one or the othe alwayB accomnanies cold feet. It is a sure sign of disease in the systen to have cold feet. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspi ration and thus cure every case. In Scrofulo, Krysipelas and Salt Ithcum, ènc other diseases of this nature, no internal remed has yet been discovered that is so good. Th same may be said of Bronchitis. Quincy, Sor Throat, Piles, Spinal Diseases, Broken or Sorc Breast, &C. And as for the Chest Diseases, 6uch ns Asth mn, Pain, Oppression and the like, it is the mos wonderful antidote in the World. Fnr Livcr Ccmplaint it ia cqually offiencious Tor Burns it hns not hae its equal in the World: also, Excre8cncè8 of every kind, sudi as Warts. Tumors, Pimples, &c, it makes clean work of them all. SORK KYF.8. The inflammation and discasc nlways liesback of the hall of the eye in the eockot. Henee the virtue of any medicine must reach tho seat of the nflamation or it will do littlc frood. The Salve, if rubbed on the temples, will penétrate directly into the socket. The pores will bo open cd, n proper perspirotion wül beercated and the d8casc will soon pass offtothe surincc. PI.MI'i.KS ON TUK FACE, KIlKCKr.KS, TAN, MASCUM.VK SKIN, CROSS SURFACE. lts firat action itlo cxocl all humor. It willOt cense drawir.g lili the (ace Tree froni any inttèr thnt may be ludged undër Ihfi skin uiiy requcuily breaking out 10 thu mirtace. It thcn ie. ils. VVlien theio is nothing bul grossnes, or uil repulsivo eurfacc, u begins to sollen uiul ofton uuül (lic skin bfcoiuus asstyooth mul c'eliato as a i-hild's. It ihrows a freshness and tuahng color upon the now whiio. iranajmeni kin. that is pcrleotly cnchaiiting. Some times n cose oí Frccklcs it wiil rir&t start out thosc Kat tnvo loin bidden and seen butscldom. Purnu the Salve nul uil will soou disanpear. WOli.MS. Ifpnrents knew liow taial most medicines were o cliildicn taken inwardly, thty would be slow o resort to tliem. Especially niercurinl lozcpi-s.1' c;ill'd "medicatcd lozenges," pills, &c. l'iir muli is, ii" ono can teil, invorjably, Üfhen vorni8 are present. New let me suy topurents, bat thïs Sulve will alw.iys teil il' a child lias vvorms. It will drive every vestiré of them away. Tliie ís a simple and sale cure. Tliere is probably no medicine on the face of lic eartli at once so surc and so safe in the exmiIm.ui of woriua. Il would bc cruel, noy wicked, to givo internil. doubtliil medicines, so longos a harmless, external one could be liad. TOILET. Alttionch I linve said Hule nbout it as a finir rsstoralive, yet I will siake itagainst ihe World! They may bring iheir Oils íar and near, and mine will restore the bair ivo cases to their one. OI.II SORf.S, MORTIFICATIOXS. ULCF.RS, KTC. Thnt some Sores aro an outlct to the impuritie? óf tlie systum, is because they cannot pass aff thrpugh ihe naiu al clmnncls of the Insensi)Ie Perspiration. I f such sores are healed up, the impuritics tnust hnve somc othor outlct, or it will endnnger lile. This is thc roason why itis impolitic to use the comnion Salve of the doy in euch ceses. For they hnve no power to opcit other avenues, to let oíi' thi.i morbid mattor. and ilie cdnsequences are always fatal. This Salvo will always próvido for such emergencies. DISFASES OF CH1LDRK.N. How rnjny thousands are swept off by giving internnl medicines, whon thcir young bodies and tender frames are unable to bear up ugainst thcm? Whole n'mies are thiiB eent to their graves merely tr;m pouring into their wenk stoniachs powerful drugs ond physics! It is to kucIi ihat the All-Hcaling Oinunent tendera so safe, pleasant, nnd harmless a cure . Such can $'as as Croup, Cholic. Cholera Infantum Wornts, and all Summcr Complaints. by whiel so niany chilJren die, the Ointment will remove so speedily and surely, that a phye-ician will never be needed. Mothers! throughou all this land. we now solemnly and sacredly declare to you that the All-Hcaling Oinunent wil s.ive your children from an early grtve if yoi will use L We are not now actuated by thc least desire to gnin: but knowingas we do tha vast bodies of. infanta and children die early; whieh is 8iipposed to be inevitable and impossihle to prevent, we hold up our warning voice ii nd déclrtre in the face of the whole world, CHILDREN NEED NOT DIE MORE THAN OTJIERSÜ TÏ 11 1 it is from thc want ef proper nourisl-mcn and the consiant drbggtng they undergo ffbícJ inows vheni down as ilie rauk grass falla before the scythe. Mothers! we repeat again. and if they wcre the last wuru's we were ever to utter, and o course past t lio reach of all interest, we wouW say. "usetlie All-llealing Oiniment foi sickness aniong children." KHEUMaTISM. It removes alniost inimediately the inflamation and swelling, when the pain of courbt. ceabes. FKVERS. Tn cases of fevcr, the difficulty lies in the poros being locked up. so that the heat and per spiration cannot pass oH". Il the least moisiurt could be starled, the crisi.s ia passed and ihe daner over. The All-Iealing Ointment wil in all casos of fevers almost inetantly unluck tht skin and bring forth the perspiration. KKMAI.K COSJPLAilrr-S. Inflamation of the kidneys, of the womh, ani itsfalling down, weakness, and irregulariiy; ii short, all those ditlicuhics whuh are ftcqnen witfi foniale, find ready and permanent relief We have hnd aged ladies teil us they could no live six inonths without it. Uut to fenialts abou to become mothers, if used for some weeks ante cedent to their confineniont, vcry few of those pains and convulsions whioh altend tlein at thn period will be feit. Thisfacl ought to be known the woild over. SCAI.D HF. AD. We have cured cases that actually defied eve rylhing known, as well as the abiliiy of fiffeei or twenty doctors. One man told us he bai spent 500 on his children without any benefit when a few boxes of the Ointment cured them CO KNS. Pcople need never be troubled with jhem i they will uso it. A a FAMILY MEDICINE, no man can measure its valué: So long as the stare rol nloiig over the Ilcavons - so long as man treod the carth. subject to all the infirniities of the ílesh - so long a6 disease and sickness is known - jiist so long will ibis Ointment be used anc epteeined. When man censes from off the earth then the demnnd willcease. and not üll then. To allay all apprehcnsions 'on account of it ingrediente, in possessingsuch powerful proper ties, we will state that i t is composed of some o llie most common and harmless herbs in existence There is no mercury init, asean be icen frorn the fact that itdoes not injure the skin one partiële, while it will pass through and physic the bowels. JAMES McALISTER & CO. 1C8 South etreet, N. York. Solc proprictor of the above Medicine, te whom all Communications must be addtcsse( (post paid). Pi ice '5 cents and 50 cents. ICrCAUTION.o As the All Healing Ointment has been great ly coimterieited, we have gjven this caution to the public, thnt "no Ointment will be genuine linlera ihe ñames of James McAlisier, or Jame McAlisier& Co., are writien with a pen upon every label." The label is n steel engraving with thc figuro of "Insensible Perspiration" on the face. Now we hereby offer a rcward of 500, to be paid on conviction, in any of the constittitcc court8 of the United States, of any individua counterfeiting o'tr nnmc and Ointment. MAYNARD'S. Ann Arbor, Wholesale Agents; Smith &, Tyrcll. Clinton: Ketchum & Smiih, Tecumseh: D. C. Whitwood, Dextcr H.t Bower, Manchesier; John Owen & Co. Deroit; liarman & Cook, Brooklyn. Dec. 18, 1845. 244- ly EXCHANGE HOTËL TERPERANCE HOUSE. (Directhj opposiie the Cataract Hotel.) BY CYÍIUS F. SMITH, NIÁGARA FALLS, N. Y. This House is not of the largest class, tut i& wcll kept. upon the same plan thai it has been foi sêveral yéará past, and nffords 'imple and very comfortable accommodations for ihose slopping ai thc Falls. This Flotel is 8Ítuated in thc pleaantest pnrt of the Village, on Main Street, and but a few minutes walk from thc Caturact, Goat Island or the Ferry. Niágara Falls, 1846. 2(J2-Gm Hats and Caps, f IN all thcir varicties, also Cams, Silk and Gingbam Umbrellas. Suspenderá, rich Silk Scarfsand Cravats.. Silk, Linen and Kid Gloves. with every arlicle in that line can be hnd at fair pnces and warrantcd to suit by sending your wishes by letter or by calling at No 58, Wood ward Avepue, 3 doois north cf Doty's Auction room, Deiroit. N. B. Ministers and Liberty nen supplied at a smal! advance from enst. 2Ü(f-6.-n JAMES G. CRANE. FOR SALE CHEAP for CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddhs, BrullcsJTarness, Trunks, Valises, Trunk Vatiscs, Carpet Bugs, fyc. Also n gooü assortment of Whips & Lasiik.s, vvhich will bo 8old very low, and no umtnke. at COOK & ROBINSON'S. Ann Arbor, Auguat 12, 184C, 277-tfBOOKS! BOOKS!! At Ferry's Book Store TO THE P UB LIC ! ! THE undèrsigtièd havinjr rcturncd fro:n New York with a new, laige and valuablo stock t' Books, Stalionery and Paper Hangings, s now reaiiy to scll for Cash, any iliing in his ine at his new stand on Main street, opposiie II. Becker's Brick Store. Ho will sny to Book purchasers. that. by his ciFiris last fall on lis return ('rom New York. the price of nearly every thing in his line lias been sold Icss than ïcretoforc. nnd had il not boen for liiin, purchasers would have continued to pay the prices herelofoie charged. He can say also, that his sales have been beyond his most sanguine expectations. showing conclusivcly ihat a public benefactor, nlihough ever so sinall, will noi go unrowardcd in tliia enlightened community. He 3 thankful fot the favors already bestowed. and would respect fully solicita continuance ofthe tradè; andhe would say to those whó never have purchased books of him, that he will show them anieles and prices wiih pleasure ai any time ihey may cali wlicther they wish to purohasc or not. Cash orders from tho country wil] be attonded to, and the books packed as well as if the persons werc present to altend the purchases. He will also faell to children as ch'eap aa their pare nts. Purchasers will do wcll to examine hia stock and prices bofore purchasing elsewhere. Don'', forget thr -place; be sure youcalï iPERRY'SBOOK STORE, on Main Street, a f cío doors South of the Public Square, in the same rooiyi with C. Bliss, Watch Maker and Jcwellcr. WM. R. PERRY. Ann Arbor, June 27, 181(5. 2(9-tf THRESHING Hl ACDIINES. THE undersigned would inform the public I tint he uianulacturcs Hor&e Powers an Thrcshing Machines at Scio, of a superior kim invenied by himself. Tbes9 Powers and Machines are particularlj adapted to the use of Farmèrï who wish to use them lor threahirig their own gr;;in. The power, thresherand lixtures ean all be loaded into a common sized wagon box and drawn with one pair of horses. They aio designed to be used with four horses. and are nbundantly strprtg foi that number, and may be snfely used with six or eight norses wiih proper care. They work wilb lessstrenglh ol' horses according to the amount ol business donu ihan any other power, and will thresh gcnerally ahout 00 buahela heat per day with four hores. In one irietanco lf)d bushels wheat were threshed in three hours with four hoxses. This Power and Machine contain all the ndvabtégés neecssary to make them proliluble to tho purcluser. They are etrong and durable.- They are easily moved from one pl.ico to another. The work of ihe noraes is easy on these powers in eon.parison to oihcrs. and the )riee i LOWKR than any otlier power and mncliine. have ever been sold in ihe Siaie, acobrding tó.the real valué. The terms of payment will l(. ,r. ral for notes that ure know'n tu be absolutely good. I have a number of Powers and Machines now ready for sale and persona wishiug io buy are invited to cali soon. CLEAN ERR. I expect to he prepared wi.liin a few days to make Clcancrs for those who may want i hem. The utility and advaniages Óf ihis Power and Machine will appear evident to all on examininy he recornmendatjone below. All persons are cauiioncd making theso Powers and Machines: tho undersigned hoving adopted the necessury ineasiires for securing h:tiers patent for the same witlnu the urne required by law. S'. W. FOSTER. Scio, Washtenaw Co., Mich.. Juneld, I34G RECOMMEXDATIOXS. Dnring the ycar I.-M5, cach óf ;he undersiLnn! purcliüÊcd and used either individunlly or joTnily with others. op.c of S. W. Foster's newly in vented Ilorse Powers and tnreshing wiachihesi and telieve they are bêüer adapted to the use ol Farmers who want Powers and Machines for their own use than any other power and thfesher within our knowledgo. Tluy a:e colcüliited io bc iised wiih four horsas and are ol ampio trengih ior that numbor. They appear ló bi constructed in such a marnier as to reinier them very durable with liitle liabiliiy of getting out ol order. They are eisily movrd dom olie place to anoiher. They can be woj-ked wiih mv number of hands from four to tight, ai-.d will ïhresl abort 200 bushels wheat per dny. J. A. POLHEMUS, Scio, YVashtenaw co G. BLOOD, A T. RICHARDSON, SAMUEL HEALY, " 5. P. FOSTER, " ú N. A. PIIELPS, 't ADAM SMITH, J. M. BOWRN. Lima. WM. WALKER. Weleer, " THOS WAKREN, " IX SMALLEY, Lodi. " I threshed last fall and winter w.'th one of S. W. Foster's horse powers. more than filteen thousand bushels gram. The repairs bestowed upou tie power amounred to only G cents, nnc it was in good order when I had doiie ttifesbine 1 invariably used six horsns. A A RON YOUNGLOVE. Manon, June 6, 1846. I purchnsed one of S. W. Foster's horet powers jut fall and have used it for jobbing. 1 have used rnany diflerent kinds of powers" and bclicve this is the besi running power I have ever seen. D. S. UENJXET. Hamburg. June, 181C. We purchased ono of S. W. Foster's Hor?e Powers last tall, and have used il and think it is a lirst rato Power. JESSE HALL, DANIELS. HALL, REUBEN S. HALL. Hamburg. June, 1846. 269-tf is. fü: TEMPERAWCE3 HOUSE. MILTON BARNEY OP THE Stcainboat Hotel, DETROIT, IS now rc';dy to accommodate his friends and the Travelling Public, wiih nll those convenïencescalculated to make them coniforiable, and w Uh profes to ruit ttr time. Meals twenty-fivc Cents. Jicst farc n tm Citij for Uie same Mona. General Si„re Office. Stcumhuals lr„ve DeLruit for liuffulo r.rmj Ezening, at half past ( o' dock. ( Usual ly.) Tw RaUroads are loithinfive minutes ride of the Steamboal Hotel. " 272-tf A. C. M'GKAW & CO., Are now recoiving their Fall Stock of Boots & Slioes Which havebcen selected with niuch care for the Wholcsalc Traile. f I UI E Y now renpecilully request the MerX chant8 of Michigan and ndjicent States, to examine their extensive siock which will bc sold it very low prices for cash or opproved credit. Hoving for the last filtecn years sold more Good at retail than any other Houso in Michigan, they feel fully persuadcd that their selcction w to pricc, quality, and sizes, willeuit tho wants t people. Thair stock of Leathcr and Findings is also complete. Tin! retail irado continúes as usual on the first floor. Cornkh ov Jkfferson aku Wooihvaud Avenues. _ . C. McGRAW, Si CO. Detroit, Aug. 22, itiiH. 2W-lyTI1Í8 excellent compound is for sale by tlio proprietor's Agems. MAYNARDS. 263-ly Willson's CornlÑilL, (Mc'Knight's Palent.) The subscriber wou Id hereby say to tlie pullít thnt be is now prepared to furnish on aho-t „otice, ihose who wreh; a portable mili, cupablc of grinding 30 buíhels oí ears of corn per hour or -nnd otlier conreo grain íor feed,.rshe!lcd corn (witU a rush.) rub out dover sed. &c S calledJ. L. McKnights patent corn crusherand clover rubber, &c. The subscriber is also prepared to eell town and county righis to said patent on liberal ternis The machine works like a charm, applicable to horse, wulcr, or steam power: one horse i3 surticicnttn perform the neeeesary grindino'for any farm or oiher establishment lor home consumption. but more power is necessary to do cu8tom work to a proíit. The subscriber has now in operation in hi shop ai his Temperance House, in Jackson j iwohorte power, by which, with the forcé of one horse (only at piesem) he drives said machine. The advantages of feeding corn nnd cobb in ilus way is now too well undersiood to need rehenrsing. Sufficeit to say, that to ihe aoutb where thcyiahe corn easy. nnd worth perhnpé lOcentsper bushel, they think it an object to economise by tlius feeding corn and cobb mea] and too where they give rom to i for for griadtag eiiher for feod ot distillation. One. lwo or thrce compeient salesmeii wantcd to sell rihts to said machine n this Slalo and Ohio, and to sell righis to Thomkin's morticing machine in this State: the best now in use. „ , T. WILLSON. Jackson, March 2, 13-1C. 260-6m Pólice. GD. HILL would n-spect fu ]ly inform the citizèiia of Ann Arbor and vicinity tUt the firm of G. D. Mili & Co., hfcvifíg dissolved, he will con'inue ihe bus-ness at the oldsiand m II .-mitins' Block, on ihcoldand eslablished principies of the house "SMAI.I. PKoriTS AND PROMPT i-w." he will be able toofTer to his customers on or ahout the 20th dny of May, A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF SPRING GOODS atthe lowest possible rales for Cnsh, Wheat W(,(.í. nnd all orlior kinds ol produce. All persons wanting to buy goods will find i: to iheir advantngc to hold on their Oíd Clothes, until ihe aboye riamed assortmenl is received, aá iIh-v wülbn soldnt verv low raies. The Subscriber will also pqy ihe hitjhpst market prico for 1ÜÜ,ÜÜÜ POUiDS OF WOOL O. D. HILL. Ann Arbnr. May II. 1846. 2íi4-tf "Crockery at Wholesale." FREÜKIIICK VVETMüRL:. has constantly or, hund, ihe largesi in the West ot Croclarif, China, Glassware, Looking Glasses and Piales, Brilamiia Ware Trays, Lamps and Wickiig-, Paled Ware, China Toys, $c. e. Ilis stock ineludes all the varieties of Crockery ;md China, frprfi ilie finest China Di'nner and Tea Setis to the most common and low priced ware - froin the richest cut glass to ihe )l:iniest glass wnre. Hritannia Cnstors of every kind. Brimnnia Ten Sftis, Coílee Pota, Tea Pois. Lamp8, Candlesticks, &c. Solar Lahd Lamps ofevery descrfpiion from the most costly cut Parlor Lamp to the cheapest Store lanip. All the above anieles are imponed by himself direc-ly from the mnndfnciurrrs and will be Fold at huk-sale, as low ap at any Wholesale House, expense? from sehooard added only. A liliornl discouin j.'iven for c:ih. Mercjjnnw and oilicrs are invited to cali nnd exnmine tli aliove ariielts nt the oM i-tnnd NoI2.r). Jeflerson Avenue (Elditd's Blork ) Detro"- 1 y Select School. rr,s Smíth, assisted by Miss S. -LTX I'iKr.D, antiounces to the public that she is prepnred to receive young ladies into her schoul in Uiebasi-ment room of the Episcopal Church. fKiois.- For quarterof 12 wcclis. for Enclish bninchesfrom $g,tú A5; French and Latin endi 5 extra if pursued together with the Enclisli, or separatcly, $5 each. The school will be furnished wiih a Philosophical nppnratus: and occasional lectures given on the Natural Sciences. Mrs. Huphs will 2ve nslruciion to all wl.o it, in Music, Drawing, Paimingand Needlework. Miss Smiih refers to the followit.ggenltemen: lrofessors Willinms, Ten Jrook, and Wheelon of the Universiry; Rev. W. S. CurtiP. Rev. Mr. Simons, Rev. C. C. 'J'aylor, JFIon. E.'Mundy, Wm. S. Maynnrd Epq. Ann Arbor, April 29. 1846. 262-tf mIchigan lanTaño tax agency. ' H. D. POST, Masón, Ingham Counly, Michigan. WILL at:end to the paymont of Toxes, exammation ot Tules, purchase and sale of Lands. &c. &c. Any business entrusted tohim will be traneacted with promptncss and aecuracy- Addrcba by mail. Rrferences, (by permission.) C. IJurlbut, Detroit, J. C. Hearit, Brothcr & Co. Wilder Sc Snow, J TroVWoodbury, Avery fe Co. ) ,, R. G. Williams, } Nao Yor?'' "SCcam Foiuidry THE undersigned having bought-the cntire interest of H. & R. Pariridgo and Geo. F. Kent in the "Stenm Foundry," Ann Arbor, will manulacture all kinds ofCastings to order, and will bc happy to furnish any kind of Castinga to the oíd customers oi Harris. Partridge & Co., H. & R. Partridge, Ar. Co., and Partridge. Kent & Co., and to all others who may favor them witli a cali. H, B. HARRIS, E. T. WILLIAMS. Ann Arbor, Dec. 26, 1846. 244-tf FOR SALE AT LOW PRICÉsTÑD EASY TER MS. THE Subscriber offers for sale a Farm, in the town of Dcxter, of 166 acres, bout 80 acres improved. Aleo a Farm at the mouth of Honey Creek in Scio, 3 miles from ihis village, of 146acrC8, 90 aerrs itnproved. AlFoal'arm ono milc from this village of 160 acres, 100 ocrea improved. Each ol' these Furme are desirobly located for resldences; havo good buildings and are all wel! wnicred. Also two dwelling bouaes und lols in this villagc. 200 villnge lots; 24 out lotsof abnut onc ncre eaeh, in tho immedialo vicinitv of i his villoRC.- 10 acres timbered land. and 30 acres improved 3 of a mi le from this vil Inge. Mso 5 slips in the Presbyteriari mec'ing house. Anyofthe above mentioned property will be sold at fair pricos and on a credit oi 9 of the purchasp mnnev- Tille Perfect. lV{UtCil - A SPAN OP GOOD HORSES IN TAYMENT. WILLIAM S. MAYNARD. Ann Arbor. Muy 19, J846. 264-6ra Chattel Iflortgagres, JÜST printedandfor sale at this office in onr quantity.