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American Traitor



Day 1

Cooper Mays and his fellow Navy Seals entered Iraq. He had lead the Navy Seals into ISIS territory. Cooper showed confidence and true grit but everybody else was frightened of ISIS in 2017. ISIS had all the power in the world. ISIS was 2 weeks away from overthrowing the Iraqi government.

The Navy Seals were in a trench watching ISIS behead NBC news anchor Floyd Williams. Right before they beheaded him the Navy Seals jumped out of the trench and attacked the men in the beheading process. Gunshots were fired and Cooper Mays was shot in the knee cap. He hit the ground and started screaming in pain. Cooper dragged himself towards Floyd Williams but he was beheaded before he could get there. As he looked back he say he Wes Daniels second in command for the Navy Seals was carried off the battlefield by Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar.

After the attack, Cooper was taken back to the base. He watched Wes talk to a Muslim man. Wes and the Muslim man were talking about the government.

Day 2

Cooper woke up early morning to drink some coffee. As he walked he saw Wes start the Jeep. Before he drove off Cooper jumped into the back of the Jeep. Wes stopped the Jeep at a mosque and met a man. When they entered the mosque Cooper got out and followed them. When he was following them he had to hide himself behind a pillar. They both walked down a spiral staircase and talked when was he going to be part of the ISIS mission. Cooper didn't expect that. The man gave Wes a brief case and the combination to open it.

After Wes saw Cooper he knew that Cooper knew what was going on. So he took Cooper hostage and knocked unconscious so he could show ISIS that he's worthy of them.

Cooper woke up after 20 minutes with a black cloth over his head. He shook cloth off his head and tried to untie himself but he saw Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar coming towards him. Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar saw the black cloth was on the floor so he put it back on him and carried him to the beheading area. Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar took the black cloth off his head and was about to behead him but Cooper jumped up and grabbed Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar's neck with his two legs and twisted it. He heard a CRACK and that was it of Mohammed Abdul Al-Jafar.

He stole the Jeep and drove back to the base. He ran to the telephone and called President Hillary Clinton and told her about Wes Daniels being part of ISIS. President Hillary Clinton sent people to raid WesBarker's house.

After he told President Hillary Clinton he fell asleep. Cooper got dreams Weskilling him and he kidnapping his beloved family. As kept getting those dream in reality he was twitching in his bed with fear of condolences of someone.


Day 3

At the time when no one was awake Cooper got a phone call from President Hillary Clinton about the raid. But Wes picked up the phone and said that Cooper was part of ISIS and he took him hostage but I escaped, and those files you found were given to me by Cooper before we entered Iraq.

Wesdrove the Jeep back to ISIS territory told them what he did. ISIS was proud of Wes's act. To honor Wes ISIS granted him a take in the overthrowing of the government.

Day 4

The next day, Cooper woke up with his fellow Navy Seals pointing a M4A1 at his head. The Navy Seals got orders from President Hillary Clinton to terminate him. Cooper didn't know what was going on so he ran like H***. He lost his breath and started panting. As he looked up he saw the mosque Wesentered and he went into it see the man he was talking to. He heard a boom.

Day 5

He woke up in the ER screaming while looking at his missing legs. Doctors ran in and calmed him down. They told him what happened and that he needs to get a pair of prosthetic legs . The doctors told him that he can get the pair of prosthetic legs tomorrow and that he should rest until then. Cooper couldn't rest because he couldn't believe that he was missing his legs. So he just laid in his hospital bed.

Day 6

The doctors put on the prosthetic leg and let him go. Cooper rented a motel 10 miles away from the base. Cooper would wear a kufi (muslim hat) and spy on the base. Cooper threw a rock at the base and everybody ran out. When everybody ran out, he ran in. When he entered the base, he quickly grabbed Wes's laptop and hard drive and ran out before anybody could see him.

Cooper went through the files on the hard drive. He found something that shocked him, a file named American Traitor. He clicked open the file and imported the document to his laptop. He ran back to the base and returned Wes's laptop at night so nobody could see him. Cooper read the whole document and found out that ISIS was going to overthrow the government in 1 day!

Cooper was about to go to sleep and heard police yell, comeout outside and put your hands behind your head. Cooper grabbed the laptop and jumped out the window and started running. Cooper was chased by the police and the Navy Seals. Cooper stole a Harley Davidson and rode the Harley Davidson until there was a gas truck unloading gas. Cooper rode towards the gas truck at high speed and at the last moment he skid under the gas truck. He came up under the gas truck still on the Harley Davidson.

He abandoned the Harley Davidson and ran into a dark valley. He climbed a ladder on the the side of the alley and it led him to a apmartment. He opened the window and went in. When he entered a woman screamed and she ran towards the phone to call police. Cooper quickly ran from behind and grabbed her hand so she won't call them. He told her to listen to him but she refused. Cooper asked her for the last time and this time she listened. Cooper told the whole story of what happened. She was felt bad after she heard what happened so she introduced herself. She said her name was Shameela. Shameela took unraveld her hijab (the cloth women wear on there heads and face) and cooper was blown away at her face. In Cooper's mind he was thinking of how beautiful she was.

He gazed at her but the gaze was interrupted by the police and the Navy Seals. He grabbed her hand and ran threw the glass window and and climbed down the ladder. When they both came down from the ladder they ran like H***. They both reached a motel in Sadr City and spent the night there until they were safe from the police and the Navy Seals.

Day 7

When day light arivived Cooper ran to a conveniance store and picked up some bread and milk.  When he arivived back at the motel he saw Shameela held captured by the police and the Navy Seals. The two police officers ran towards him to attack but Cooper jumped up and puched them right in the chest. The police officer went own and blood gushed out of there mouths. He saw Wes a moment ago but know he's gone. Cooper ran towards them and pushed them off of Shameela. He grabbed Shameela and ran out the motel.

They took a taxi to Baghdad and it was under attack. He quickley understood that there were 6 ISIS terrorists in this shooting. Cooper ran towards the back of the terrorist and jumped kicked him in the neck. The terrorist hit the ground and started twitching and then he died. Cooper picked up the terrorist AK-47 and ran into the Capitol building. He sniped three terrorist from the back and took some ammunition for the AK-47. He knew there were only two more terrorist left. Both the terrorist ran out of ammunition so they ran towards Cooper. Cooper jumped up and uppercutted them and killed them. As he was wiping sweat off of him and picking up Shameela from the ground, he saw Wesrunning towards a taxi. Cooper shot him in the leg. Wesfell to the ground and was screaming. Cooper and Shameela walked towarded him. Wes tried to run but he couldn't. Shameela was huging Coopers arm when he yelled you American disgrace and left Wes suffering in pain.

Cooper and Shameela were hiding together in the depths of Iraq. Cooper couldn't go back to America because he was on the most wanted list in America. If he went back he would've been executed.

After what happened Wes started ploting revenge on every day since he was shot by Cooper Mays.   


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