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Worn-out Lands

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Worn-out lands should never e.xist where sun and rain are sufficient to prevent deserts. It ought to be a maxim, that correct farming never wears out land. That management which leads to different results is just as inconsistent and unbusiness-likc as it would be for a merchant so to tride, that Iris profit would be small and his expences as large as to require part ot' his capital to bc expended year aftor year until it was all exausted. Yet what is more common; than old worn out lands ? Even the fine wheat landá of the Genesee country will now, in many instances, nol bear rye. The average product of wheat in this Stale was in 1845 only 14 bushels. In Monroe county the average was I9ij in Genesee 16A ; in Cayuga and Ontario, IC. Compare this with old Kings, whichaveniged 19, and two of the outer wards of Brooklyri, which average 24 bushels. The average of rye in the whole State was 9 bushels per acre. In Kings county it wns 26 bushels, in Richmond 14 , and in Genesee only 10 bushels. The arerago of corn in tho State was 25 bushels per acre - in New York county, 40; Kings 38 ; Richmond 35; Suflblk 34. In Monroeand Orleans 30 ; in Ningara, Ontario and Séneca, 29 ; and in most of the other Western counties still less. Tho average of Potatoes wns 90 bushels. Genesee 125 : in Suffolk 120 ; in Kings and Monroe 110; in Séneca 97 , in Queens 95.The average of Pens was 15 bushels. En Kings, 35 bushels ; in Richmond 24 ; n Putnam and Queens 20 - in Genesee and Madison'17 ; in Monroe, Livingston,