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Growing up with just your dad can be a challenge; especially if you’re a boy and a dragon. Not that being a dragon isn’t great, it’s just that your dad doesn’t always agree with everything that you say. We have different views on what a dragon should and shouldn’t do. It’s a constant battle between me and him. All we do is steal a princess, get the gold, and repeat over and over again. It gets boring and the gold isn’t always satisfying. But one day that’ll change, I know.

“Glyndwr! Come along! The sun is setting, it’s almost time,” My father, Galzar, called for me from the mouth of our cave.

I walked out of my room, it’s more like another opening deeper inside of the cave, and down the dark, wet. Droplets of water dripped down from stalactites and onto small puddles on the floor. My claws scrape the floor, and my tail drags behind me, swaying to and fro. Jagged rocks stick out of the walls, making the walk more like a waltz.

“Must we go again? We just got rid of the last one yesterday. We haven’t even gotten all of the gold yet,” I protested to my father, “I grow weary of stealing princesses every night.”

“Glyndwr we must. It’s what all dragons do.”

“But father why?”

“Because I said so!” my father yelled, shakings the stalactites.

“But father I want to be a princess,” after the words flew out I covered my mouth.

“You can’t be a princess! You’re a dragon! You will never be allowed to be a princess so long as you are a dragon living in my cave!” The ground rumbled and rocks fell from the walls and ceiling. He paused for a moment before he spoke again, “My son, it’s the way we were raised. It’s in our blood. Once you come of age you’ll understand.”

“Father, I am of age and I still don’t understand. I came of age a year ago. Don’t you remember? Besides, what has this innocent princess ever done to us that makes us have to steal her in the night to hold her for ransom? It just isn’t fair.

“Well life isn’t fair,” my father snapped at me. I jumped back, frightened by his temper. You never know what will happen when he loses his temper. One time he lost his temper when I was very young and he caused a rockslide on a kingdom; we had to leave right away because they were coming towards our cave with pitchforks and torches. That’s why we always work in the dark.

The sunset was a mix of vibrant ambers and various shades of purples. My father and I began our nightly flight to a kingdom to steal away their princess. We soared high in the sky, clouds to our sides as the stars began to appear in the night sky. Our shadows began to fade and I can see the glow of candlelights in the distant.

“Alright son, find the princess and bring her to me and then we’ll leave.”

I nodded, already knowing what I had to do. I fly up to the tower and peek into the lit window and looked for the princess, then I sing my song, grab her, and take her to my father where we keep her until we are paid with gold and treasure.

I sang my song, slightly pitchy, but effective nonetheless. I peered into the window only to find the room empty. I looked around frantically still singing, trying to find the princess. Unfortunately, I had no clue what the princess looked like. Most have long, flowing hair, big poofy dresses, and are snobby brats. They treat me horribly once we take them back to the cave, although I can’t blame them; I did steal them in the middle of the night and took them back to my cave.

While I was searching for the princess, I saw a figure running down an outdoor corridor. I swooped down, hovering above this mysterious being. The smell of lilacs radiated off them. All princesses I have met in my lifetime always smelled of flowers. My greens eyes changed to gold as I snatched up the human and flew off back to my father.

“Let me go! Let me go!” a female voice called from my claws. She flailed trying to get free. The hood of her cloak hid her face but the rest of it sailed behind her.

“Calm down,” I said as I lightly landed in front of my father.

She looked at me surprised, then looked at my father and her eyes grew wide. She took a few steps back and was up against me then turned around and was about to run, “Don’t bother,” my father spoke, “You’ll listen and do as you’re told. Now stay put.”

She sat down and stared at my father with a pout on her face. She was different than most princesses I’ve met. She didn’t complain, she had a different attitude, and she wasn’t fased* by dirt or the fact that we were dragons; she accepted it and actually listened to my father.

So being naturally curious, I sat down next to her and tried to get to know her, even if she’ll only be here for a little while.

“You’re a princess right?”

“Yep,” she said inching away from me.

“My name is Glyndwr, but you can call me Glyn if you’d like,” I held out my claw for a shake.

“Avellana,” she said as she took down the hood of her cloak. She looked beautiful. Her hair was red and shorter than other princess. Her hair had gentle curls that softly blew in the late night wind. Her eyes were hazel like mine and she had freckles on her cheeks and nose. She put her hand in mine and shook it lightly. Her hand was warm and soft.

“What’s it like being a princess?” I asked without even thinking.

She looked at me kind of shocked, “Well it’s a lot of doing as you are told. Millions of places and people to see. You’re always on your feet and you never get a second to yourself.” She went on to say more but I was too busy thinking about being a princess.

I was brought back from my thoughts with a nudge and Avellana was giving me a look and then I heard my father’s voice, “Glyndwr, grab her and let’s go. I think they’ve noticed she’s gone now.”

I looked at Avellana, “Would you rather ride on my back?” I offered as I got lower so that she may climb on to me.

She nodded and smiled for the first time this evening. She climbed up and off we flew. I could hear her laughing all the way back to my cave.

Days passed and no one came for Avellana. She stayed with us for a few days and the two of us became wonderful friends. Even though the two of us bonded my father grew tired of hearing us talk about princess life and playing, as he said, our “little games.” He sent us outside more often then not, in order to not lose his temper.

“So Glyn,” Avellana asked holding up her skirt as we ran out of the cave, “If you could have anything in the world what would it be?”

I chased after her laughing, “This may sound weird but I want to be a princess.”

“But you’re a boy!” She laughed as she skipped across the stream, “Boys aren’t princesses.”

“So?” I asked following close behind her, “Just because I’m a boy doesn’t mean I can’t be a princess.”

We ran to our secret place, laughing all the way. Our place is across the river, through the woods, and across the shore to a little opening in the cliff. Inside is a small waterfall falling into a pool of water. I fly us through the waterfall, leading to the cave behind it. Once we land we continue our princess conversation.

“Why do you want to be a princess Glyn?” Avellana asked as she wrung out her hair.

“I don’t like the lifestyle of dragons. I’ve stolen so many princesses, but I would rather just be the princess.”

“Well,” Avellana stood up, “there is a way to make that happen.”

“Really? How? Let’s do it,” I jump up, ready to go.

“We would have to do it tonight then.”

“But why?”

“Well you see,” she began, “I would have to take a scale of a dragon who has come of age, which would be your father, and wish that you were a princess.”

“I’m a dragon that has come of age. Take one of my scales.”

“Don’t you want to talk to your father before I do this?” She asked as she looked for a lose scale to pull off of me.

“No,” I shake my head, “He wouldn’t approve.”

“Alright then. Are you ready?”

I nod and prepare for whatever may come with this transformation.

Avellana holds the scale tight in her hand, “Small scale born from a star, help me grant this wish from where you are. I wish that my friend Glyndwr can be a princess just like me and that she is beautiful in her own way.”

A ball of light flew from the scale and consumed me in it. The next thing I knew was being gently put laid down from the ball of light. I looked down and saw hands and feet instead of claws. I had skin instead of scales. I was human! I ran my fingers through my long hair. I ran to the waterfall and saw my reflection. My eyes were still their golden, hazel color. My hair was down to my hips and a deep amber color. I had long lashes and rosy cheeks.

I turned around to Avellana and her mouth was wide open, “I’m a princess.”

She ran to me and hugged me; both of us were squealing with excitement.

“It’s almost sunset,” I said testing out my new voice, “We have to hurry back to the cave before father gets cross.”

We jumped out of the cave and into the pool of water. We climbed out then ran all the way home, our dresses dried on the way back. We climbed up the hill and quietly made our way into the cave. My father was curled up by the fire.

“Avellana, who is this girl with you?” My father asked raising his head.

“Galzar,” she began, “This is Glyndwr. You’re son. I told him about the Scale Wish, and I made my wish.” I waited for his temper to flare, but Avellana continued on, “Please don’t be cross with him. This is what he wanted, and a true father would support his son no matter what he chose to do for the rest of his life.”

He stood up, towering above the two of us, “Son,” he began, “I knew this would happen one day. I wish it hadn’t been so soon, but it was bound to come nonetheless.” Avellana and I looked at each other confused. My father smiled, then lightly kissed our foreheads. “The two of you must go back to the kingdom of Onalewiel,” My father directed his attention to Avellana, “Tell your father that a dragon from a far off place took you in the night. When he asks you about Glyn, tell him that no one came to save him, or her.” He looked at me for approval and I gave him the biggest smile I could. Then he continued, “I was right her, tell him no one came to save her, so the two of you escaped and came back her. Ask him to take her in as his own, begg if you must but she needs to be safe.”

“Of course Galzar.”

The my father looked at me, “Glyn, I’m not sending you away because I don’t love you, I’m doing it so that you can be provided for. I love you and I have always wanted the best for you.”

I ran up to him and hugged him the best I could, “I love you too father.” I got on tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

He wiped away a tear, “Alright girls, I’ll fly you back to Onalewiel.”

We headed outside, climbed on his back and we soared through the sky one last time. Time flew and we got to Onalewiel much faster than I had hoped. Avellana and I moved with the shadows, my father following close behind. Avellana had a secret way of getting into the palace.

Once we reached the entrance Avellana turned to me, “I’m really sorry to say this, but this is where goodbye’s need to be said.” She rested her hand on my shoulder before disappearing inside.

“You really are a beautiful princess Glyn,” he smiled and nudged me to the door.

“Will I ever see you again?” I asked not wanting to lose the only family I had left.

“Of course. Just watch the skies at night,” he winked then went on his way. I followed Avellana inside.

She told her father exactly what my father told her to say. He welcomed me into the family with open arms. He asked me so many questions about my experiences with the dragon. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer them, thank goodness for Avellana because she helped me dodge most of the questions. The king opened up his palace for me and told me that if I needed anything all I had to do was ask. The first thing that I requested was that Avellana and I share a room together. He said of course my little princess and sent us on our way.


Since then both Avellana and I have been doing our princess duties together, but what we look forward to all day long is our evening adventures. Every night after we have been put to bed, we sneak out of bed, out the window and onto the roof to watch the skies for the familiar figure that flies through the night. We know its him when we catch a glimpse of his shimmery scales from the moonlight. Although I miss him, I know that what I did was meant to be for me. If he could see me now I know he would be proud.

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