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Dr Crue’s Files (2026 Feb 12)


I run through the alleyway as darkness nips at my heels. “Get away from me demons!”, I scream as there claws scrape down my throat. Fire rises from the walls and burns my arms. The sun falls behind storm clouds and the light completely disappears. Countless night-walkers, creatures of the shade, circle around me. “Leave me be!”, I shout. The animals spit poison, flying at me like embers from a burning log. They advance in unison, as if controlled by the same wicked mind. It is utter torture. I try to fly but my wings are bound by dark chains. All I ever wanted was peace. All I ever wanted was freedom. A demonic form slips through the crowd, looking different from the others as it was wearing a lab coat. It pushes me against the red brick, sending me into a daze. He grabs my wrist and a silver syringe forms in his palm. Small, shining wings decorate the outside of the deathtrap. The devilish creature slides the needle into the my wrist. I scream in agony as the lethal substance enters my veins. Shadows begin spiraling up my arm.

Somebody grabs at the creature and throws him to the side. I pull out the needle and grab their outstretched hand, seeing that it’s a fellow angel. My last bit of hope begins running and I follow, but weak from the struggle I collapse before getting close to safety. The boy turns and lightning sparks from his hands, a show of worry. He lifts me up and flies to the clouds.

We finally reach our haven when the angel sets me on the ground, he begins gasping and writhing as if he was being rained on by acid. I cover my mouth with a shaking hand to muffle the coming screams. Is he-? A guard flies to us just as my hero falls. “Who did this to him?”, the guard asks in a deep voice, closing my hero’s lifeless eyes. I try speaking but no words come out. The ten-foot guard stands up, towering over me.

“I don’t know!”, I stutter, “I was being attacked, he saved me.”. The guard symbols a cross across his chest and my savior vanishes. “He saved me”, I sob. A throbbing pain shoots up my arm where the substance had been injected. This is all wrong, it wasn’t supposed to be this way! Other guards rush over to us and a medical team lays me on a moving cot.

They send me to the infirmary, a large marble room with bleak walls and sparkling lights. I’m laid onto a larger bed with plastic pillows and cheap cotton sheets. A young nurse tends to the burns while another inspects my arm. The doctor hurries over and seems to be thrown into a state of shock at the sight of me.

The nurses whisper to him, saying things that I cannot make out. The doctor is an old spirit with gray hair and sunken eyes. He looks at me as if he was at a funeral with an open casket, “Did you see what was injected into your arm?”

“The alley was pitch black, I could hardly see a thing.”.

The doctor shakes his head at the nurses and they leave the infirmary. “I’ve been doing this since the fall of Jerusalem and never have I seen such a thing as this.”, he gestures to the blood-colored swirls racing up my arm.

“Am I going to die?”

He places his hand on my forehead and says a quick prayer, “At the speed that the tendrils are going, I doubt that we will be able to find a cure. I’m sorry.” A fog fills the room as he exits. I wouldn’t let myself believe it. A boy just died for me, I can’t let the end of his life be for nothing! Though, what is this worth either way? In the end even angels are bound to hell.

Dr Crues Files (2027 March 17)

I put my hair up in a tight bun, draping a layer of pearls over my head. The poison that had been injected into my wrist a year ago had been growing throughout my arm and began to take over my wings. The feathers turning to stone, slowing beginning to resemble a gargoyle’s. It was as if my fate was stitched into the Father’s cloak of colors.

I walk out to the Clove Valley. It’s screen of clouds, though blocking the sun, gave me a place of serenity to think. And even through the midst of war and rebellion against the peace agreement, no demon or angel could ruin the feeling of freedom that surged through me when I was flying through the beautiful plains.

Though today something was different. Today the peaceful valley was off. Butterflies usually flew through the winds, and the birds would fly over head. The little nymphs in the forest normally sang songs of hope and opportunity to a brighter and prosperous future. Still today was so very different. The peaceful valley was silent.

A gunshot fired in a distant realm. It wouldn’t normally faze me but on this day, in this place, the gunshot was like a warning bell. I stutter in the middle of flight and drop to the ground. A sudden thrash of dizziness crashes over me like a tidal wave. The valley spins around me and the lights all blow out, sending an energy surge through my body.

I breathe in, with a shaky manner. The smoke of a burning village rises into the sky, turning the gray clouds black. A presence can be felt around the Clove Valley, sending chills up my spine. “Who are you?”, I call into the dark sky. Who ever was watching replied with a deathly cold drop in temperature. I begin to walk back towards my home in the Hollows. Night-walkers were common amongst my realm, but they were never something you wanted to deal with.

“Be careful. They’re watching, I’ve seen them.” a soft voices whispers into my ear. The voices pitches getting higher and lower with every beat of my heart.

“Excuse me?”, I turn around to find no one but myself.

“They seem to have a peculiar interest in you princessa.”. Whoever this is should leave me alone, before things go sour. I get to the center of the Aargion Forest. When you enter this area of my realm, the whole world seems to change.

The Hollows are a clearing in the middle of the Aargion Forest, a forest that takes up most of the Kingdom of Aarg. The Hollows resemble the Clove Valley in certain ways. For it is peaceful and full of life. Still there is something about this area of the Aarg that is utterly unsettling. The sun never shines the same way. It falls in spots on the ground, constantly moving at the speed of flight.

Many angels and spirits, yet uncomfortable in the Hollows, make a home here. I don’t know many of them, which is why I constantly find myself unnerved by their continual knowledge of me.

“They’re so close…”, an angel mumbles as I pass by. I stop in my tracks. Don’t ask who, you know what they’re talking about, you-

“Who’s coming?”

“The demons, they’ve finally broken through the gates.”, the angel flies over to me. He fidgets and rocks back and forth like a man that belongs in an asylum. “I was told by the voices.”

“The voices?”

“Haven’t you heard them? They’re everywhere! I swear they see everything.”, the boy exclaims.

“Madman.”, I curse under my breath, walking away. I can’t blame him though. The loss of sanity has been spreading like the plague around these parts, so nobody was to blame. Nobody but the Hell Dwellers.

I walk over to my home. A small, gothic styled mansion with a black diamond chandelier hanging in the center of the entrance. An earthling’s palace, my small little abode. I waltz up the curving staircase and multiple irregular explosions begin erupting all around me. The ground shakes beneath my feet and the ceiling begins crumbling ever so slightly.

But there is no noise, no shock. No nothing besides the faint sound of singing. It was like the nymphs songs, but more violent. Trying to find a bit of peace I close my eyes and focus in on the singing of the mysterious beasts. “They see everything. You should’ve listened to me. Your death will come. The kingdoms will fall. Princessa you are the end unless you grow tall.”.

“No peace!”, I scream, opening my eyes. The formally cracked walls and crumbling structures were back to normal. A realm guard runs through the door.

“Princess, what happened to you?!”, she calls. I can’t take it. The insanity. The anxiety. The insomnia!

“I’m not your princess!”, I cry, flying up through the skylight and into the sun.


Back Into Reality

I pull out the venom-filled IV and breathe deeply. My heart practically blows through my chest and I have to hold my hand over my ribs to keep it from leaping out. The ‘doctors’ rush over to me in an aggravated manner.

“I can’t go back there. I’m sorry, but it’s making me go crazy.”, I breathe heavily. In and out, in and out. I know that they would make me go back, but I still had to try.

“If you want to stop then we understand.”

“You do?”, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Of course we do, but we would like to remind you that you signed a contract and…”

“And if I leave this madhouse then I’ll be exterminated soon after.”

This particular doctor went by the name of Dr. Alice Crue. I’d have a better chance of winning an argument with Lucifer himself than winning one against Dr. Crue. The lady was a tyrant. “Avalon, how many times do I have to tell you this? You are going to be the reason for a world round revolution! Signing that contract does not keep you tied to a madhouse, it includes you within our organization and leaving wouldn’t get you killed.”

“Then what would you do to me?”, I stare Dr. Crue right in the eye, but she’s obviously doesn’t have enough respect for me to even act sympathetic.

“Nothing.”, she hisses, close to my face. She was a good deceiver, I admit it, but she couldn’t fool me. I grab my backpack and run out of the room. I know that I’m coming back tomorrow, but at least I can rest my mind for tonight.

I’ve been part of this project since the day I was born. I lived in two worlds, the world of reality, and the world in my mind. The project was referred to as OOMM (Out Of My Mind). The doctors take children with mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Manic Depression, and Psychosis. They hook us up to machines that alter our reality, creating new worlds from our mental minds.

It’s terrifying to live in a world of psychosis half the time, and in a world of fear the rest of the time. Dr. Crue’s assistants follow me out into the hall, “Avalon you can’t leave. You’re our biggest breakthrough in mental illnesses since the discovery of schizophrenia’s genetic underlying!”.

“Get your hands off me! I’m not leaving, I’m going back to my room to sleep.”, I growl, pushing them away. I walk to my room and lock the door behind me. I was a 17 year old girl, not a lab rat! I hate it, I hate them, I’d rather die than go back. I begin punching at the tiled walls. Reality and fiction was so twisted, I can no longer tell the difference between them. I fall onto my bed, breathing heavily. This life was anything from normal.

Faint voices begin getting louder, nearing my door. I look over at the foot-thick iron block that separated me from the outside world. Something strange made my ears perk. “This is completely insane, the results have never been like this. Avalon’s lucid oneirological psychosis has never reached such a level that it truly entered her simulated world with such a strong pull. We need to get her back on the testing table now.”.

A security guard unlocks my door and forces it open, “Miss Avalon, you are needed in the simulator room.”. I pull the paper covers of my bed over myself and throw my pillow at him. He stomps into my room and pulls the covers off of me, “Miss Avalon, get to the simulator room immediately.”. I kick at him and he pulls a small needle out from his coat pocket.

“No! I deserve a break, don’t touch me with that venom!”, I scream as he grabs my arm. “Get off me!!”, I howl once again. The guard grabs my arm and injects it into my vein. I writhe and hit at the man, but he overpowers me. “Let me go!”, my sight blurs and I feel a sense of weightlessness as my body becomes limp and stars cover my vision.


Dr Crues Files (2027 March 18)

“Wake up little princess, wake up!”.

“Is she dead?”

“Angels don’t die stupid, humans do.”

“Her wings aren’t even white1 They’re molted and black, like a demon’s.”

“You are despicable Plum.”. I gain consciousness and the first vibration to touch my ears is the sound of two girls bickering. I felt as if I was waking from anesthesia, my sight still blurred. As my eyes adjust, I see two young nymphs kneeling over me.

“Hello little princess!”, the nymph on the right exclaims. She has the youth and beauty of Aphrodite, and a crown of flowers adorned her feathery golden hair.

“Um, hello…”, confusion has not yet left my mind. It clouded my head like a morning fog. Do I know these girls? The other girl had blue hair, braided with flowers. I stand up and rub my eye. Goodness, there was an extreme pain coursing throughout my arm. I look back at the two girls. Their ivory skin, glittering in the morning light, began changing greatly. Their eyes sunk into their skulls and their skin clung to their bones.

The flower’s that garnished their hair shattered into the skulls of small rodents, as their dresses rip and tear with the wind. Who are they? Why are they doing this? The once beautiful young nymphs grabbed at me, their long claws scraping at my arms. The sunny day quickly becomes a gloomy night and they pull me into a fiery hell. I knew it, I knew this was to be my fate.

Eyes begin popping up through the shadows. Bright and large like an owls, but evil and mysterious like the canis lupis’. The air becomes thin as paper and I find myself struggling to breathe. A sound like wind blowing up dried leaves booms. Becoming louder and louder as my own breathing increases, until everything stops. I get the immediate sensation of falling.

The emotions I was experiencing could only be compared to those of a bountiful summer day, when all seems right, and you trust in the world to keep you safe. Still the only reason you trust in the crumbling world is because you are so vulnerable that trusting yourself would be plain idiotic. I get lost in my thoughts, my memories, my all and everything. For any second now, I could die.

My last will must be told before anything else, it is vital that they know the truth. These realms are ones that were created from peace, and they will be destroyed in chaos. We will all die, every single one of us. I’m going to die, you’re going to die, everyone you love is going to die. It’s all going to be your fault.

So do not spend your days running in fear when you know that you could be out there fighting, and when you find yourself lost and surrounded by demons, these are only reflections of you. Still, the reflections you see will eat you up until there is no light left in your heart, they will kill the ones you love for they know every single weakness and they will take advantage of that. It’s true, you’re always being watched. Always. Every single minute of every single day, you are being watched. I just wished that I hadn’t been saved. I wish that I had died. You will wish that you had died.

Learn from my mistakes, I beg of you, before the world goes up in flames.


The Truth In The Matter

The nurses and assistants keep a heavy watch over Avalon. The young girl was the key to their success. At this point they no longer tested other children, but that’s what they had to tell Avalon to keep her from going completely psychopathic. Avalon showed something that the doctors working in the OOMM referred to as the ‘Lucid Oneirological Symptoms’. Suddenly, something goes wrong with the system.

Dr. Crue rushes into the simulator room, “What’s going on? What’s happening?!”. The nurses attending to Miss Avalon Graywick were running frantically throughout the room.

“Dr. Crue her heart has stopped, she’s not breathing!”, one of her assistants call out.

“What do you mean?”, Dr. Crue exclaims. Avalon was a healthy young girl, there was no way that she could have just died so suddenly!

“We were watching the monitors and everything crashed! It’s as if her brain shut itself down.”. Dr. Crue checked her pulse, but there was none to be found. Her assistant runs to the computer, “I’m scanning her brain for signs of activity.”. The other nurses take out the IV and unhooks her from the simulator.


Name? Avalon Graywick. Time of death? 3:26. Did she deserve it? No, the people who threw her into a suicide mission did.

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