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The National Grand lodge lately held its annual session in Baltimore. Hon. R, KneassofPenn., was chosen the next Grand Sire. J. L. Ridgely and A. E. Warner both of Maryland, were re-elected Grand Secretary and Grand Trcasurer. During the past year, the Lodges throughout the United States have increased to 992 ; the number of new initiations was 33,3 1G ; suspensions, 2,713 ; expulsions 493 ; Past Grands sent up to Grand Lodges, 8,500 ; and the increase of Past Grand M usters has been 144. - The revenue of the Subordinate Lodges during the has been $708,205 40. The nutnber of contributing membera at present connected with the order is 90,753. Tiie numBer of widowed families relieved during the year was 917, and the number of brothers buried by the order 4S5. For the relief of brethren the sums paid by the various Lodges havemounted to $154,247 62 since the last annual report, and for the relief of widowed families $15,696 12. The sum of 83,674 25 has been paid for the education of the orphan children of deceased members of the order, and $22,786 02 for the burial of the dead. The total amount paid for relief during the year has been $197,317. The increase of Lodges as compared with 1845 has been 307 ; ofincome, $252,228 16 ; of members 28,900 ; of amount of relief afforded, $71,956. The Baltimore Sun givesthefollowing account of an interesting ceremony of ihe session. It shows how a pcrti.n of ihe funds of the Order are used.A Magnificent Present. - We yesterday saw a inagnificent gold huniing watch, which has been made to order and presented by the Grand Lodge of the U. S. of the Independent Order ofOdd Fellows, to P. G. M. James L. Ridgely, in compliment to him ibr his services as Grand Secretary &c. The ceremony of presentaion look place in tlie Grand Lodge on Thursday last. The worka of the watch were made by Tobías, of Liverpool, with sixteen jewels, expressly 10 order, and were broughtto New York, where the cases and other work were completed. The cases are very heavy ; the edges, or back and front, are heavily chased of rich scroll work ; in the centre of the front is the eagle, holding in his beak the three links, and in his talons the shield, and on the right, interwoven in the scroll work, is the cornucopia, and on the left the hand and heart. On the back is the all-seeing eye, and underneath the emblem of charity. The face of the watch presents the jewel of a Past Grand Master, resembling a five-pointed star, encircled by a splondid wreath of fifty-nine diamonds. The inscription upon the inside is as follows :fe O. O. F. 'Pres3nted by the G. L. of ü. S. to P. G. M. James L. Ridgely, as an ao knowledgment of merit, as an evidence of the affeclionnte regard in which he ís held Dy the Order. September Session, 1846. Altogether the present is a rich one. and wi)l be held as invaluable by the genllemnn lo whom it was made. ít cost, including the chain, S415.CCfO ur excbange ppers represent that there has been a greater nmountof sickness for a few months past through the Western and Middle States, than has occurred in any season since 1833. Accounts from the eastern States represent diseasês to be more than usuaily prevalent. ETThera :s a cigar fuotory n: Manilla thai omp!oye ten thooaand gir!. I: is L pity tfcaj the !bor of so many 'omen skou.d end in 3inck3.