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In about two weeks the time for another eleüiion of members of Congrcss and uf thé State Legislatura - will arrive. - Liberty men will again be colled upon to bear their testiiflony for tlie cause of Freedom. All the signs of the times, as they are developed around us, show that our annual suüVag.s for Liberty are not in vain. They are exerting a powerful influence on the whole community, w Inch ere long will make ilself knowu through important political rosults. But the general considerationsof tho subject are presented in the address of the State Committee, and we would only mentiontwo or llirec specific but important points. 1. Don'tbedeceived by any Whig pretonces of Abolitionism. Remember the difiference bctwecn Whigs and Abolitionists is fundamental - Whigs vote for Slavcholdcrs, and thcrcby for the contmuance of the Slave Power: - Liberty men do not, and will not. As (or the Democratie candidatos, their party is so thoroughly proslavcry, they cannot inake a fuce to ask your votes. 2. Try to get out aü the Liberty voters to the polls. Take pains for it. - Numhers is the test of progress In tho eyes of your opponents. 3. Have tickets enough printed, and consiantly on hand'a the polls. It is a shnme to the party to have voters inquiring among your political opponents for a Liberty ticket, without being able to find any. 4. Don't believe any stories that may be raised about your candidates. You know th?m - give them your confidence and support, 5. Let each man, for hitnself, resolve todo bis ickole duty, whether his neïghbor does or not.