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Okay Mary, get it together. Jamie will be here soon. Go over the plan. When Jamie gets over here…

“Mary!” Jamie sang, knocking at the door in a somewhat sophisticated way.

Hesitant, I walked toward the door.


I opened the door slowly. In the fakest way I could, I greeted her.

“Hey there, Jamie! I’m so glad you came!”

“Oh it’s no problem, Mary! I’ve really wanted to clear the air and I am so sor…”

I interrupted, “Let’s talk over dinner. Garreth is here and he is supposed to take the children to their grandmother’s house soon.”

“Oh, okay.”

I escorted Jamie to the kitchen. She sat down at the table and I began preparing supper.



I smiled from ear to ear.



            The station was cold, lonely. I could feel my palms sweating. Goosebumps followed cold chills but I kept calm.

Don’t blow it, Mary. Stick to your story. After all, it is the truth.

Palms sweaty, face hot, I looked at the clock on the grey station wall. It seemed as if an eternity had passed since the police picked me up to be questioned. Minutes later an officer came out from a room with a big window and closed blinds.

“Mrs. Mary Jane.” he spoke quietly.

Ahh, good cop, bad cop. Let’s play.

As the officer led me into the room with the large window, another was holding the door.

“Mrs. Jane. Sit.” demanded the second officer. “Do you care to tell me what happened?”

Trick question, Mary.

“I’m not exactly sure.” I spoke softly.


“All I know is that I went to the store and when I came back all I could see was smoke.” My voice intentionally shaking.

“Right.” The first officer was not buying it. “Well, tell me about your husband. Garreth, correct?”


“Oh, yes, my Garreth. Such a great man. Officer, how about I tell you what I know as of right now?”

“Well, sure, if you’d like.”

There was a smirk on his face like he had won. Oh, but I was positive that he was far from winning.

“Garreth was a great man, really, he was. He worked for a company called Exterminus. He was General Manager and he needed to go on a business trip. My best friend, Jamie, was his assistant so she went with him. I didn’t think anything about…”

I then realized that I had indirectly mentioned an affair. I knew I couldn’t go back and change it, so I stuck to it.

“Go on.” The officers spoke in unison.

“Anyways, I wanted to have Jamie over for dinner with Garreth and me. It had been so long since it was just the three of us. I was preparing dinner on the stove when I realized that I was missing milk! Jamie was with me in the kitchen and I asked her to watch the food for me while I went out. I told her if she wanted to pour the wine that was sitting right beside the stove for all three of us. Then I left.”

“Mrs. Jane,” the second officer seemed confused. “Mrs. Jane, where were your children?”

“I called Garreth and asked him to take to take them to their grandmother’s house. The line was breaking up but I’m sure he heard me.” I hesitated.”

“Mrs. Jane.” He looked concerned. “Your children were in the house when the fire happened. I’m sorry, Mrs. Jane. Your children are gone.”

“’You’re lying! My children are safe at their grandmother’s house! I’m going to get them right now!”

Shit, the tunnel. Garreth never took them to Mom’s house. DAMMIT!

Heart racing, tears running, I jumped up and started toward the door.

The officers caught me and I was immediately handcuffed.

“Let me go!”

“Mary Jane, you are under arrest for the murder of Garreth Jane, Jamie Miller, and Jaquline and Annabelle Jane.”


Now I am St. Mary’s Mental Hospital. I’m here for 25 years. It was either prison or here. I chose here because once I get out, I know who I am going to get next.

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