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Battle Of Monterey: Desperate Conflict!

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Note from AADL Staff: The Battle of Monterrey took place in Monterrey, Mexico from Sept 21, 1846 - Sept. 24, 1846. 

The Battle of Monterey took place in Monterey, California on July 7, 1846.

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By an arrival at Baltimore, on Sunday, we learn that the expecled conflict between the American and Mexican forccs, before Montcrey, commenccd on the 21st Septomber, and ended on the 23d. General Tnylor with six thousand men arr i ved before Monterey on the 19th and immediately commenced preparations to assail the town. Gen. Worth commenced theatiackon the.2'lst in roar of the Bishop's palace which was taken. The town was fonnd to be fortificd almost bevond beliefwand so dcsphrate was the resistance, that the battle continucd for three days, a portion oL tho encmies works was first taken, and then our cannons turned upon the town. The Mexican army numbered 11,000The Amcricans 6,Q00. Tho Mexicans ibught braveiy, but on the 23d Atnpudiasent a flag of truce to Gen. Taylor, oifering to surrender the town, on condilion thf.t the Mexican army be permitted to march out in 7 days. Gen. Taylor at first refused ihe request, but finally agreed to the terms. The only alloy to the gallant exploit of our army is the loss of 300 brave fellows and 200 wounded.Officers Killed. - Licut. Col. Av atson, E. Balt, volumeers ; and brevet Maj. Barbbur, and JMcCall ; Capt. Morris, Ciipt. Field ; Lieuts. Irwin, Haslitt, Haskinsand Woods, all of the regular urmy. Also, Capt. Williams of the corps ofTopographicalEngincers. Lieut. Terrett, supposed killed. VouNnr.D. - Maj. Sear und Lieut. Graham, severely. Capt Bainbridge, La Mott, Lieuts. Wainwrights, Potter and Rossett, slightly, tho latter with leg on. Gen. Butler, of tho volunteers, wounded ifi the leg. Mortally wounded, Capt. Gellispie, of the Texan Rangers. The Mexican loss is unKnown, but supposed to be less than that of the Americans,owing tothe cover of their fortifications, which wcre very strong.Gon.Tayïor had his horse wounded, but was himself unhurt, at the first firé he had a narrow escape from one of the enemy's balls. Gen. Tav lor now holds his liead quarlers in Monte rey. By ugreetnent vvith ihc Mexican commandcr ati armst ice has been declarcd to continue in force 8 weeks. LATER. New York, Oct. 12, Ü 1 M. The terms of capitulation are as follavvg : - That-the oiTicers should be allowed to pass out whith their sidc arms and accourterments - that the artillcry sliould be allowed to march out with a battery of six pieces and 21 rounds of ammuniïion. That all othor muniiions of war andsupplies should be Uirned overto a board of American oiRcers appointed to receive them. The Mexican army should be allowed Beven d;ys to evacúate the city, and that the American troops should not occupy it until evacuatcd. That the Cathedral. fort and Citadel should be evacuateel at 10 A. M., the next day. The Mexicansthcn marching out and the American garnson marching in. The Mexicans were allowed to salute their flay when hauled down. Thai there should be an armistice ofeight weeks, during which time neither army should pass a line running from the Rincanada thro' Sinaree.and San Fernando.