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Frank L. Bob had just quit his job. He had worked at a corporate law firm for five years. Five wasted years. He had grown to absolutely hate his job. He hated the taste of the coffee, he hated the dirty jokes his co-workers told, and most of all he hated being away from his family. Frank had 2 kids, one boy, and one girl. Frank also had the most amazing and incredible wife Rachel. Frank married his beautiful wife in California and they had Allie and Joe. Allie is a eleven year old writer with a big heart and Joe is a nine year old sports player with a big mind. Frank didn't understand his kids and how they had so much hope for the world. He used to have that and was would do anything to get it back. He didn't understand his kids, but he sure did think about them a lot. He thought about them on way too work, he thought about them walking into his boss’ office, he thought about them when he was quitting, and he thought about them standing on the bus on the way home. Frank was excited. Actually, he was ecstatic. Frank couldn't wait to see his wife and kid’s reaction. He would smile, they would scream, and his wife would kiss him.

“I’m home!” Frank shouted as he burst through his front door. His wife and kids were all sitting in the living room, but it was very different then he imagined. No one screamed and no one hugged him. He got silence and they didn't even look at him.

“Guys? Why am I getting the silent treatment?” Frank asked hoping for something. Silence.

“Okay guys, I know what will get you to talk. I quit my job today. How about that?” Frank asked. Complete silence.

“Guys, this was one of the biggest decisions of my whole life. I worked at that job for 5 years of my life, it has payed for our rent, now can you guys please talk to me?” Frank pleaded.

“No. We are leaving you.” Rachel said.

“What? Why? How could this be?” Frank asked as so much concern plummeted into his face.

Frank was confused and totally scared. No, he was actually terrified. “You betrayed us” Allie and Joe said almost at the exact same time.

“How?” Frank asked.
It was back to silence. No one said anything.
“Guys, I need to know.” Frank said with even more concern.

More silence. The quietness was sharp and cutting into his soul like a knife with poison on it. Suddenly, Allie, Joe, and Rachel walked into the bedroom and shut the door. Frank stood there. He knew he should've followed them, but it was like his feet were glued to the floor. Frank finally decided to go in the room. He opened up the door, but his family was absent. Frank looked around the room and then saw an open window. The window was never open. Frank couldn't imagine how they climbed out the window they lived in a small apartment on the second story. Then, Frank noticed the fire escape and his wife Rachel’s bright red scarf. They left him, they broke him, and they abandoned him. Why? Frank knew they couldn't be that upset about him quitting his job and it certainly isn't betrayal. They knew how much he loved them. He gave them a house, he made sacrifices for them, and then they just leave. Frank went into the living room, sat down, and pulled out the photo album. He just sat there looking at photos. He wasn't crying though. Frank was actually too hurt to cry, so he just sat there in misery. Frank did a lot of things when he was done looking at photos. He called his old boss and begged for his job back, but that didn't work and ended up embarrassing him even more.

He called his parents who were so angry at him that they said he was a “disgrace to the family name.” He did everything he could to distract himself from what he needed to do most. He needed to find his wife. He needed to find his kids. He needed to get off the couch and make this right, but he couldn’t. It was like something or someone was holding him back. Frank couldn't decide what to do. He wanted to go search for his wife, but he was still in shock. Then, Frank saw a note. The note was crumbled up in the photo album. He picked it up, hands shaking, and read it.

“Hello Frank. This is Rachel and I know you are reading this right after we left you. You're looking through the photo album and you just picked this up. We are in Massachusetts never to be seen by you again. Goodbye.”

Frank was about to take some action when he heard a knock on his door. He hoped it was Rachel, so he leaped off his couch and answered the door as fast

as he could. Frank was trembling as he opened it, but he was very disappointed with who he saw. It was his landlord Stewart Rodgenson.

“Hey Stewart. Um what’s up?” Frank said.

“Look this is hard for me to tell you, but you're being evicted. You have gotten a lot of noise complaints that have been ignored.” Stewart said shaking his head.

“Listen those were for my kids and they are... well they left.” Frank said as he sat on his couch with a sigh.

Frank knew his landlord wouldn't kick him out after that. He couldn’t.

“Oh I am so sorry.” Stewart said. “But you have to go. You have 24 hours to get out.” and with that Stewart slammed the door and left.

Frank was awfully confused. He was alone, broken, and he did not understand it at all. Frank sat back down, pulled out his camera, and started looking at more pictures. He was always too lazy to put these pictures in the photo album. Just like he was too lazy to find his wife and kids. Just like he was too lazy to stand up to his landlord. He was heartbroken and he really wanted to do something, but all he did was pour a glass of whiskey and drink.

“This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare!” Frank shouted slamming his glass onto the ground.

“You are right. It is.” Rachel said.

“Rachel, how did you get in here?” Frank asked with pure shock in his voice. “I thought you were in Massachusetts.”

“This is a nightmare.” Rachel said again.

“I know it is, but honey I promise I will make this better. Where are the kids?” Frank replied.

“This is a nightmare. Wake up Frank.” Rachel said as she disappeared. Everything flashed and then suddenly, it was total darkness.

“Frank, wake up.” Rachel said hovering over him.

Frank shot up and he was in his bed. It was morning, it was light, and it was just a dream. It was just a nightmare.

“Honey where are the kids?” Frank asked panicking.
“They are at school. You've been asleep all morning” Rachel said with a chuckle.

“You aren't in Massachusetts? Are we about to get kicked out of our apartment?” Frank asked shaking with fear and confusion.

“Um no. I am here and unless you know something I don’t, we are staying here for two more years” Rachel said laughing so hard she was practically on the floor. “Frank, don’t you have to go to work?”

“No. I want to stay with you forever. I love you” Frank said and with that he went into the living room, grabbed the camera, and started to put the pictures onto the photo album. 

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