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A short time ugo, a maker ot snuft', n Van, wascaught In the act of perverting ivory-blnck, sal ammoninc. and rcfuge bark oí' ianyard9 inlo prime " rappee, " " kanaster, " &c. Upwords o! threethousand Equarca of iho precious mixture wero burning upon his premisos. - National l'rcss. AUTHORS ASD PUELISHERS, 1AKE KO'IICE. - The lenth section of the late act of Congree8C3tablishing thc Smithsonian fund, requires the autlior or proprietor of any book, map, &.c. &.C. for which a copyright shall be secured, to deliver a copy thcreof wiihm 3 month9 afier puhlication, to the Sccretary, to be placed io said library. The Press that Kili.kd thb Coks Law.- Tlie following was exhibited on a board enrried by the printers in ihe late free irade procession in Manchester : This is the Press That pnnted the Circulars Thai called the Meetings That made the League That formed tho Plan Thai bought tha Freeholds That killed the Corn Law. Coache3 are aaid to have been invonted in 1 457, in Hungary, from wbose language their name is taksn. In J551 thore vcre not more than three coaches in Paris. They wcre iniroducod into England in tlie reign of Queen ELzabeth, by the Earl of Arondul. The oldest carriages uscd by the ladics in England, wcre called vohirlicots. The Buffjlo Courier & Pilot saya that a decree has come up to the city of '.he Lakos, from ihe Easiern Euiporium of fashion, that hencoforih Busiles are to be considered vulgar - behind ihe age - and Ekirts, instoad of being "legión," are to be reduced to the singular number. A lady ha, consequently, been seen promenading the strecis, of that city - "tho obsorved of all obtírvtTj" - trim and as straight as a Maypole. - Others, of course. will follow suit till not a single locomotion dry goods shop will be scen performing its aecustomed routine. Travel to Elkope. - We are informod, says ihe N. Y. Herald, that the price of passage in the Yorkshire, Capt. Baily, is reduced to seventy-five dollars. There aro now in Paris thirteen young men, natives of África, who are receiving at the expense of the French government, :in education.