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The wind blew through Johnny's dark, brown, glossy hair as he sailed down the dirt highway singing along to some old rock song on the radio. It was hot and on a day like today, he was glad he owned a convertible. He was in a great mood, a happy mood. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and he didn't have a care in the world. His boss' words came into his mind, "We haven't missed one order yet boy, don't make this our first." Johnny knew that this seemed like a big deal to his boss, that cranky old bald headed man. Johnny didn't care, he got paid ten dollars an hour to deliver pizzas. So driving 2 hours away to deliver one wasn't all that  stressful to him, it was just an easy way to earn 60 dollars from one delivery.  He needed to start saving for college, next year he was planning on going to State. He didn't have a single penny saved. Like always, he was just going with the flow, living life. Until last year, when his parents explained to him that his saving account they made for him wouldn't supply him with enough money for his whole 4 years of college. He wanted to go to state, the top college around, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to get much of a scholarship. He wasn't a star athlete, a musician or even all that smart. He was just average. An average guy with an average job.

Forgetting about all that serious garbage, Johnny went back to thinking about the present. He thought about the customer, he was absolutely insane, ordering pizza from a pizzeria that was 2 hours away when there was one only 10 minutes away. That couldn't faze Johnny. He was just there to earn some dough. He watched the forest whoosh past him in a blur. The green trees forming a giant wall around the road. He became lost in the ride.

Savannah street; that was it, he thought angrily muttering about passing it. Quickly he did a U turn and sped around the corner. He traveled down the windy road. It was a rough, rocky road enclosed by more trees. There were no mailboxes, no houses, and no driveways. Just as he started to feel lost he came up on a dirt clearing that might have been a driveway. He sped closer and realized there was a small house, 1700 Savannah street. Johnny pulled into the dirt driveway with a sharp jerk of the wheel. He threw open his door humming loudly, carelessly leaving the car running. He danced, doing his own fancy footwork, to the back of the used cherry red convertible and swooped up the insulated pizza container. He skipped up the wood steps. He was in a good mood and nothing could ruin that, or so he thought.

The house was more like a shed, it was wood and old and looked like it might fall apart. The door had red rusty hinges. There was a broken window with halfway torn off grey shutters. Johnny, oblivious to the state of the home knocked on the door tapping his foot to the beat in his head. No one came. There wasn't any sound except for his own obnoxious humming. Johnny tried knocking again. What in the world he thought. He looked down at the order form 1-7-0-0 Savannah Street, this was it, he glanced at the crooked numbers along side the house again. It was definitely it. They must not have heard him. He knocked one more time, nothing, it was silent. He stopped humming.

"Hey!" He shouted "Anyone home!?"

No reply. Confused, he peered in the window. There was a thick smudge on the window making it nearly impossible to see in. From what he could see the house looked as if a tornado hit. Dirt, and dust everywhere! How could someone keep their house so dirty! Johnny tapped on the window with his knuckles. 

"Yo, my car's running could you please answer?"Johnny exclaimed.

Frustrated at the fact that this guy wouldn't answer his door, he walked back to his car stomping his feet. Quickly and suddenly turned the keys and pulled them out. He set the pizza down in the back seat, not wanting to accidentally drop it while he was trying to get this person to answer. He wasn't sure who was in there but he didn't want to stand outside like an idiot. It looked like no one had lived there in years, but Johnny still hadn't noticed. He hadn't noticed the sketchy lighting, he hadn't noticed the trash thrown around the yard, he hadn't even noticed the yellow hazard tape strewn around some of the trees.

The tall scrawny 17 year old boy looked in the window one more time. Still, he saw nothing. 

"Hey, I'm going to come in there." He yelled in, no answer. Johnny moved slowly to the door and turned the handle. With a gut wrenching squeal the door opened slowly. It was unlocked, who just leaves their door unlocked? How careless Johnny judged silently. His silhouette stood at the other end of the house, it was dark inside, much darker than he had expected. Being the idiotic teenager he was he stepped in.

Quietly he walked through the living room, there was a torn up sofa, an old tv and a wooden coffee table that looked like if you rested one pound on it, it would crumble. The sofa was almost like a burnt green if that was even possible. The house was trashed, and everything looked as if it was made in the 50's. The carpet was brown but looked like it hadn't always been that way.

"Hey, hello?!" He yelled through the house. "Is anyone here?"

Johnny crossed over the half brown half white carpet and went through the arch in the wall of the living room and into the kitchen. With little furniture in sight the kitchen consisted of a counter, a plastic topped sink, a table, a chair, and a fridge. There was a plate and a cup sitting on the table as if someone was planning on having a meal. They were clean, unlike the rest of the dirty, brown objects in the home. The plate was shiny white porcelain, and the glass was, well glass. Confused he walked over to the fridge and opened it. There was a pack of lunch meat, an apple, and a jug of milk. The milk expired on the 27th, it was the 23rd. Someone was definitely here. Getting antsy, he quickly ran in to a room, the bathroom. 

There was a toilet, sink, mirror, and shower. It was the type of shower that was a bathtub and a shower. Johnny made his way across the blue and green floor tiles to the shower. He slowly moved aside the brown raggedy shower curtain with the slight fear that a chainsaw murder would jump out from behind it. His heart skipped a beat he inhaled sharply but found nothing behind it no soap, no shampoo. All of a sudden the faucet came on, water sprayed the tub, water flew everywhere. Johnny turned around and ran into the door. His feet slipped underneath him and he struggled to regained balance. He grasped the door knob and turned with all his might. The door swung open and Johnny ran into the last room.

It was a bedroom. Johnny walked in. There wasn't anyone there. There was a small dresser and a bed. The green bedspread was nicely made, without a single wrinkle. There was a slight crash that came from outside the room. Coming to the realization of his situation, he stumbled backwards and ran into the wall. A picture frame hung on the brown wall with a single screw and wire came crashing down onto his head. The glass turned out to be plastic, inside the frame was a plain white paper with the words I see you written in shaky ink. Johnny held the cold metal frame in his hands. Another loud noise came from outside the door. Johnny ran over to the open window next to the dresser and grabbed the window sill. He thrusted himself up and over the protruding sill. He landed right on his feet.

Johnny was done. Even if it meant he was going to lose his job he still wasn't staying here. Ready to explode with fear he ran over to his car. He hopped over the door and fumbled for his keys. He dug through his pocket quite vigorously until his finger bumped into cold metal. Quickly he grabbed the keys and shoved them into the slot next to the steering wheel. He then turned them and shoved his foot on the gas expecting a sudden jolt forwards but the car didn't move an inch. Taken aback he tried the same pattern but the car wouldn't start.

"Shoot!" Johnny exclaimed he was in the middle of nowhere with a potential killer waiting for him, and now his car decided to give him problems. He did the only thing he could think of. He pulled out his phone and dialed a tow truck. the line rang for what seemed like eternity. finally someone answered.

"Tim here for all your towing needs." A man answered on the other end.

"Yes Tim. Hi, I am stuck on savannah street do you think you could help me out?" Johnny asked frustrated about his current situation.

"Again! We just had someone stuck down there last week." Tim yelled into the phone

"Really did he take the wrong turn or something?" Johnny asked confused why anyone else would ever come out here.

"No actually I think he was delivering a pizza, when we got down to the the address he wasn't there. We even checked the house but it was completely empty."

Johnny went into shock and remained silent for a few seconds a loud crash came from within the house. Johnny spun his head around to stare directly at the house. A figure moved inside.

"What was the address." Johnny breathed out, trembling, his eyes locked on the window.

"I think it was 1700 or something around there." Tim said, confused as to why it mattered. He heard a faint scream then, nothing. All Tim could hear was a loud humming noise coming from his phone.


No one knows what happens to those pizza delivery guys, whenever the police investigate the home it is completely empty, no ones there. So if you work for a pizza place and get a strange order from hours away, deliver at your own risk...  

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