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January 1st

Well, I bet your New Year’s was great, but mine stunk, S-T-U-N-K! I was walking with Shirley, my girl, and her cousins. When we were just about to the road they all decided to play in the creek nearby and NOT go for a walk!

To make matters worse, my arch-enemy Poodle was walking with us. So, as Shirley and her cousins played in the creek, I was hooked to a tree with POODLE! L


(Me trying to get the memory out of my head!)

My New Year’s Resolution is to be good but still have fun this year!

January 3rd  



I had get shots today and that wasn’t any fun, as you’d expect!

And on top of it when we got home, Shirley, Mom, and Dad went out -  that wasn’t fun either! I WAS ALL ALONE AFTER GETTING A SHOT!

Hopefully that will never happen again, because it was horrible. I was sore all day with nobody to love on.

So when they got home I decided to get revenge. I pulled one of the cupcakes Shirley had just decorated off the table and ate it. They eventually found out it, because I had red velvet cake on my nose! Oops, live and learn.

So far my New Year’s Resolution has been down the toilet, but I’ve still got 362 days to turn it around!  

January 6th

Today was cleaning day and Mom had that terrible thing out called a vacuum. Shirley had out the mop and the Swifter. I like those things because I can bark at them and they don’t make noise back! They do move fast and that’s fun.

Well, that sounds like it should have been fun, but I had to go out shopping with Dad. I wasn’t there to bark at the mop. We went to the Farm and Home store where I’m aloud inside. I don’t think I was very good. Dad kept saying “Midnight, you are a bad girl.” I would have much rather been barking at the mop!

So, I’ve still not lived up to my New Year’s Resolution, but I’m going to get there soon, I’m sure!

January 11th  

Tonight Shirley and Dad had to go out and shovel the driveway, because we got a ton of snow and the car got stuck in it. I got to go out with then, but when they got near the road, I was sent inside and that totally killed the fun. They’re trying to teach me to stay away from the road, and I listen, it’s scary out there!

I had to stay inside with Mom as she made dinner, but she didn’t even feed me! Finally, Dad and Shirley came inside and they sat down to dinner. They did not feed me!!

Dinner smelled so good, I wanted to see what was up there. I tried to look, but they pushed me down and I got in trouble. I did finally get my dinner though.

No, luck on my New Year’s Resolution today.

January 16th  

Today Shirley and Mom needed to do some last minute gift shopping for a late Christmas party with family. Dad went to work even though the roads were still bad. I was home alone for another 6 hours. I did not like it at all.

I got revenge. I ran upstairs and I ripped up Mom’s favorite pillow. I took off the pillow case and tore out the middle, thinking Mom would notice if the edges were still there. She did notice though.  

She started screaming and slapped my nose. I was starting to think maybe this wasn’t a good idea. Mom grabbed me by my collar and dragged me outside, even though I resisted with all my might. She left me out there for a while and was still mad at me when she did finally let me back in.

I will fulfill my New Year’s Resolution tomorrow.  

January 17th   

Today I heard Mom and Shirley talking about going to Uncle Frank’s new house. I heard a cat is there! Yipee!

Well it wasn’t as fun as I thought it might be.

I tried really, really, really hard to be a good girl and it just didn’t worked out. Everybody thinks it’s my fault that I chew up a lot of stuff. Well, if you don’t want me to be tempted don’t put in front of me on the floor! 

The house was really big and when I first got there I was exploring. Then they put me out in the sun room where I was trapped for three hours. Daisy, Uncle Frank’s dog, kept coming up to the window. She is really annoying. That really snobby dog kept bragging! She got to eat all the dropped food, too! She got played with a lot. If you ask me I’d say,


January 18th

I have even more time today to write in my diary because I am trapped out in the sun room again. But, it is a better today. Today I am going to make my New Year’s Resolution come true!

I can tell Mom, Dad, and Shirley are getting ready to leave, so I figure we are going home. Maybe I misbehaved too much?


I was wrong! We are back in the car and on our way to the lake! That’s Grandma and Grandpa’s house. My people call it the lake to make it easier for me, because they think I am a dumb dog. Well, I am a very intelligent dog and I can remember Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

My plan is to not chew up anything, not get into the hats and gloves and not beg at the dinner table (ok, maybe that’s pushing it). Then I will have finally lived up to my New Year’s Resolution!

January 19th

Last night I got a really good start on my New Year’s Resolution! We got to Grandma’s house just in time for dinner. I did not beg at all! And this morning I did not get into the gloves. I didn’t even go after Shirley’s glove while we were outside!

This afternoon Shirley and Mom went shopping, Grandpa and Dad watched football, and it was going to be a boring afternoon. Just as I went to lie down and take a nap, Grandma went into the kitchen to bake cookies. Since Shirley wasn’t there to lick the spoons, I got to! And get this; I never got in Grandma’s way!

Mom and Shirley got back in time for dinner. I was good then, too.

After such a long day of behaving, I went downstairs with Shirley and laid as she watched a movie.

This New Year’s Resolution is a lot easier than I thought when you put your mind to it.

January 21st

This morning I woke up and was excited, today was the last day at Grandma’s. We were going to the big park in Traverse City. There was going to be a winter festival. The best news of all was I got to go!

When we got there, I smelled many wonderful scents like roasting chestnuts and peanuts. There was also many other dogs there. I wanted more than anything to go and play with them and eat the roasting nuts but I didn’t. I was trying to be a good puppy. I walked only a little bit ahead of Shirley who was holding my long purple leash.

First we went to see the band that was playing in the center of the park. They sat around fires on big logs (I had to lay down on the ground).

After listening awhile we walked down a short path into a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a big fenced off area with a sign that read, “Dog Park.” Mom took a Frisbee out of her bag and gave it to Shirley. I knew what that meant. I was so excited that I ran around in circles even though I was still hooked to my leash.

After getting herself free, Shirley walked me to the fence and opened the door. Once inside she took off my leash and hung it on the little hooks and I ran off! Other dogs were inside the fence and I went up to each and sniffed them.

After introducing myself to everyone, I pranced back to Shirley who was waiting patiently for me. She threw the Frisbee and I ran to catch it. After a couple of times other dogs started to play, too. This was the most fun I had ever had! We all played together until the other dogs left. Shirley and I walked over to the door, she clipped on the leash and we went to find Mom and Dad.

On the way back to Grandma’s house, I was thinking about the dog park. I was having a lot of fun with all the other dogs, but I was still behaving. Maybe if I just waited for the right time to play and run, then I can have fun and still be seen as a good dog.

It just occurred to me that maybe Shirley would take me places if I wasn’t always misbehaving. I need to keep being good, because I like getting out of the house!



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